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June 19th

Well…up early again today and feel pretty crappy but that’s partly my fault…had some cocktail materials left over so I used them last night…slept okay but no dreams to speak of…again…but that is normal so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised….I did have a nice ride out and back to pool…which I lost but had lots of fun…..haven’t heard from T since Sat and I’m not sure why that is….it’s been a good ride for the past 20 years but if it’s over I understand that things change and I will look back with a smile….I think I need to take some ibuprofen before the bike ride today…my hands were cramping like crazy yesterday and the cramps in my calves came back, too….in the first 200 yards and that is really annoying…not much to do today….going to just let the coffee work…three days on one pot of coffee is weird but I couldn’t throw 4 cups out….more later….

June 18th

Well…damn, thought I was sleeping in this morning but I got up at 6:02 and that is pretty annoying…it’s already over 80 out there and it is going to be a tough ride today…slept okay last night but had to put the air on with it getting to 87 in here yesterday evening…it took almost two hours to get the temp down 10 degrees and I’m not sure if that is normal…might have to have them come and check the new furnace….didn’t hear from any of my boys yesterday and that is a little disappointing…but, I’m not going to dwell on it…didn’t get much done yesterday and today will be the same with pool this aft…hope it is going to storm later today…haven’t had a good one in a long time and I think we can use the rain…more later….

June 17th

Well…running a little late today but what is late? Slept okay last night but no dreams again and that is annoying…but, I feel okay today so I guess that’s something…it is SO humid right now that I have everything open and I am already sweating…it is going to be brutal on the bike in a few minutes but I like the heat so I can live with it….had a nice day yesterday and got the ride in between the rain and it looks like no rain today so it will be a long one….didn’t get much done yesterday and today will be the same with Mexico and Germany playing in the world cup at 11…still watching the 24 hours of LeMans and it was cool that the whole race was on Velocity…not sure if I’ll do much today…it’s supposed to be 95 degrees today and it may be the first day of the year that I put the air on….more later….

June 16th

Well…running a little late even with getting up at 6…got sucked into the France/Australia game that is surprisingly good….slept okay last night but feel a little slow today…waiting for the coffee to work and clear the cobwebs but I’ve only had two sips so that may be a while….looks like I may have to wait to get out on the bike with the rain going on right now and that’s okay…LeMans starts at 9 and they are showing the entire 24 hours on Velocity and I want to see the start at least…it smells like rain in here today and that is a welcome one…most of the plants along the trail looked wilted with not getting much rain the past couple of weeks….it is a little hard having to wait to go out on the bike but I do need to learn to relax about that…I did get my oven cleaned yesterday…and I had to with spilling some butter and burning it yesterday…that smelled this whole place up and it wasn’t a good smell….and I may clean a little more today just to keep the guilt at bay….more later….

June 15th

Well….forgot to close the kitchen window last night and it is cold in here this morning…so, hot coffee will help with that…slept okay last night but feel pretty slow today so I am going to ease into it….had a bad day with food yesterday but I just had a taste for bad stuff….had chili dogs for lunch and then a burger for dinner and I do feel guilty about it…think I may need to have salads for a week to make up for it….I do have a boneless chicken breast that I need to use so maybe that will make up for it….went hard on the bike yesterday and I am sore today so there will be ibuprofen today….and I have been having cramps in my right calf the past few days and I’m not sure why that would be…think I’ll get on the internet later to try to figure that out…not much to do today…I’m still torn about watching the world cup but I may backslide a little today with Spain and Portugal playing this afternoon….more later….

June 14th

Well…running late today with the computer doing another damn update that took 15 minutes after I turned it on….slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly today so I guess that’s something…was really sore yesterday with going as hard as I could on the bike…it felt good while I was doing it but the soreness has bled over into today…should probably take something before I get on the bike in a minute….I did get started with cobweb removal yesterday and I think I’ll clean more today before the world cup starts today…I am really torn about watching it since it is in Russia…and they have damaged this country by saddling us with trump…hmmmm…but, right now all I need to do is have more coffee…and revel in the fact that that I don’t have to go to the SoS to renew my drivers license this year…that just made my day yesterday….more later….oh, and the damn “activate windows” notice in the lower right corner of the screen is gone…that will make my day today….and having chili dogs for lunch…


Some good news…

Well….was just going through the mail and got my renewal notices for both my car license plate and my drivers license…and the good news is that I can renew both by mail…no eye test or new picture, or standing in line at the SoS…and that is pretty cool. I can get on that next week…my big bitch here though is I have to get a new plate for the car and I’m going to lose OHM T-39…and that is going to cost 102 dollars…yow, for just a year…and my drivers license cost is 25 bucks…I know that is only about 6 bucks a year…oh, no, it will be more since I want to keep my cycle endorsement…I think that is 2 bucks more…damn, that’s a lot of cash….oh, well….

June 13th

Well…not sure why but I woke up coughing like crazy today and it continues right now…thought I might have a cold coming on a few days back so I wonder it that’s it…feel a little crappy today and I’m not sure why that would be other than a cold….slept okay last night but I am a little disappointed there were no dreams to speak of after the good ones I had Monday night…but that is the pattern I’ve fallen into….seems like I was in the car a lot yesterday but I got some new shorts and lots of burger so that was okay….I’ve got to spray this place today…have been getting lots of frickin crickets in the bathroom and they are just damn annoying….didn’t clean yesterday but I am going to start on the kitchen today after the normal stuff…if the coffee starts to work, that is….more later….

This is too funny…

Well…was just sitting here reading the news on my phone and one of the targeted ads that I normally hate appeared in my Daily Kos feed…99 cents a pound for ground chuck…so, I jumped in the car and went to the store called Daily Deals that is only about a mile from here and picked up a frozen brick of 6 pounds of chuck…now, the cheapest I’ve seen ground chuck around here in the past 5 years is 2.99 so this is just a great deal…and, I’ll have enough chuck to last me for 3 or 4 months…burgers and tacos this weekend!

June 12th

Well….pretty much on time today with it being before 7….had a nice day yesterday with the top down out and back to pool, oh, and I won, and I even got out and bought some new clothes…how can you pass up 100% cotton polos for 5 bucks each? I was good last night and that meant I was up and down all night…but, I had some weird, weird dreams with nuclear weapons and a post apocalyptic landscape of scavenging and death…yeah, pretty weird….but it was cool to have dreams for a change….feel okay today and I’m not really sore anywhere and I should be with having some hard sprints on the bike yesterday….so I guess I’ll try it again today and see what happens….didn’t get anything else done yesterday but I did a lot Sunday so I guess that works out…I do need to cook today so I think I’ll combine that with cleaning the kitchen some….more later….