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February 20th

Well…running late this morning and just can’t get going….had another fitful night of sleep that left me tired again and I think I made the coffee too light…it was kind of amber when I poured it, not the dark that it needs to be, so I think it is not going to work as well as I need it to…I didn’t have enough leftovers yesterday so I had to make a cup of tea and I couldn’t believe how much caffeine it has in it…like jet fuel but I don’t like the taste much…it took me many years to get used to coffee and I don’t want to put in that much time for tea at my age…it was kind of  down day yesterday and it was a struggle to get things done but I did get out to wash the car and then got two bike rides in…my shoulder hurts again this morning but I am going to hurt it some more with working out here in a few minutes….I did make another homemade pizza yesterday and I think I have the crust recipe down now…just the right thickness and taste so I need to write that down so I can repeat it in the future….not much to do today…just going to ease into it today since I don’t have any energy yet…probably won’t do much since I just don’t feel like it….more later…

February 19th

Well…not sure how this happened but now both of my shoulders are hurting…man, I am getting really tired of the pain every damn day and now my heel has cracked and that hurts, too…okay, this is just depressing and I seem to feel creakier by the day…I know that I probably caused the pain in my shoulder by working out with full weight yesterday but it’s been two months…shouldn’t it be healed by now? Oh, well…didn’t sleep for crap last night and was up at 5:14 again and I think that may be part of not feeling that hot today…okay, done bitching about anything…had an okay day yesterday and got two bike rides in but didn’t get a lot else done…I am going to make another homemade pizza today for lunch since I have everything I need and I don’t want it to spoil…I do like the fresh mozzarella that I got last week but I am getting tired of cheese in general so I think I use up what I have left for the pizza and then freeze the other two pounds I have in the fridge…I think I’ll be eating out of the freezer for the next week or so since there is nothing on sale at any of the grocery stores that I use that I want to eat…have plenty of chicken in there but I need to get a little more creative in how I cook it…I do have to clean the kitchen counters today and the stovetop just so I can say that I did something today….more later….

February 18th

Well…I just realized something as I was pouring the first cup of coffee…the Mr. Coffee coffee maker that I am using now has outlasted every Black and Decker unit that I had before it…it’s almost two years now and that is twice as long as any one before…probably shouldn’t have said anything…it will probably quit later today…slept okay last night and didn’t get up until 6 this morning but I don’t feel as if I’ve slept too well…just feel sluggish and tired but I’m pretty sure I ate enough yesterday so that can’t be it…it could be that I’m just getting old which I am…it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get much done…didn’t even get on the bike since I wanted to rest my legs and help the pain subside some and it appears to have helped but I hurt everywhere else so I think I’ll take something for it before I get on the bike later…not much to do today…I was going to cook but decided that can wait til tomorrow with the leftovers I have in the fridge…and I have no motivation to clean but the coffee may help with that…more later…

I was going to bitch and whine…

Well…I was going to bitch and whine about the server being down all day today but it just started to work again so I think my son figured it out…that was the first time that I can remember that Plex even didn’t work and I was going through withdrawal with not being able to access any of the tv shows that I have been trying to catch up on…but, it hasn’t been too bad with Daytona on today…and it is even a pretty good race, not like the duels that I bitched about Thursday….man, I have become pretty dependent on having some entertainment on line with not a lot else to do so I think I may have to change that….but, right now, I think I’ll go back to the race…as you can see, no politics today…just don’t feel like it right now….

February 17th

Well…not sure if I’m running late or not…normally on Sunday I forget to come here but not today…just didn’t get started until a little later than normal since I got up at 5 but said the hell with it and went back to bed until 6:15…not sure why that is working lately but I’ll take it…the extra 45 mins in bed seems to make a difference…at least for the first hour or two that I’m up…here’s something weird…my feet hurt this morning and I can’t figure that one out…I know I have a heel crack on my right foot that is painful but this pain is all over them and that is new…oh, well….it just goes with the rest of the whole body pain I have today…cripes, I need to stop complaining about that…after all, I’m old and should hurt some…I did get some cleaning done yesterday and finally cleaned up the plastic that my weight machine is shedding along with vacuuming so I feel okay about that…but, I do need to do more today since this place is so dusty and needs some cobweb removal…but, not until more coffee and some news…might even take the day off the bike to just let the legs rest and recover….more later…

February 16th

Well…running kind of late today and just can’t get started so this one may be short…didn’t get up until almost 6:30 but, from 4:14 on, it was nothing but tossing and turning so I guess I got about 5 hours last night and that is not enough….still think I have the cold I have been fighting all week and I am really tired still….and I hurt everywhere again so I think I may take something for it and stay off the bike to rest the legs today….I went over 300 miles so far this year and it looks like I may be able to get to 500 or so before the snow melts in spring and I get back on the trail…that is if my legs can take it…didn’t get much done yesterday but I do need to clean some today…the footies I have been wearing to keep my feet warm have been shedding all over the place so I’ll at least need to vacuum today but should do more…not sure if I’m motivated to do more but we’ll see after the coffee and news…more later…

February 15th

Well…that was a little interesting…woke up at 4:45 again this morning but decided to go back to bed to just lie there for a while and did fall back to sleep…even had a dream that was really weird and didn’t get up until 6:24 and that is so unusual that I had to say something about it…had another night of flipping and flopping all night so I don’t feel refreshed at all even with the late arising…or it could be the cold I’ve had all week that I can still feel…who knows? all I do know is that I’ve been up for 35 minutes and I feel exhausted already….so maybe I’ll take it easy again today…after I work out and ride the bike, that is…I do have to go out and see how badly frozen the car is after it rained last evening and then froze again last night…the locks have been working for the past two days but we’ll see this morning…I may go out to get some more of the fresh mozzarella that I picked up earlier in the week…used some of it to make a homemade pizza yesterday and it was really good and at 3 bucks for two pounds it is a steal…and it freezes okay so I can store it for a while….not much to do today…just the normal stuff and I am going to try to clean a little but that’s about it…need more coffee and the news right now…more later….

February 14th

Well…running a little early today with getting up at 5 again so I thought I’d get to this early, too…think I may be getting over the cold already since I don’t feel that bad right now…the coughing is better but my throat still feels weird when I swallow and it remains to be seen how much energy I’ll have today… wasn’t too bad yesterday and I even got two rides and a workout in but that did take a lot out of me…one good thing is my shoulder barely hurts today and that means I may be able to get on the weight machine again today…probably should keep to the every other day schedule since it has been working and being essentially pain free for the first time in two months is something I want to enjoy for a while…didn’t get much done yesterday but clean a little and will probably do the same today…couldn’t get motivated to vacuum yesterday but I will do that today after the grocery run…after I have my coffee and read the paper, that is….okay, am already feeling worn out and I’ve only been up for an hour so the grocery run may be a chore today….more later….

February 13th

Well….it’s official, I’ve got a damn cold and feel pretty crappy…it started to get bad yesterday with a sore throat and lots of coughing and that explains why I have been so exhausted lately, too…and just getting out of bed and sitting here on the couch I’m sweating through my clothes…I sure hope it’s not the flu and I would be pretty irritated if it is since I got a flu shot this year for the first time in a long time…so, it looks like a do nothing day today…okay, not do nothing…I am going to try to work out and get at least one ride in but I feel pretty miserable right now so we’ll see…I did sleep okay last night…for me, and didn’t hurt my shoulder much so that is a good thing but I think there will be a nap in my future to take care of the cold…I just want to lay down with a blanket right now but I have a few things to do…I need to read the news and I should vacuum my bedroom today since the plastic coating on the cables of the weight machine is shedding all over the place and it is annoying to look at…but, I don’t think I’ll get much more done feeling as I do….more later…

February 12th

Well…running a little late for me today…didn’t get out of bed until after 6 and you would think that would mean that I slept okay…not really, tossed an turned all night and feel really slow right now so I hope the coffee will start to work soon…I did get out of here for a while last night to have a couple with G and it was not terrible…and I didn’t get back here until almost 9:30 and that is a late night for me…that may be part of why I feel so slow today…but, it was nice to get out for a while and be around some people again…I am waiting for the big snowstorm that was predicted for last night but it hasn’t happened yet…it does look like there is some ice out there that will have to be melted off the car but not much snow…of course, I’m not bitching about the lack of snow…I could do without any more snow this winter….I did get out to run some errands yesterday but I am going to lay low today and just do the normal routine….going to try to clean a little before Man U plays at 3 but I’m not going to worry much about that…more later….