March 1st

Well..I think I spoke too soon about my leg being better since it’s still swollen and bigger than my right leg…I may have to call my doctor to get in and have them look at it next week…still doesn’t hurt but it did last night…crap….need to get moving here in 20 minutes to get the first ride in before I need to run some errands…it’s going to be a busy day today and will get one ride in outdoors after F1 qualifying at 11…so damn tired today that I could just sit here and do nothing but you know I won’t…and that sucks….it’s going to start warming up today heading for the 60′s by Sunday then settling down to the 40′s and 50′s next week and I can live with that if winter it really over…going to head out to Menards this morning to get more topsoil to fill in some low spots in the yard and seed them and I wonder if I should get some lawn food…I guess I can wait for that….I think I may be able to do two outdoor rides starting Sunday through Thursday but I may still do one ride in the morning indoors when I get up….not much to do today…okay, that’s not true…going to be running starting in 10 minutes that will last almost all day and I think I’m getting too old for this crap…more later..

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