Number 5,000…

Well…in a strange set of coincidences, this one is the last one for the month, the last one for the year, and the 5,000th one of these that I’ve done…normally, I would do a little recap of the year and my thoughts of it…but, after one of the worst years I can remember for this country and for me personally, I just have nothing to say about it….it is kind of cool to have stayed with this for all of the years that it took to get to 5,000 and it did take some amount of discipline to come here and average two of these for every day since I started…and I think the average of 2,500 days of doing this is quite a good milestone, too…almost 8 years of two a days…yow….so, I’ll end this one with just a happy new year and try to continue next year….

December 31st

Well…it was a long day yesterday and Michigan lost so I am a little ornery today….and there was no pool since Tom wasn’t feeling too hot so I didn’t win or lose…but that made for a lazy day that today will mirror…I should clean some today and I just might but Man U is playing at 10 and then there is football all day so I could waste another one….not too sore this morning but my allergies are quite bad and I have a headache that I will have to do something about….I have been binging on Star Trek for the past couple of days but I really do need to look at something else….it is still a good show, though, and I have enjoyed it……not much to do today…going to just have coffee and wait for Man U to start…more later….

Number 4998….

Well….getting close to the goal and I just realized that if I do the last two tomorrow….I will be at 5,000 of these before the start of the new year…kind of a weird coincidence but a little cool….I think I’m going to have to take some ibuprofen before pool today since my mid back hurts like crazy for some reason…just made some chicken pot pie filling and it came out great…a nice change from all of the pork from the roasts from last week…and there is enough in one batch to make meals for the next 4 days so I really won’t have to cook….I do need to make tacos when I get home from pool since I thawed a pound of venison and need to use it…okay, that’s enough for now…I’m getting pretty geeked up about the Michigan game tonight…perfect to watch with cocktails….

December 30th

Well….just got a little work done around here yesterday but didn’t do much else…should have cleaned but didn’t feel like it….still can’t figure out why I hurt everywhere yesterday…not as bad today but still have the pain in my neck/shoulder that has been bugging me for a few days now…geez…I sound old….and feel old…but that’s to be expected….I may have to take the coffee maker back and get another one….it smells like an electric fire every time I use it and that’s not a good thing….and it doesn’t really heat the coffee as much as I want….I do have a couple of errands to run this morning but those should take about 5 minutes or so…not a big deal but they have to be done….more later….

Fillers, fillers, fillers….

Well….with the restriction on what I can read about, that really puts a crimp in getting to the goal for the month….but, I am going to try….I think it was a mistake to buy that super non-stick pan….have been making omelets all week since I got it Monday, and that is way too many eggs to eat to keep my cholesterol down…, I think I’ll have to put it away for a while and eat healthier…going to start that tomorrow with some chicken pot pie filling that has no fat in it so that will be better for me….I feel just so sluggish eating two meals a day that that will have to change, too, or I’ll blow up…I think I’ll go back to the old method of just not eating at all for a few days since I can’t get on the bike….okay…going back to the Star Trek marathon that is on….

Cool science news…

Well….have been getting a lot of stuff done around here and just finished so I thought I’d talk about some cool science news I’ve read about recently…yeah, I’m letting myself read only science news…and some sports but nothing else still…and that is going to last for the next 4 years. The LIGO detector picked up more gravity waves a few weeks back, confirming that theĀ  detector is now sensitive enough to do that regularly….and they are going to upgrade it again the first part of next year. There is a new drug that has been discovered that rids the brain of the plaques that are thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease…which would be good news but there wasn’t any resulting improvement in cognition which has everyone pretty confused since most of the research has been focused on the plaques as the cause…now they may have to go down a new path and start over…not good news….oh, one last thing….researchers in England have discovered a way to mass produce carbon nanotubes that may open up many new ways to use them….this one is 4994….getting to 5,000…

December 29th

Well….it was pretty much a wasted day yesterday but that won’t be the case today…I have work to do around here today but am having a really hard time getting started…I did get the grocery run in an now I have my first cup of coffee that I need quite badly….I am sore everywhere today and I know part of it is riding the bike….but the other part is sleeping wrong…my neck has been cramped for the past few days and that is getting annoying….I may try to get a bike ride in today but the wind is blowing over 20 already and that would make it pretty brutal….might have to take the day off….and just veg out to get my brain straightened out……and I need to come back to do three more of these today so check back to see if I do….more later….

Professional fishing leagues?

Well…I know I’ve been quite bored lately and I have been watching way too much tv….but today I may have hit bottom when I actually clicked on a show about professional fishing leagues…yep, there are actually pro fishing leagues that people watch…and that is leagues plural, so there are more than one…how many people actually watch that weird stuff? I didn’t watch much because watching other people fish is about as interesting as watching grass grow…to me….I wonder what the pitch was like to fox sports when the show was being approved? That it is more interesting than baseball? Man, I need to find something to do…..more later….

How much profit?

Well…having been sitting here bored for the past couple of weeks, I’ve watched much more tv than I usually do and a thought struck me as I saw the stupid flashlight commercial for the hundredth time…how much profit is there in a stupid flashlight that you get 2 for 20 bucks? Maybe that question should be how much does it cost to air a commercial that many times? I counted the other day and in just the few hours that I watched, there were over twenty times that the commercial aired…and that doesn’t count the other flashlight that they run over with the military truck…which looks identical to the other one. This whole idea started with the commercials for The Addiction Network…whose commercials appear to be about half of all of them on tv these days and that same thought came to mind…how much profit is there in addiction? And how many people are really addicted to things…it has gotten so bad that they are making fun of themselves in a new commercial….just a few thoughts that I wanted to get down before I forget them….

December 28th

Well…feeling a little worn out after the busy day yesterday so it looks like a low key one today….really don’t have much to do so that will work out…the bike ride soreness has started to hit today and my thighs are just burning so I think I’ll take something for it in a little bit…going to try to get out today but the temp needs to come up so the ice on the trail will melt….don’t need to fall off the bike and break something….I do need to clean the kitchen floor today so that will be a project for later after the workout….and I just can’t get moving so I don’t know when that will be….have had a pain in my shoulder for two days now and I do need to sleep on the other side so it doesn’t happen…okay…need more coffee and some couch….more later….