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December 12th

Well…trying to get started today and am having only a little luck doing it…just got started on coffee so that is not working yet but I hope it starts soon…slept okay but tossed a lot…okay, not going to talk about that…it’s just boring to me even so I guess it would be to you, too…not as sore today as I was yesterday but I am still going to take something for it before I get on the bike…had a nice ride yesterday but the trails are not melting as fast as I expected…it’s annoying to have to be so careful for all the ice and snow and I hope the rain that is coming in a couple of days will clear them…it looks like I’ll get to 3400 miles for the year if the weather holds and I can get out every day for the rest of the month…not a bad year…I did get out to run some errands yesterday and got some kielbasa from my daily deals store…this stuff is almost healthy with no nitrites or any other preservatives that are bad for you in it…and it even tastes good…a bonus….not much to do today…not sure if I’m going to clean or not but the kitchen needs it….more later….

December 11th

Well…so much for sleeping in…up again at 5:34 this morning and didn’t sleep well at all…and I am sore from getting back on the bike…I wonder if the pain has anything to do with not sleeping? Had a pretty good day yesterday with getting out of here for a while to shoot pool…which I won for the first time in 3 weeks and the drive out and back was fun, too…okay, that’s how boring my life has become that the highlight is driving my car for a while…Tom did give me some of the best corn bread I’ve ever had…it is so fine grained that it does look like pound cake and very tasty…going to have some of that with my coffee in a few minutes….got a bike ride in yesterday but the trails are still treacherous in spots and they my be worse today with the little thaw and re freezing from yesterday….and that makes it a lot of work…my hands were cramped like crazy by the time I got back here so I think I’ll take something for it before I get out today…and that will be a soon as the sun comes up since it is 33 and I can take that….didn’t get anything done yesterday but running a couple of errands but I do need to at least try cleaning a little today…oh, I did get the dishes run and some laundry, too so I guess that is something…more later….

December 10th

Well…running late this morning with not getting up until the coffee had already started…and that never happens…but, it is pretty cool that I was able to go back to sleep after waking up at 3:54….I am sore this morning after finally getting a bike ride in after being off for 6 days but I don’t mind that at all…and it looks like I’ll be able to get out again this morning before I run a couple of errands…slept okay…kind of…last night and I feel okay this morning…have a little energy and that is probably from eating enough yesterday and I am going to keep that up today…have some more chicken legs to cook and have some hard boiled eggs for salad later…still have some of that weird bacon left, too, but that will be for tomorrow….didn’t get much done yesterday and probably won’t today with having pool later today but it really doesn’t matter does it? Will get back to it tomorrow….more later…

December 9th

Well…running a little late today with having to warm up the car before I could go out and get the paper…it’s only 13 degrees out there and the frost was pretty thick on the glass…feel a little better this morning after trying to eat more yesterday and I think I’ll need to keep that up today…have been under on calories since I haven’t been able to get on the bike but that may end in the next couple of days with the thaw that is coming…may go out later to see what the trails look like but it needs to warm up quite a bit before that…probably in the afternoon…had a good blood pressure reading this morning with it getting down to 110/81 and my RHR of only 56 so that was cool….has been pretty good lately so I’m no longer concerned…but it is fun to play with the machine…didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I am going to clean a little today…still eating leftovers…kind of …I did get 3 dozen eggs Friday at 79 cents each and found a pound of bacon in the freezer so eggs, toast, and bacon was dinner last night and there will be some egg salad in the future,too…and Tom is getting a dozen tomorrow…it’s nice to have a change from veggies and chicken….but, I still have chicken to be cooked tomorrow so maybe wrap it with bacon?   More later….

December 8th

Well…running a little late today and there is good reason for it…woke up at 5 and decided to try to go back to sleep…for the second time this week it worked and I didn’t get out of bed until 7 so that was kind of cool…not sure if it helped with energy or not but we’ll see a little later…I did have a nice lunch with T yesterday with lots of fun and laughs so that made a it a good day…but I didn’t get on the bike and that makes it three days now…that makes me grumpy and today looks like another one so I may have to start working out every day to make up for it…the weird thing is I’m still sore everywhere and I shouldn’t be…so now maybe it’s not from riding the bike? Still may take something for it today but we’ll see about that, too. Not much to do today….have been talking about cleaning the kitchen for a week now and just might get to it…but, there is soccer on in a few minutes and I need more coffee so cleaning will have to wait…more later…

It’s 7:41 and I’m bored…

Well…it’s 7:41 and I’m bored already…with knowing I won’t be able to get on the bike today the boredom has set in early and I’m not sure if it’s part of the returning depression or something else entirely….this has been going on for a couple of weeks now and the one thing I do know is that I don’t like it…I suppose I could start cleaning but I don’t want to right now….I know I recognize the feeling with being depressed off and on over my life but it has been quite a while since I have had to use the methods I know to ameliorate it…and I’m not sure I want to…have been feeling quite numb lately and this may be a way to reset that and start to enjoy things again…okay, enough whining…need more coffee and to read more news…there are some bombshells coming this afternoon and I want to be ready to comment…more later….

December 7th

Well…having a hard time getting started this morning and I’m not sure why….and I’m a little grumpy from not being able to ride the past two days and it looks like today with be number 3…crap….slept pretty crappy last night and I’m feeling lousy from it…along with not eating enough….I did make some chicken in the instant pot yesterday that came out good but I have to remember that chicken legs without skin really doesn’t have many calories….at least I’m not riding the bike to make it worse…I did get out to have a couple with G and I don’t know why…not too much fun and I won’t be doing that again…have to connect up my battery booster to the car this morning since I let the battery run down yesterday and it barely started….have to remember to disconnect the battery every time I let the thing sit for any length of time…I do have plans to meet up with T for lunch today and that should be fun…haven’t seen her for a while and I need a few laughs….more later….

December 6th

Well…going to be out of sequence this morning with not waiting to get the grocery run done before doing this…getting up at 5:34 leaves me a lot of time before I head out so I thought I’d get this done before I go….slept okay last night but feel a little grumpy today after being depressed last night…can’t figure out why that is but I guess I’ll just roll with it until I feel better…part of it may be not getting on the bike yesterday…it was just too slick and there was too much snow on the trail to be comfortable so I took the day off…may have another one off today but I am going to try to get out after the sun comes up…so that means I’ll have to do another workout after I get back here and have coffee….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and all I have to do is cook today…going to make some chicken thighs and veggies in the instant pot today…going to use some pasta sauce as the liquid and just see how that comes out…and I am going to meet up with G later for a couple….haven’t seen here in a couple of months so that should be fun…more later…oh, happy “L” day!  More later….

December 5th

Well…up early again today but went to bed early so I guess that evens out…had a weird dream to start the night last night and that never happens so I am a little perplexed about that…and, they continued all night, too…can’t remember the last time that happened…slept okay, though, and feel okay today but still have a little cough and that may just be from getting old and still having allergies….I did get a nice, hard ride in yesterday but it snowed again last night so I guess I’ll be back to being careful today…may even have the day off the bike if I decide I don’t want to pay that much attention….I did get some things done yesterday…paid all the bills that covers me until the 24th and did start to clean the kitchen but I am going to have to suck it up and just do the entire thing today…or not, there is soccer on later today and I want to watch Man U lose again…damn, they have become a crappy team…more later….

December 4th

Well…as you can see, I didn’t come back for another one yesterday but that happens sometimes on a pool day…which I lost but had lots of fun so that was cool…hmmmm…just noticed I’m not as sore as normal this morning and I wonder what that is about…have gotten used to being sore everywhere almost all the time so this is welcome…hope it continues all day….even my elbows don’t hurt and the tendons in there have been been bad lately….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but wash the car but I am going to clean today…the kitchen needs a scrub down so that will be the project for the day…and I do have to pay a couple of bills but I can do that online so that will be easy….even though it’s going to be cold, it looks like I’ll be able to get out on the bike all week with the trails clean and no snow in the forecast…I think that has been helping me get back to sorts after being off it for a few days last week…I do need to clean the bike this aft, too since it is filthy and the shifter is full of crap and is sticking on the upshifts and that is annoying….maybe I’ll do that before I go out this morning…who knows? More later….