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August 17th

Well….feeling kind of lousy this morning and I’m pretty sure it’s from not eating enough yesterday….I guess half a chicken breast for lunch and then a sandwich for dinner is not enough to support my activity….slept okay last night, I think, but was up and down all night again and that is getting annoying….I would love just one night of good sleep like I remember when I was younger….I did get good news with the car insurance yesterday and I just need to go out and sign the papers Monday….640 bucks for a year is not too bad and is 500 less than my old policy….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I am going to make some chili today…after the coffee and bike ride….it looks like there may be a little rain coming in so I’ll have to check the radar to see how much is expected….I did splurge on a new bike bag with the good news on the car insurance…the old one has a bunch of wear holes in it and it is looking pretty shabby…more later…

August 16th

Well…running a little late today and had a little problem getting the computer to start….seems to be okay now, though, so I guess I’ll just ignore it…slept okay last night but got up late today which put me late for groceries and for coffee which needs to work soon or it will put me late for the bike ride….I know, I don’t have anywhere to be so how can I be late for anything? I did have a nice lunch with T yesterday and that is always fun….I am a little worried about her and her health problems so I’ll keep her in my thoughts today and every day…didn’t do a whole lot more yesterday but lunch but will have to do more today…I am looking forward to the final Sharknado Sunday night…such a stupid movie series but it still makes me laugh some so I’ll be watching it with cocktails….I am going to clean some today and cook, too, but not until later so I’m going to get another cup of coffee and read some news…more later…

August 15th

Well…running really late today…just can’t get started and feel a little crappy this morning so I guess I’ll ease into it and let the coffee work it’s magic….slept okay last night but still feel tired right now and I’m not sure if I’ll work out today….just want to go back to bed but I know I won’t….I did get out to have a couple with G last night and it went okay…had some reservations about that….I did get some quotes for car insurance out yesterday and should get them back today…it’s crappy that turning 65 costs you extra money….but, I guess I’ll just pay it and move on….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today will probably be the same with having lunch with T….I do need to brine some chicken that I have thawing to cook tomorrow….okay, just not feeling this right now so I am going to end here and have more coffee…more later….

August 14th

Well…up early and pretty sore this morning…slept wrong on my right shoulder and it hurts like crazy…hope that will work out after I get on the bike…might be a little hard to do the workout but we’ll see in a few minutes….had a nice day yesterday…and I won at pool but the drive out and back was a pain with more and more road work being done….and I’ll have to wash it to get all the dust off it from the fresh gravel….I wonder when they are going to re-stripe the lot here? Hmmmm….I do have to try to find car insurance today since my current company jacked my rates way up and there has to be a better deal out there…and I need to find a doctor this week, too, so it will be a busy week….and, I may have lunch with T today or tomorrow if she’s feeling up to it….more later….

August 13th

Well…running late this morning…have been up for quite a while but just feel a little foggy that isn’t going away…it’s another one of those days when it would be easy to go back to bed but I won’t…have things to do and will get started on them here in a few minutes….slept okay last night and I wonder if my dreams are gone forever….haven’t had any in quite a while and that might be why I’m so damn tired every morning…I did get out to get some cheap bacon yesterday and  charged the battery up on the car doing it…but the bacon looks like someone just took a handful and threw it into the packaging…not like the orderly slices that you normally get…it still tastes good so I guess it’s something to just be amused about….didn’t get anything else done yesterday and it looks the same today….just have no motivation so I think I’ll just drink more coffee and sit here for a while….more later…

August 12th

Well…darn, almost forgot to come here on another Sunday morning and I am still trying to figure out why…oh, well….slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly this morning…my neck doesn’t hurt much and my back is okay, too, which is just a little weird…they have both been annoying lately and I’ll take any relief I can get….it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get much done with all of the sports that were on…the EPL season started this weekend so I’ll have something to watch every weekend morning until next spring now…I did cook yesterday and made some roasted cauliflower that came out great…so, I’ll do the rest of the head today along with the chicken that I brined overnight…have to remember to do that every time since it came out so tasty and juicy…not much to do today…need to get out on the bike in a few minutes and then back here to watch soccer….more later….

August 11th

Well…got up sore this morning and I hurt just about everywhere…my back and neck are stiff and I’m not sure why…may have slept wrong to hurt my neck but who knows about my back? Slept okay last night but need the coffee to work really soon or I may just take a nap on the couch….just feel exhausted right now and part of it may be not eating enough….didn’t get much done yesterday but watching Man U win their first match and that started the premier league season that continues with 3 more matches today…that will give me something to do on weekend mornings again…and I think there are races on today, too, so I shouldn’t be too bored…I do need to do some laundry today and run the dishwasher and I should vacuum but I’m not sure I will…the bike needs a wash, too but I am not motivated at all right now so that will have to be later….more later…

August 10th

Well…feel a little beat up this morning so it will be a slow start to the day….slept okay last night but there was a lot of tossing and turning so I’m not sure how much sleep I got…not enough with how I’m feeling…I did have some fun yesterday with a second pool day for the week…which I lost but had some fun so that was cool…they did finally get the re-pave on the lot done here yesterday so I can park in front again…they still need to re stripe it but who knows when that will happen…the coffee better start working soon or I’m going back to bed…didn’t get anything done yesterday but I will do something today before Man U starts their season at three so I won’t feel guilty watching it….I think I may have done some damage yesterday going hard on the bike since I am sore today…will need to take something for it here in a bit before I get out for the ride….more later…

August 9th

Well….running on time today for a Thursday and that is a little boring…I do feel good today with being good for 4 days now but man, nights are a little boring when you’re being good…and when you can’t find anything to watch on tv….oh, well….slept okay last night but was up really early this morning and that was okay since I wasn’t rushed to get out the door for groceries…and now I’m just waiting for the rain to clear so I can get on the bike and get a long ride in…but, I need more than one cup of coffee for that…I did get out to Target to get a new kitchen trash can yesterday…the old one’s top has been broken for 3 years or so and it’s nice to have one that works again….didn’t get much else done yesterday and I’m shooting pool again today so that will mean I won’t get much done today, either…but that’s okay…don’t have a lot to do….I am hoping they finish up the re-pave of the lots here before I leave today so I’ll have a parking space in front when I get back here….more later…

August 8th

Well….think I’m on time this morning…one of these days, I’m not going to act like I have a schedule and just let thing happen when they will…but, not today…have to go out and move the car in a few so they can tear out the parking lot here and repave it…that is going to be a pain for the next couple of days with all of the noise and smell…may have to put the air on just to keep the smell out…oh, well….slept okay last night but I am having a hard time getting going…the coffee isn’t working yet and I hope it starts soon…the church behind me had some kind of festival yesterday afternoon and it was the most damn annoying thing with the fire trucks constantly using their sirens and even a helicopter landing in the lot…just fricking annoying to the point that I had to close this place up to get some relief….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but will try to do more today…not sure what, but I’ll try to do more…more later….