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April 23rd

Well…running on time today and I’m not sure why….slept okay last night but was up really early…it’s odd that it is now light enough to wander around here without the lights on in the morning…have been thinking about going into shorts for the year today and that would be about the normal time for me….it is going to be about 70 today and that will mean a top down run out and back to pool today…and, I have to go to the bank this morning to deposit my fed check….I did get another crack in my right heel and it hurts like crazy when I walk so I’ll have to figure out something to do about it…not sure what but maybe I’ll check on the internet…not much to do today….not going to do much around here today and I don’t need to….more later….

April 22nd

Well….another day and I almost forgot to come here and do this one…not sure why that is happening but 8 am isn’t too late so I guess I’ll live through it….slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly today…should be much more sore than I am since I did 30 miles on the bike yesterday….just had to go out for a second one in the afternoon with the temp getting over 57…and that means I could go out in just a t-shirt but I knew it was a mistake after the first two miles…my legs were dead and that didn’t go away until almost 8 miles out….I should have my summer legs and lungs after more than 700 miles in but they are just not there yet….didn’t get anything else done, though, and today that needs to change….well…not really…but that sounded good….I did get my fed check yesterday and that is another 600 bucks in the bank so I may splurge on some new clothes…or some fast food…have too much in the fridge so that will probably wait until next week….more later….

Over 700 miles already…..

Well…had a nice ride today and just noticed that I have gone over 550 miles on the new bike already and, with the 160 miles I put on the old bike, that puts me over 700 miles for the year so far. To put that in a little perspective, a year ago tomorrow was the first day I  got out last year since the snow hadn’t come off the trail yet.  I wonder if that means I’ll get to the record this year? I know that this year will be the earliest to 1K that I have ever had and that’s pretty cool….I may even go back out for another 15 miles today after Man U finishes…if it gets above 57 that is…..

April 21st

Well…running on time today and I’m not sure why that is….I think part of it is losing track of what day it is…that has been happening a lot lately since I really don’t have any reason for keeping track of it…slept okay last night and didn’t get up until 7 or so…it is getting light way too early….and the shades in my bedroom don’t do a very good job of blocking it…I’m not too sore this morning but I am going to take some ibuprofen before I get on the bike just as a preventative measure so my hands don’t cramp up….might do a double today if I feel like it…one before the Man U match and then out again after…not sure yet….didn’t get much done but wash the car yesterday and I’m not sure what I’m going to do today….should clean some but I’m still not motivated so we’ll see…more later….


Well….started looking for a new pair of running shoes to replace the Nikes that I bought almost 20 years ago and, with Meijers having a sale today with 40% off, I thought I’d go over and check them out after I washed the car this morning….as I was looking through them, I came upon a shelf that had clearance shoes on it and found a pair of size 9 New Balance shoes that are normally 65 bucks for the great price of $16.25…yep, only $16.25 for a cool looking black and grey pair…and, I can’t believe how comfortable they are. Technology sure has changed in 20 years…they are probably the lightest shoes I have ever owned and I’ve already had them out on the bike today…it’s pretty cool when good things happen….

April 20th

Well….running on time today but got up after it was light and that was a little strange….too damn bright in my bedroom….but, I did sleep okay and feel okay this morning so that is cool…and I’m not really sore today and I probably should be after getting back on the bike….I hope I can get out in shorts today….the weather is starting to break a little but not enough for me….it is still in the 20′s right now and that is just too damn cold for the last part of April…didn’t get a lot done yesterday but today will be busier…going to wash the car and I need to go to Meijer’s to look for a new pair of running shoes to use on the bike…40% off is a pretty good deal….but, not right now…I need coffee and to read the news for topics for later….more later…

April 19th

Well…running a bit late today with having to run the car to melt the ice off it…I hope for the last time….slept okay last night and feel pretty good today with being good for days now and getting out on the bike for the first time since last week….and I’ll get out on it again here in a while…but I am going to wait until I can go out in shorts without gloves….and, I’m not sore at all today, other than a little in my legs, but that is to be expected….didn’t get much done yesterday but I have quite a few things to do today…. but I’m not going to start until more coffee….and I need to read the news, too…I am going to cook some today with some Texas style ribs and some leftover roasted potatoes….I think I may clean some, too…but that will wait til the aft….more later….

The day is here….

Well…just had to talk about a little thing that happened to me this morning after I got my hair cut….it’s official, I am actually considered old…..the trigger for that? I got my first senior discount on my haircut…and, I’m not sure how I feel about that…I know I’m getting older but damn, this says to me that the dreaded day is here….okay, not dreaded and it made me laugh so I guess I’m okay with it….

April 18th

Well…got up really early today and I’m sure I don’t like it…5:30 is way too early when I don’t have anywhere to be….but, I did sleep okay so that is something….and I’ve been good for a few nights now so that is another something…I am going to get sore again today with getting back on the bike so I may have to take some ibuprofen before I go out…I sure hope the snow is done but just looked at the forecast and we may get some more tonight….but, it looks like the weather is going to break over the weekend and we’ll get back to normal…and it is going to be almost 70 next week….now I have to decide if I’m going into shorts for the year…I need to get that done before May or it will be the latest I’ve ever done that….not much to do today….I am going to get my hair cut this morning and then I have an errand to run after that and then into the normal day….more later….

April 17th

Well…running a little late today and it’s another day that I just can’t get going…slept okay last night and I’m not really sore anywhere which is a little weird…probably from not riding the bike for a few days and it snowed again last night so it will be at least one more day until I can get out again…maybe tomorrow afternoon…we did get out for a short day at pool…and I won…didn’t get much done yesterday but a few errands in the morning so I think I’ll do some cleaning today…after I get a lot more coffee in me, that is…I do need to start getting rid of stuff around here to get ready for the move later in the year but I guess I have time so there is really no urgency to that…I’m still waiting for spring to come…maybe next month? More later….