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September 22nd

Well…running on time today with getting up at 6:30…but, it took me a few minutes to get my coffee poured and read a little news and then get here…I am amazed how well I’m sleeping lately…okay, well for me, that is, and I feel pretty good today…have been running out of steam quite early, though, and have been going to bed before 11…doesn’t seem to make a difference in when I get up but I’ll take any improvement….I am still sore from walking the bike back with a flat the other day and I may have to take something for it later….have been able to get my BP consistently below 120 over the past few days so I am no longer worried about it too much…especially since I know it fluctuates throughout the day and can move by 30 points or more…and I found a power supply from an old Roku that works with my BP machine so that was cool…I did get some cleaning done yesterday and today will be the same with vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen floor…but then there is soccer, football, and racing on so I may be a little busy from that…and, with Man U playing at 10, I need to get out on the bike by 8:30 but that’s no problem with being ready now…just waiting for it to get light…kind of cold out there but I can still wear shorts so I’m good with that….more later…

September 21st

Well…up early but can’t get started this morning and I’m not sure why….have been good for 11 days now but the cough is bad again and I may have to talk to the doctor next week….slept okay last night but tossed a little more than has become usual but I guess there will be some days that are a little more challenging than others…I did get my BP down to where is should be yesterday and I hope I can sustain it over the long term…the lesions that were treated on my face have turned bright red and look pretty ugly but I know they’ll heal up in a couple of weeks…I did get some work done on the kitchen yesterday and need to do the floor today along with some vacuuming and dusting and just general straightening up…need to really start discarding stuff and find a house in the next week or so…will probably have to go one month off lease that will cost me and extra hundred bucks but that is cheaper than buying out of the lease for 800 and I know I’ll have a house by the end of the year…it’s raining out right now so it looks like a wait until I can get on the bike…had a rear flat yesterday and had to walk back 3 miles but I got a new tube and put the tube protector in the tire so I won’t have another flat this year…I hope….more later….

Some stuff….

Well….have been working on trying to get my BP down over the past two weeks and what I’m doing looks pretty good with my latest test…116/ 74 is not too bad and it is getting to where it always used to be…I know I’ve been talking about health stuff a lot lately but, with getting the knowledge from my tests, it is important to me to finally know if I’ve done permanent damage over the past 16 years…and it appears I haven’t…so far, anyway…so, you can skip these if you want to…probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone but me but my “life” posts are the same and people still come here to read those…still puzzled with that but thanks…oh, one other thing…as I’ve related here, I have been trying to build credit so I can buy a house after paying cash for everything for the past 15 years…and yesterday, I got a letter from my bank that they are converting my secured credit card into a normal one since I have been so “responsible” with my credit since I got it last November….and the 500 bucks that I’ve had to keep in my savings account will be released in a couple of weeks..so, baby steps of progress are happening and it’s good to see….

September 20th

Well….running about on time today but it was kind of a pain getting to Meijers with the traffic lights at the end of my road still not replaced after almost a week…still a 4 way stop but today they had cops out there directing traffic so it was better but I’m not sure why it would take a week to replace a pole and hang new lights….got up feeling good again today with 10 days into being good but I still have a little cough and tomorrow will be two weeks of coughing…really makes me question getting the flu and pneumonia vaccines…I just hope they work so I won’t have more of this later in the year…should have put band aids on my biopsies even though they had stopped bleeding…but, overnight, they opened up again and I think I’ll have to bleach them after I soak them to get the blood out…I did get the bathroom cleaned yesterday and today will be the kitchen of I get rained out on the bike…looks like there are storms coming in all the way back through Wisconsin but they may go a little north and leave me dry for a while….more later….

Health update…

Well…as you know, I now finally have insurance and am going through the process of finding out if there are any time bombs that are ticking that need to be taken care of…so far, I’ve found that my BP and cholesterol are a little high but not high enough for treatment and I am fixing those through lifestyle changes…with some movement on the BP already after only 10 days or so but I won’t know about the cholesterol until I go back in in 90 days….today, I had my first appointment with a dermatologist to take a look at the sore that wouldn’t heal and also to look at the precancerous lesions that are all over my face…well…he treated 10 spots of actinic keratosis which could turn into cancer if not treated…with a sprayer of nitrogen so I look really blotchy right now…but, also took two biopsies that he thinks may be skin cancer but not melanoma…so it can be treated quite easily…and I won’t die from it…will know early next week where we go from here…it is nice to get started taking care of this stuff that I have had to put off for so long with no insurance….really takes a load off knowing instead of all of the uncertainty…yay, Medicare!

September 19th

Well….up early after another night of being good and if I feel like I did yesterday, it’s going to be another good day…can’t remember feeling as good as I did on the bike…for a few years, anyway and I really hope that continues…even slept okay again and I hope that is going to be the new normal….my cough is better today and seems to be improving every day so I think I can skip going back to the doctor for it…I do have a dermatologist appointment this afternoon to take care of the sore on my neck that’s been there for a few months now and I can’t wait to get rid of the itching….got a bunch of stuff done yesterday including moving my colonoscopy to a Monday in November so Tom doesn’t have to take a vacation day to take me…I also got new wiper blades for the car but that meant I had to re-paint the wiper arms with the paint being chipped…stopped at my daily deals store and got a 3 pound stuffed crust pizza for 1.99 and this one was pretty good…would buy another one but I have no space in my freezer….not much to do today…I am going to try to get to my bathroom today but I’m not sure that is going to happen…more later….

September 18th

Well…running a little early today with getting up at 5:45 but it’s not from a night of bad sleep…have been sleeping quite well lately and I wonder if it’s from no cocktails or from eating better? Who knows, but I feel lots better and that is a good thing…had a nice day yesterday and I lost at pool but it was fun to get back into the normal routine…my cough had gotten better but seems a little worse today… but it feels like I’m getting over it and I hope it’s gone by the end of the week…this has been really annoying and I hope the vaccines will work over the winter after going through this…didn’t get anything done yesterday but I have some errands to run this morning and my bathroom needs cleaning along with the kitchen so I’ll have plenty to do…my daily deals store has a huge pizza on sale for only 1.99 again and how can you pass that up? This one is even a stuffed crust that weighs 46 ozs…almost 3 pounds for 1.99? It’s not healthy food but I haven’t had a pizza since the last one from there and I guess I can have a pizza every 6 weeks or so without it killing me…and I made a healthy casserole yesterday that makes up for it…in my eyes anyway…more later….

September 17th

Well…running a little early today with being used to getting up really early over the past few days while I was out in Baltimore…it is kind of nice to get back into the old routine with coffee and tv playing in the background as I do this…I felt fine until I got home yesterday afternoon but then the bottom fell out and I felt exhausted the rest of the day…not too sore today, though, and I feel okay so I plan to get out on the bike after I work out in a bit but I want to ease into it a little today…I do need to try one of the new, healthy recipes that I am switching over to with eating whatever I liked over the weekend…there were burgers and sausages involved so I’m sure my cholesterol is through the roof…I have 90 days to get it down so I’m sure I can…and my BP was down to 123/71 after I rested a bit yesterday afternoon so it looks like that is on the right track…not much to do today…just want to ease into being back here and with pool today, I won’t really have the time to do much else…might start cleaning the bathroom this morning but maybe not…more later….

September 16th

Well….running really early today with getting ready to head back to GR and not being able to sleep with this damn cough I’ve had for 10 days now…going to call the doctor tomorrow and see what the heck is going on since I think this can’t be normal…other than the cough, I don’t feel too bad today other than the soreness from all of the activities this weekend and I am looking forward to getting home and vegging the rest of the day…had a good time last night at S’s retirement party at Camden Yards and ate way too much food so today will be a light one and I’m not sure if I’m going to cook or not…maybe just some pasta since that is easy and I have lots of it around….I will be getting back to some political stuff later today with the bombshell that Manafort has flipped and the rest of the news that I need to catch up on…more later….

September 15th

Well….up and running again today kind of early and quite sore after the fun trip to NYC yesterday and we have another one today with going over to Camden yards later today for a ball game and S’s retirement party….haven’t been to a major league game since the 80′s at Tiger Stadium so it should be fun…and, we are in a suite so that should make it even cooler if the weather cooperates….have had a lot of fun but it will be nice to get back to GR and into normalcy…I do have a dermatologist appointment Wed to have a cyst taken off my neck that has been annoying me for months now and it will be nice to have the itching stop….slept okay last night being worn out from the trip and don’t feel that bad today…the no cocktails help and I am wondering what my BP will be when I get home…I will be spending most of the day on the couch tomorrow watching some sports and recovering and I am looking forward to that…more later…