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Mutant potatoes…

Well….almost forgot about this one…when I was getting ready to make a baked potato for lunch, I opened the 10lb bag I got at the discount store last week and found that it was filled with mutant looking things…not the normal shape you would think of when you think of potatoes…but weird shapes that are kind of flat…and even two of them were shaped liked hearts…I took pictures of those just so I could prove it…just too damn weird….

November 19th

Well…almost forgot to do this again today and I am going to blame it on the distraction of having a real paper to read today…slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad today but I am still coughing so the bug must still be here….and it has been more than a week so that is getting old real fast….and it is cold outside so I may have to go full thermasuit on the bike today….I was so damn cold yesterday that I didn’t recover until late in the day and it was 75 in here….didn’t get a lot done yesterday with all of the sports on and today looks much the same….well….there is the Lions and a race but that is about it…I do need to get a new coffee maker and Target has one for 15 bucks so that will be in the plans for this week…the old one works okay but it’s more of a backup and I want a new one….not much to do today…going to clean the bathroom after the bike ride but that is about it…..more later….

November 18th

Well…running early today with wanting to get out on the bike before it rains but I have to wait for the sun to come up before I can go…it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t do much but ride the bike…and today looks the same with lots of sports on…and Michigan and ManU play at the same time so that will be a pain…slept okay last night but still have that damn bug that I’ve had for over a week now and the cough is still annoying…and my hands and feet feel really sensitive and I’m not sure what that is about….it’s happened before and I need to lotion everything all day to help it….but it is still weird….not much to do today…going to clean a little if I feel like it but that is about it….more later…

New gloves….

Well…you know how bored I am when a little thing like getting a new pair of gloves to wear riding warrants one of these….but, they are cool and kept my hands warm this morning…and they were only 3 bucks…double thickness cotton that have been dipped in rubber up to the big knuckles and the entire palm…and they don’t stick to the foam on my handlebars… hands were just starting to get a little cold when I got back here….and it was 2 degrees colder today than yesterday…hey, little things make me happy…

November 17th

Well…running a little early today and I feel a little crappy but I guess I’ll have to live with it….slept okay but lost an earplug overnight and can’t find it…that’s a little odd….didn’t do much yesterday but the grocery run and I got a bike ride in but I was frozen when I got back here…took all day to get warm again and I wonder if it is still the bug…that would be a full week and I am still coughing so maybe that’s it…I do need to get out and get a new pair of gloves today since the ones I’m using are shredding and losing the rubber coating on the fingers….not much to do today….have a couple of errands to do but that is about it…and the bathroom needs cleaning so maybe I’ll do that, too…more later….

November 16th

Well….running on time today with doing the t-day grocery run…got a 12 pound turkey for under 6 bucks and that was pretty cool….slept okay last night and feel okay this morning but I am sore…have split my right heel and that really hurts when I walk so I do need to remember to use lotion to soften them up…it has been a few days now and I am getting tired of it happening this early in the fall/winter….didn’t get on the bike yesterday and might not today…but the rain is supposed to stop later and I would like to get out….have gone over 2800 miles on the bike this year and am shooting for 3000 in the next 6 weeks….not much to do today…was feeling crappy again yesterday but I hope that is over today so I can clean the bathroom and get some other stuff done….more later….

Daily deals…

well…just wanted to do a short one on a new grocery store that is out here in the south end…they call themselves a “food outlet” and have some pretty amazing deals…got a 9 1/2 pound ham for 8 bucks…10 pounds of potatoes for 1.49, a pumpkin pie for 1.49, and 2 1/2 pounds of smoked sausage for 5 bucks….all that food for 16 bucks….it was the second time I was in the store and the first time they had everything I needed…now I need to take all these items off my Meijer’s list for tomorrow…

November 15th

Well….it was an okay day yesterday but I was back to feeling like crap again…thought I was over the bug that I had but my lungs hurt all day so I guess not….tomorrow will be a week that I’ve had this thing and that’s not unusual…the last one lasted almost 3 weeks and I really hope this one is about done…I did get a bike ride in yesterday but today looks like the rain will keep me off and I don’t mind that…have been really sore the past few days and could probably use the recovery time….didn’t get much done yesterday but I will clean some today…after more coffee, that is, just can’t get started and I hope that will help….more later…

November 14th

Well…it was quite a busy day yesterday and I am feeling it today…I think the bug is back with my lungs just burning and lots of coughing…again…but, I think I know why that is and it will just take time for them to clear up…the cracks in my heels have started early this year and it hurts like crazy to walk…but, my back doesn’t hurt so maybe that’s something…..oh, I did lose at pool yesterday…just couldn’t hit anything and I’m not sure why….I finally got back on the bike yesterday an that may be part of why I am so sore today….and I’ll be back on it here inĀ  a while…but, I need coffee first….not much to do today…I think I’ll just take it easy and try to feel better….I do need to cook but don’t feel like it right now….more later….

November 13th

Well…getting ready to do some work but thought I’d do this first…it was an okay day yesterday but didn’t get much done and today will be much the same…after the project that I have to do in a few minutes that is….slept okay last night but it felt a little off….just couldn’t get comfortable and I’m feeling that a little this morning…but, my back still doesn’t hurt this morning and that is a good thing….today is going to be busy with the project, getting back on the bike, pool, and picking C up at the airport after pool….so I’m going to be running most of the day but that is okay….it’s nice to have something to do…okay, need to get moving here so I’ll get going….more later….