Just one more….

Well sitting here a little bored so I thought I’d take a look at how many of these things I’ve done this year….with this one, I’ve done 910….910 times of coming here to try to have something to say and at times being able to be lucid enough to make some sense…..I’d have to take a look at the dashboard to see how many I’ve done since I started this thing…okay…maybe I will…ha, this is too funny…I must have started the year at 5,000 posts since I now have 5,910…pretty cool…and this IS the last one for the year….

Last one for the year…

Well….not sure if I need to do a summary of the year but I don’t have any other ideas so here goes….not going to touch on anything political today because, if you’ve been here before, you know how I feel about the destruction of this country by the traitorous repubs…this one will be a little more personal since quite a few things have happened…I got to see Steely Dan here in GR and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen them do even if Walter wasn’t there….still couldn’t find a job and ran out of money so I had to take my SS early to continue to pay the rent and eat….and that took a big load off and got rid of the knot that was constantly in my stomach….in my 4th month of that now and have paid all my bills and have a couple of grand in the bank but I am still in cheap mode and haven’t really bought any of the stuff that I need yet…I think I’ll wait a while for that so I can get a good sized cushion in the bank for any emergencies that may come up. Still no health problems to speak of but my back has been in pain on and off for most of the year….has been good lately so I guess I’ll not complain about that…..I have had a bunch of allergies that have been bugging me but most of the time I don’t need to take anything for it so that’s another thing to not bitch about….I have been feeling a little isolated lately with being here most of the time…but I guess it’s just another new part of life that I’ll have to get used to….and I am good at being alone…so it won’t be too hard…..Happy New Year!

December 31st

Well….running on time this morning and had to smile a little when I walked in the grocery store and “Reeling in the years” by Steely Dan was playing…had to warm the car up for almost a half hour to get the frost off the windshield but at least it started…slept okay last night but still feel a little slow today since I was not good last night….and I won’t be good tonight, either….after all, it’s New Year’s eve and I have to do something…not sure if I miss the days of going out…nope, don’t miss them at all….don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to go out where it’s crowded and noisy….would rather buy a new bike….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I did vacuum and get rid of some cobwebs so I guess that’s something…don’t plan on doing a lot today, either….I may clean the bathroom if the coffee works…it’s not doing much right now so I guess I’ll have to wait a while….more later….

Another reason bites the dust…

Well….I know you’ve heard all of the reasons that trump and his flunkies in congress have used to try to discredit Robert Mueller, and the favorite is that the whole thing sprang from what they think is opposition research or the “Steele Dossier” that was originally started by conservatives to hurt the idiot trump. But today, that reason went away when the NYT reported that the whole investigation was started when one of trump’s minions got drunk in London and bragged to an Australian diplomat that he knew the Russians had dirt on Hillary…and this was months before any of the e-mails were released by Wikileaks…once they were released, the Australian intelligence services reported what the idiot minion blabbed about to their counterparts in the US…and that is what started the Russian investigation…not partisan nonsense but the Australians realizing that the trump campaign working with the Russians to win was a big deal. So now, when you hear the idiot trump repeating 16 times that there was no “collusion” in his latest interview, you know he is full of crap…and I propose we stop using collusion to describe this criminal conspiracy….collusion may not be illegal ( a favorite go to the idiot boy continues to use), but criminal conspiracies and money laundering is….so idiot, keep talking…the hole is getting deeper and deeper….impeach…

December 30th

Well…another Saturday that doesn’t feel like a Saturday….I am getting tired of all of my days running together and not really knowing or caring what day it is….I used to be able to tell what day it is by the tv shows that are on but, with getting most of my programming on the internet, those old rules are out the window…oh, well….slept okay last night and should feel worse than I do….I think there is something in here that is triggering my allergies…my eyes are always itchy and my nose is stuffy almost all the time and that is really annoying….didn’t get much done yesterday and today will be the same with football and soccer on…I am going to cook some chicken that I have been brining overnight to change up what I have been eating…have had ham for the past three weeks an I am getting tired of that…but, I’ll have the leftover ham I need for soup in the next couple of weeks so that is okay….more later….

This is cool….

Well….finally got moving and went out to run some errands and it struck me how well the car shifts even in the cold…yeah, this is not a political one….not up to that yet…okay, it’s only about 12 degrees out and when I went out to get lottery tickets, the car shifted just like it does in summer and that is pretty cool….I’m sure it’s the 25 dollar a quart Ford mystery gear lube that I put in it when I bought the car…the Mx-6 wouldn’t shift at all when it was this cold…not sure where I’m going with this but it’s cool that the car shifts when cold….that’s it….

December 29th

Well…having a little trouble getting started this morning and it feels cold in here…it’s not, but it feels that way with how cold it is outside….slept okay last night but feel pretty crappy this morning with the crap in my lungs getting pretty annoying….just have no energy and I hope that goes away soon…one weird thing is that my legs still hurt and I haven’t been on the bike in two weeks….and it’s bad enough that I may take something for it later….didn’t get anything done yesterday and I am a little disappointed in that….not sure if I’ll do better today but I’m going to try….the kitchen and bathroom still need work and I guess they’ll still need it tomorrow….not much to do today….easing into the day with a little 1960′s Star Trek and then I’m going to do a workout…after coffee, that is….more later….

How much more ridiculous can the idiot get?

Well…we have all been subjected to the ridiculous idiocy of trump and his minions for a year now, but this week it got even worse when the thin skinned idiot was golfing. Look, I get the attraction of golfing…I enjoy it, but to have golfed 83 times in the first year after screeching about Obama golfing so much is just the worst part of projection…after all, Obama didn’t golf as much in 8 years than idiot boy has in a year…but, that is not what this is about…well..it is kind of…the idiot has gotten a little sensitive about his constant golfing, and news organizations reporting on it..so much so that the other day, someone in his crime family rented a huge box truck to move around the golf course to block photographers from taking pictures or video of cheeto donnie on the course…yep…folks your tax dollars at work being used to block reporting that every other *president welcomed….when are the repubs going to tire of this asshole delving into lower depths of depravity every day? Probably never…they are part of the problem….impeach…

December 28th

Well…running a little late this morning with having to let the car warm up and doing the grocery run….I was a little surprised when the car started without the booster today with it being 5 below…but, I’ll take it…slept okay last night but still no dreams so I guess I’ll stop bitching about that….I did get out to have a couple with G last night and it was okay but put me a little out of synch….and I still feel that way today…not sure what is going on but I just feel a little weird…okay, I’m always a little weird but this is different…oh, well…didn’t get anything done yesterday but I will try to do better today…the bathroom and kitchen both need to be done but I’m not sure what I’ll do today…found a coffee cup I haven’t used in years that the handle had broken off so I repaired it with the new adhesive and am trying to see how well it will work…the last time I repaired it, the handle broke off again and spilled coffee all over the couch….okay, need more coffee and the news….more later…

Has Tennessee gone completely nuts?

Well…with the latest lunacy from there, the answer has to be a resounding yes! The latest one is just jaw droppingly stupid, and, of course, comes from two repub legislators there….a new rule for the capitol bans hand carried signs or signs on sticks since they are a “serious safety hazard”…but guess what isn’t banned? Yep, everyone is allowed to bring their guns…handguns, rifles, shotguns and any other gun into the capital any time they want….now, maybe I’m a little ignorant but I can’t remember the last time someone was killed by a hand held sign on a stick…but I think I can remember a few people being killed by guns…and yeah, that is snark…..this just shows how stupid the modern repubs are….and how dainty the little snowflakes are when they are scared of people showing them a sign….geez, the stupid, it burns….