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March 12th

Well…running late today and thought I’d get this out while I wait for the coffee to brew….a fun day yesterday, well…at least part of it…met up with K for a couple for HH and it was good to see her…started cocktail night off a little too early, though, and I feel a little slow today. Just got back from getting the papers and it is already pretty nice outside so I think I may get the bike out today…yay! Haven’t looked at the weather, though, and this might be as warm as it gets and if it is, I’ll just veg and watch the Big Ten playoffs….not much to do today….going out to OT to meet up with M for the Wings game later…I’ll be back later for a couple…

March 11th

Well… stayed in last night since G had work stuff and that wasn’t bad…trying to save cash but it is so boring doing that I’m going out of my head….oh, well…I guess I’ll survive it. Another gloomy day yesterday but it is supposed to be partly sunny today so it may help raise my mood if I’m lucky….do have to do the grocery run this morning and have to make sure I maximize the money spent to meals…but I am going to get some corned beef to make corned beef and cabbage for St. Patty’s day and maybe the makings for cocktails tonight. Not much else to do today…have a couple of movies in the box since Netflix screwed up my queue and that might be a thing for today while I wait for more snow to melt…..I am getting pretty depressed about the whole job situation but maybe trying to forget about it for a day may help…..I will get some topics out later today…..

March 10th

Well…a slow day yesterday with not a lot to do so I didn’t do a lot….had some really weird dreams last night that involved a Fiat 124 convert that I use to have and kittens again…it ended with the car being ruined by a friend that I used to work with…that’s about all I remember and I don’t know if I want to remember more. Just strange nights of sleeping lately and I know part of it is the sore tooth I’ve been fighting lately….it’s better today but I can still feel it….raining again this morning and it gives me hope that the trails will be melted off before the weekend…or we’ll get a huge snowstorm…you never know what you’re going to get in Michigan in March….I do have some things to do today…yay! C is coming into town for a bit and then out with G later if the plans hold up…..have been feeling kind of crappy lately and I think part of it is the gloomy days we’ve had here…hard to smile when there is no sun…I will have topics for later on since it is really the only thing I have to do right now…other than clean…I should get the last month’s papers out for recycling and clean the kitchen today…..should being the operative word….more later…

March 9th

Well…a fun day yesterday…kinda…I did win at pool but I feel crappy again today and I think it’s from the lack of exercise…I do work out every day but no aerobic and I think it’s taking a toll on my health….maybe the trails will get clear with the rain today and I can get the bike out later in the week…I think I really need to do that for my mental health….not much to do today…I think I’ll lay low and just get resumes out…after coffee….well…I’m even wavering on the coffee right now…didn’t sleep well and I am exhausted….there is one last thing…the next one will be number 750….more later…I did have some dreams last night but I can’t share them…too confusing right now…if I make sense of them, I’ll fill you in later…

March 8th

Well…an uneventful day yesterday that was somewhat of a bore but I didn’t spend any money so that was a plus….it is getting tiring not having a lot to do but I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. Feel a little crappy today and I’ve got a tooth that hurts like crazy so that might be part of it…have to do the salt water thing again this morning since it helped make it better…have to keep from grinding the teeth but it’s harder than it seems. Not much to do today….I think I’ll keep it low key until I go out to Cascade to shoot pool…my energy level is quite low and I think I’ll shift into conservation mode for the rest of the morning…I will have topics for later since I have one that I should have gotten out yesterday but I just got sidetracked in the afternoon….more later..

March 7th

Well…a fun Sunday with SF with K,K, V and Tom out to two places for a few beers…..good to get out of here if even for a little while….was good when I got home so I don’t feel bad today…just the normal aches and pains….but I am having problems grinding my teeth again…I thought I had that one fixed but the pain in my jaw says different…oh, well….it did keep me up most of the night so I am a little tired….not much to do today..have to work on some equipment and do the resume thing but that is about it. I will update in a while when I get my head cleared and I start to think….I did get a couple out yesterday so that should keep you occupied until I get a new one out today….more later….

March 6th

Well…running late this morning…hmmm..not really, this appears to be the emerging pattern for Sundays…read the paper first with large amounts of coffee, then here to get the first one out for the day. Had a nice day yesterday and accomplished some things but not nearly enough of them..this place is getting to have that shabby patina because I have been avoiding doing the cleaning…What I want to know is where do the spiders come from in the winter? I have another crop that have set up shop in the bathroom that need to be removed…I think that will be my focus for the day. Don’t know what is going on with the Wings…3 losses in a row and really inconsistent play…not the thing you want to see with only 11 games left in the season…and that is another thing I can’t believe….the NHL season almost over? It seems like it just started. Not much to do today…probably a SF with K later and the race of course, but not much else….and I know I have to get the cleaning done before that…never very ambitious when I get back….I do have a topic for later…I am in shock that a columnist for the GR Press has come out against the budget plans of gov Snyder….and supported my contention that tax cuts don’t create jobs…..I wonder where he’s going to work next? More later….

One last thing I wanted to comment on is a food find that really surprised me yesterday….mad a pork loin roast yesterday, as you know, but the potatoes I made with it are new to me….some small, round, yellow potatoes that when cut and roasted, get a crust on the outside and when you bite into them, the inside is almost liquid…like good mashed potatoes. I know, little things make me happy now….

March 5th

Well…a fun day yesterday with a great lunch with T…after lunch, though, I just vegged and watched movies being totally unproductive and that sloth continued into the evening with cocktails and more Neflix on my roku. I think I’m getting to the point that I don’t even watch the dish anymore….it was off in the rain last night and I didn’t even know it….I do feel a little slow this morning but I think it’s from just eating lunch yesterday and nothing else…I am going to make another pork loin roast today so I’ll make up for it later. Not much to do today..might have a SF with K and V later but I’m not sure if it will be today or tomorrow…and I have some work to do around here that I shouldn’t put off anymore….but, it will probably be more vegging later…just can’t get motivated and not sleeping well doesn’t help…I will get at least one more out today with the front page article by the Lt. Gov that basically said “trust us” something that you just can’t do with those liars….

March 4th

Well…an earlier start this morning and there is no reason for that either except that I wanted to get going…and try to get the brain working to see if it helps the rest of the day…slept okay last night…there is nothing better than a fresh bed to sleep in…I think it helps me sleep but it could just be bunk. Bunk…that a word I haven’t used in a while….after I got all my work done yesterday, it was nice to veg for a while…it was the first time all week and I think it will help me acclimate to working again..if that ever happens…I do have kind of a busy day today…have to do groceries this morning…then work out, and out to meet T for a late lunch….the Wings lost for the second time in a row and I am starting to get concerned about the playoffs…but that is just me I guess…I am going to get a few out today…but they will be in between working out and lunch…probably won’t be motivated to do them later but I am going to get a couple a day out over the weekend….more later…

A little more…

Well…it’s been an eventful last three days and I am still a little worn out…that’s probably from not sleeping well, too, but I can’t be sure..I hope it’s not just from getting old or I will be pissed…I did get the car fixed today and it is nice to have the stealth wreck back….and it wasn’t the repair that they did Tues…it was another break the they re-welded for me for free…and they removed a decrepit heat shield that had fallen down onto the pipes and that took care of a rattle that was driving me nuts…just hope the heat doesn’t start the carpet on fire…but it would be a good story, wouldn’t it? It was nice to finally have a few minutes to watch a movie this aft…”the Town” with Ben Affleck…an okay movie but nothing great….going to take the night off from cocktails tonight since I have lunch with T tomorrow and it is nice to be sharp when we meet….and you know the plan anyway…cocktails on Friday and Saturday only..just can’t afford the calories…..

I was going to do anther political one today but it’s just not working…don’t want to just write to write so I’ll end here….