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Anyone been raptured yet?

Well…has anyone been raptured yet? Today is supposed to be the day….I looked outside and didn’t see anyone floating to the heavens yet so I’m a little confused…after all another crackpot said today is the day…I wonder if I will be able to get a new car or a house when they are left abandoned? Or maybe a job when they go? I wonder how many times the apocalypse has been predicted over the years and it didn’t come true? More times than I can count probably….and yet, we’re still here….at least for now…

September 23rd

Well…had an okay day yesterday and had the surprise of shooting pool…and I won so that was cool….slept okay last night but feel a little slow this morning…and Man U is not on tv at 10 so that sucks a little…didn’t get anything else done yesterday and today looks much the same with football on all day…Michigan plays at 4 and State plays ND at 8 tonight so I know what I’ll be doing later…I did get sunburned a little on the trip out and back to pool yesterday and that was okay…..it is going to be in the 90′s again today and I think that will last until wed of next week…might just go to the beach Monday since the water temp is still up around 70….not much to do today….I probably shouldn’t have eaten jalapeno chips yesterday….my stomach is really crappy today….but another pizza today might fix that…more later….

September 22nd

Well…running a little late today and it was another grocery run that did it….had to get paint to do the wiper arms again and some ribs that were on sale….and the damn milk jug leaked all over the car so that was a pain….slept okay last night and it was not another 5 am wake up so that was cool….didn’t do a lot yesterday but I am going to try to get some stuff done today….I need to get in the habit of doing at least a little every day….but right now I need more coffee and to read a little news….it was warm enough to put the top down this morning and that was fun…while it’s warm this week, I need to get out and take a drive in the dark…that’s always fun…more later….

September 21st

Well….it was an okay day yesterday and i had some fun going out to celebrate with K and J…but, I ran out of steam around 10 last night so it was a short one….slept okay but I am getting into the habit of waking up around 5 and I don’t like it….didn’t get much done yesterday other than making a huge pizza for lunch…and that will feed me for two more days….it is nice having food in the fridge again and knowing I can afford to eat again….there is some really weird weather coming for the next week or so…it is going to be in the 90′s through the weekend and I can’t remember that happening in the end of September in a long time…might even go to the beach Monday…not much to do today….going to just ride the bike and veg most of the day…it is warm enough to get out right now but it is still dark so I guess I’ll have to wait a while…..more later….

What a relief….

Well…am  going to be talking about this for the next couple of days….it looks like I may be retired but I’m not sure yet…still think I have something to offer to an employer out there and I am going to continue to look for work that would make me smile….but, what a relief to have money coming in that I can live on until then….was completely out of food other than the last container of ham soup that I thawed out yesterday and spent 76 bucks for groceries this morning….and then 20 bucks for gas since the car was empty…and I owed C some cash so I’m already 300 bucks down…but that leaves me 700 for the month and I think I can live on that….just have to not go crazy this month…..going to make a home made pizza for lunch today and I can’t wait….more later….

September 20th

Well….up at 5:07 again today and I’m sure I know what it is….way too much stress lately….but, that is over…checked my bank this morning and the first SS payment is there so it is retirement day…and food day…and gas in the car day….and the stress is gone…even did a little happy dance when I saw that the money is there…didn’t do much yesterday but today will be different…I am going to cook today…making a home made pizza for lunch and then Man U plays at 3 so I will have something to do this aft…and maybe drinks with K to celebrate….I did do some cleaning yesterday to take my mind off of everything…I should dust and remove the cobwebs and I just might….more later….

My stress is through the roof….

Well….It has not been a good day for me today with the uncertainty of my first SS payment being made on time tomorrow….I just know there is going to be a glitch and I am going to be scrambling again to just survive….I did make a little cash yesterday so I can pay the electric bill next Tuesday but there will be no food until I figure out the glitch and get it fixed…okay, that’s not true… I do have 11 dollars for food but only have 11 days to get things fixed so I can pay my rent on the 1st…. and didn’t sleep at all last night and tonight appears to be the same….oh, well….I guess I’ll take it as it comes…

September 19th

Well…running really early today since I’ve been up since 5 or so….still worried about the  cash ending up in my account tomorrow….not sure what I’ll do if it doesn’t….slept okay last night and woke up with a sore right shoulder so I must have slept on it….didn’t get much done yesterday but have a nice HH with T….always fun to hang out with her…lots of laughs and good conversation….but then back here and did nothing for the rest of the day….the Lions did win last night so that was cool but I didn’t get through the game…just not interested enough to stay up til 12:30….not much to do today….might just clean some today but it looks like it’s going to rain so I may take the day off the bike….more later…..

September 18th

Well….feel really crappy today and I’m not sure why…okay, I am sure why but I’m not sure about the severity….didn’t do anything out of the ordinary so I guess I’ll just have to live with it….I am getting a little nervous about my SS payment that is supposed to be Wed….if it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to be able to eat…or do anything else….the car is out of gas and I need to get out to have lunch with T today….hmmm….had an okay day yesterday but didn’t do much….today will probably be the same but I do need to work out and ride the bike…..more later…..

September 17th

Well…had a nice day yesterday with hanging out with the guys but it took a lot out of me…and I am feeling it today…and it was a 70 mile round trip out and back…it did charge the battery in the car so that was cool….but I am down to 3 dollars in my pocket until wed and that is not cool….and the past month with no cash has been a trial…I really am hoping that the money will be there wed since I don’t know what I’ll do if there is a screw up….the F1 race is on in a few minutes and it looks like a wet one so that should be interesting….I do need to get out on the bike right after the race since Man U plays at 11….and it is against Everton with Wayne Rooney coming back to Old Trafford after being traded…but I need more coffee first….more later….