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January 20th

Well…it’s always nice to wake up to a fresh pot of coffee brewing…it’s almost like a smell alarm clock on the days when the coffee brews….slept pretty crappy last night and I am feeling it today….just want to go back to bed but I know that won’t work…just realized something…last year when it was cold, when I started the car it made a banging noise like something in the exhaust was hitting on the floor….but, this year there is no noise and that is a little weird…cars normally don’t fix themselves but I’ll take this one….I did get the car washed yesterday but that is about all I got done….I am going to get more done today…maybe….but, I really don’t have much to do other than cleaning…I do need to take the old bike apart so I can get the new one ordered…Oh, I said that before…and I might not do it today…need more coffee before Man U plays at 10….more later….

January 19th

Well…feel pretty crappy today and don’t think it’s the flu but it is something…had a hell of a time getting moving so I think it’s going to be one of those days where I just ease into it and wait for the body to wake up….I sure hope it isn’t that I’m getting old….that would be disheartening…..didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I did cook some chicken in the slow cooker using the dry method and it came out quite good so I think I’ll try that again sometime….didn’t get anything else done and that is getting to be a pattern that I don’t like…but, it is winter so I guess I can cut myself a little slack….I do need to get out and wash the car today but that will wait until it gets above freezing so the locks don’t freeze after I’m done….other than that, it is going to be a low key day…don’t even have to cook…more later….

January 18th

Well….running a little late today with the grocery run today but you know that, it’s Thursday….slept okay last night but have been tossing and turning a lot lately and I’m not sure what that is about…but, I slept well enough that I feel okay today but part of that is the 4 days of being good…I am kinda getting used to that so I may stretch that out forĀ  a week or so…maybe….I did get the kitchen floor done yesterday and today will be counters and the stovetop…but I am going to make some dry, slow cooked chicken thighs and potatoes today and I have never run the cooker dry with just a little olive oil so that will be something new….have to brown the chicken first so I’ll need to get on that here in a few minutes…needs to cook all day so if I get it in by 9 that should be good…not much to do today….going to just clean some and then cook…and two more of these if I can come up with some topics….more later….

January 17th

Well…running early this morning but don’t feel too badly…slept okay last night and had a few dreams that were not worth remembering so I won’t….should have taken some antihistamines before bed last night since I am stuffed up today and my eye is weeping again…need to get out to get another box of that today and I may go out to the dollar store for some stuff, too…..have been pretty much pain free for a couple of days now but I can feel it coming back in my right elbow and even a little in my neck so it will be interesting to see how it progresses….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I will today….the bike needs to be stripped down so I can get rid of the carcass and I may get on that today….but the kitchen floor needs work, too….but, right now, I need to ease into the day with more coffee and some news…more later…..

January 16th

Well…running a little early today and it’s just from getting up early….tried to sleep in but it just didn’t work so maybe I can take a nap later to fix it….feel okay today…oh, I did win at pool yesterday and had a nice drive out and back….thought I had a cold coming on but don’t feel it today other than a little crap in my lungs…that may change as the day goes on….we’ll see…but, my back still doesn’t hurt so I’ll take that….okay…yep, still have the bug and think the coughing is getting worse…don’t have a lot to do today so that shouldn’t be a problem…I am going to clean some after I work out but I think I’ll keep it light today….okay, need more coffee so I think I’ll end here…but I will be back for more later after I get to reading a little news…more later….

January 15th

Well…running early today and I’ll chalk it up to being bored…and getting up early today….don’t feel too badly today but I am a little sore today for some reason…was really expecting to wake up to the flu today but it’s not that bad…and I really don’t know how I would ever be exposed to it…I’m never around people anymore other than the grocery run but I guess that might be enough….didn’t get anything done yesterday and today looks the same with it being a pool day….I do have to work out, though, but that won’t happen until after the coffee works some….not much to do today…and that’s true….just going to ease into it since I’m feeling a little slow….more later….

Some thoughts…

Well…just got back from running out to the post office and to put gas in the car…I just noticed that with that trip, the car went over 180K miles and that is something…still runs great all the time even in this cold…..I do have a cold and that is a pain….don’t think it’s more than that but we’ll see….starting to get some chills and I feel warm today along with the crap in my lungs…oh, and I did see an accident coming back from the post office…sitting at the light at 44th and Kalamazoo and heard a thump…looked to my right and saw a car had just run into the back of another one waiting to make a right turn….stupid, stupid people out there…I did get the pool cues repaired yesterday….when I took mine out of the case, I saw that the tip was even falling off…so, lots of glue later, I think I have mine repaired…even glued a black trim ring back on Tom’s while I was at it….okay…going to go back to the Wings game….

January 14th

Well…running a little early today…have already read the paper and am working on getting the coffee down to start feeling normal again….slept okay last night but still feel a little slow this morning…think I didn’t eat enough yesterday and that is getting to be a problem this winter…but, I’m not gaining weight like I normally do and that is a good thing….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but make some ham soup that came out good again….have that recipe nailed…might have to write it down at some point…..thought I may be getting a bug but it hasn’t gotten worse so I’m not sure what is going on…..don’t feel all that badly right now but I am still coughing and have stuff in my lungs…maybe it’s just a cold….not much to do today…I do have to clean my kitchen floor but that is going to wait until after the third cup of coffee…..more later….

January 13th

Well…still feeling crappy this morning and I know it’s a bug so I guess I’ll just have to see how bad it’s going to get….hope it’s just a cold and not the bad flu that is going around…but, I don’t really have much to do so I can survive either….slept okay last night and finally had some dreams that were too weird to really understand but it was nice to have some…didn’t get anything done yesterday but I will make soup today…that is going to start in a little while but I need to get some coffee in me first since I already have no energy….I decided to treat my heel with some neosporin and that seems to have helped and I have no pain this morning…it is nice to walk around with not favoring it but that seem to be automatic and I’ll have to concentrate to make sure I stop limping….not much to do today…just going to make soup and then clean up after that…and watch some soccer….and there is an electric grand prix on, too…so I may be a little less bored than normal….more later….