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July 22nd

Well…running a little late today since I wanted to get the bike ride in before the F1 race….slept okay last night but feel pretty sore…my neck is still hurting and I’m not sure what that is about…it may be a day to take some ibuprofen to see if that helps….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today will probably be the same but who knows? I may just get a spurt of motivation again like I did Friday and actually clean a little….don’t have to cook again today but I do have to plan what I’m going to have the next few days and get it out of the freezer so it can thaw…but, today I’ll just have leftover pizza and a big salad later…or maybe for lunch…not much to do today…just going to watch races and the Tour and veg a little….more later…

Got a ride in…

Well…I did get a ride in today! Even though it was still raining when I went out, it wasn’t too bad…got more wet from sweating than from the rain but I do have the bottom of my shower filled with sand and dirt…haven’t gotten anything else done today and it looks like that will hold for the rest of the day with losing all motivation this afternoon….oh, well…I may come back for a political one later but who knows?

July 21st

Well….running a little early today but didn’t get up until almost 7…and it’s raining so I may finally get that day off my legs have been screaming for…slept okay last night but feel quite slow this morning so it’s another day that I’m going to ease into…I did get a bunch of stuff done yesterday and I think I may do more today…the kitchen needs work but right now I need coffee….I did get out and start to fix the biker tan yesterday and I even washed the bike since it was getting pretty ugly…it was weird that I had a two hour spurt of productivity yesterday…just started on getting some spots out of the carpet and then just kept on going….not sure how much I’ll do today with no motivation but we’ll see….more later….

July 20th

Well…not sure if I’m running early or late today and I’m not sure if I care….had an okay day yesterday but didn’t do much but try to even out the biker tan in the afternoon…didn’t have lunch with T since she was not feeling up to it and that was a little disappointing….I was really hoping for a day off the bike today but the rain is just not cooperating…it was supposed to rain all day today but it’s not happening now so I guess I’ll get out after the coffee….didn’t have to cook yesterday but I have some pork chops marinating that will have to be done today…have to remember to turn them before I head out so they will be coated evenly…..not sure when the last time is that I actually had pork chops but I know it’s been a while…need to clean out the freezer and that will take weeks with how much stuff is in there….more later…..

July 19th

Well…running about on time today with doing the grocery run….slept okay last night but woke up with a huge crick in my neck and I can barely move it….I think I’ll take something for it before I get on the bike…hope that helps with the hand cramps that have been bad lately, too….okay, I love the Tour de France but what is it with people sitting beside the road for hours just to see the riders for 30 seconds or so? It’s like going to the Indy 500 and just watching the cars go by once and then going home…strange…didn’t get much done yesterday and today looks to be the same with having lunch with T this aft…I do need to run some errands on the bike today so I’ll have some cash for my part of lunch…but that will wait for a while until I have the rest of the coffee and watch a little Tour….more later….

July 18th

Well…running a little late today after getting up at 7:20…that is really late for me and that puts me late for the entire morning…just got the first cup of coffee and it’s almost 8…slept okay last night and feel just a little slow today and I hope that will go away after the coffee….I did get some errands done yesterday and got 4 new t-shirts to replace the ones that my sweat has eaten through….got some really strange colors that I think are cool and they will go into the rotation today…also got a huge pizza from daily deals for 1.99 that was too big to put in my freezer so I had to bake it yesterday…not a bad pizza but the sauce is a little strange…still a good deal for that price…didn’t get anything else done yesterday but I think I’ll do some cleaning today and there is a dirt race on tv tonight so I’ll have something to watch…more later….

July 17th

Well…running a little early today with getting up kind of early today….slept okay last night but still feel a little slow today…want to ease into the day and I think I will…had a nice run out to pool and back but it was hot and I think my 30 sunscreen isn’t working too well since I got back here with some color…oh, and I won at pool for the first time in a few weeks….didn’t get anything else done yesterday but I have some errands to run today…need some new t-shirts from target and I want to stop at daily deals to get a 1.99 16 inch pizza to try….didn’t eat enough yesterday with only having some taco casserole and then a couple of pieces of pizza at pool but just couldn’t eat more without the guilt kicking in….so, the legs will be flat on the bike again today…it was brutal yesterday with the humidity being so high but today looks better today…more later….

July 16th

Well…running a little early today and there’s no reason for it….had an okay day for my birthday yesterday but didn’t do much…I did get out to have one with K but that was about it…was really hoping for some rain but it didn’t happen other than a few drops on the way back…I think that may happen today but I want to put the top down out and back to pool today so it can hold out until after then….didn’t get anything done yesterday but that was the plan…and today will be the same…just the normal routine for the morning and then out for pool later…feel a little too slow right now to do much so I am going to wait for the coffee to work and read a little news…more later….

July 15th

Well…another day, another year older and I’m not sure what I think about that….slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly today and I am looking forward to the bike ride…kinda glad that I’ve decided to not do anything special today…don’t think I’m up for it and I am happy to just let the day flow…thought about going out to have a big steak to mark the day but I have so much food here that needs to be used that I can’t really do that….I did get some chores done yesterday and it is nice to have a clean bathroom and bed….but I won’t do much today other than the bike ride with the world cup final on at 10…..so that means I need to get on the bike here in a few minutes and I need more coffee…so that’s what I’m going to do…more later….

No feats of strength this year…

Well…if you’ve been here the past few years, you’ve seen that I normally try to think up some athletic feat to perform on my birthday that is usually doing something on the bike…like the year when I turned 56, I rode 56 miles and last year when I turned 64, I rode the bike 100 miles….just to prove to myself that I still can do those things..but, after spending 8 hours in the saddle last year, I really can’t think of anything else I want to do this year…I’m already beating my records for mileage for the year so far so I guess that will have to do….so, unless I get some kind of inspiration tonight, it looks like an easy day for me tomorrow…