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Trying to do some politics….

Well…with everything happening, I really haven’t had the mindset to do too much in politics but I am going to try now….there was some good news on the idiot trump from the other day when the NY times reported that Paul Manafort has been warned that he is going to be indicted for his many crimes and that I hope has to do with trumps campaign and the Russian money that was spent to elect him….it appears that they have Manafort on quite a few counts and now the squeeze is on to get him to flip on the rest of the trump criminal enterprise….with revealing that Facebook has been issued warrants to go after the ad buys that the Russians did to interfere, that leaves Jared Kushner on the hotseat since it was his job to do the social media portion of the campaign especially the “micro targeting” that swung the 77,000 votes that got the idiot elected. So, as I’ve said before, the noose is quickly tightening on trump and his cronies….and the deliciousness of a perp walk for this crew is growing ever closer…maybe a “Thanksgiving surprise”…impeach….

Tax cuts will fix hurricane damage?

Well…are you really surprised the the idiot trump came out today with tweets saying that the damage done by Harvey and Irma can only be fixed by big tax cuts for the rich and corporations? It is the repub mantra that we have heard over and over for the past 30 years that whatever problem happens, tax cuts will fix them…unemployment high? Tax cuts will fix it. Huge deficits? Tax cuts will fix it. People starving? Tax cuts will fix it. Now, I wonder what the economic mechanism is that will convert tax cuts for the rich into replacing the homes destroyed by the hurricanes? Is is magic? Are the rich going to swoop in and repair homes out of the goodness of their hearts? Are corporations going to turn the tax cuts into fixing the destroyed infrastructure in Texas and Florida? If you believe that, you’ve drunk the repub kool aid and facts don’t mean anything to you anymore….let’s put it bluntly, tax cuts don’t do anything but enrich the rich…and make ceo’s even richer…they do nothing for anyone else…geez….

Russian “anchor babies”

Well….if you listened to any idiot repub during the last election, you heard on of the false themes that they harped and harped on that Mexicans were coming here to have their children so they would have US citizenship and then could bring their families here after they turned 18…never mind that “Anchor babies” was never a thing…that the Mexican babies being born here were because their parents were here doing the hard jobs that Americans won’t do and it was just projection that they thought they were breaking the law….but now, guess who’s properties are being used for just that by the Russians? Yep, there are 5 trump properties in Florida that are being advertised in Russia for just that purpose…for “birth tours” where wealthy Russians pay upwards to 75K a month to come here and stay until their babies are born, resulting in the possibility of the children having dual citizenship…and then setting their parents up for getting preferential treatment when they apply to come here to live. What about it repubs? What about these “anchor babies”? Is it not a problem anymore because these babies are not “brown”? I don’t have any hope that any repub will do anything about this…but people need to know how corrupt trump and his cronies are…impeach….

Who is going to rebuild Houston?

Well…when hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, over 100,000 undocumented workers were essential to getting that town back on it’s feet….but, with the crackdown of the ICE gestapo on undocumented people in the US after the idiot trump, who is going to rebuild Houston? All across the country, construction companies are trying desperately to find workers to replace the undocumenteds who have been arrested and deported or who have been scared away from working by the ICE raids that are breaking up families in the age of trump. Now, part of the reason that these construction companies can’t find workers is that they don’t pay very well…but another is that the construction skills that these undocumented people have gained by working their butts off are leaving with them and there are not many citizens that have those skills. So, again, the shortsighted racist in the WH is decimating another industry…along with agriculture, just so he can make his racist supporters happy…I wonder when business people across this country that voted for the idiot are going to start to revolt…probably never since they are probably racists, too…impeach….

Here comes the IRS…

Well….just waned to do a shorty on a little bit of good news if you want to see the criminal trump perp walked out of the WH….the latest addition to Robert Mueller’s team that is investigating the trump crime family’s many, many transgressions is an elite IRS team that investigates financial crimes…like money laundering….and guess what they already have in their possession? Yep, the idiot trump’s tax returns…and, if he is anything like the rest of the rich in this country, he cheated on his taxes and that will be another count against him when he is finally charged with the multitude of crimes he has committed. Of course the idiot’s protectors in the repub party have already started to bleat that the IRS is biased against trump and you can’t trust them to be honest…I just hope that all of of the repubs out there go down with the idiot when the end comes….impeach…..

A fun chess game….

Well…the investigation of the idiot trump is turning into a fun chess game to watch…and the matching moves of the idiot and Robert Mueller just from the past few days made me smile a little. After the idiot pardoned Joe Arpaio and telegraphed to all of his lawbreaking cronies that they have nothing to worry about since they have pardons waiting for them, Mueller checked that move with the revelation that he has been working with New York’s AG on the case against Paul Manafort…and any state crimes are not subject to a presidential pardon so they can continue to squeeze him and get him to sing against the trump crime family. I am certain that this little bit of info was leaked by Mueller to ensure that the rest of the idiot’s cronies will see that they are toast and will start, or continue, to cooperate with the investigation. This is going to be fun to watch….impeach…

18 dead and not a mention…

Well…with the idiot trump visiting the flooded ares of Texas yesterday, I wonder what he talked about? How about this quote: “great turnout, great crowd”…no mention of the 18 dead or any condolences to their families….no talks with anyone whose house was lost in the flooding…no comforting of the hundreds of thousands whose lives have been ruined by this tragedy…nothing…and today, guess what the idiot is doing after he did the barest minimum for those affected by the floods? Another frickin campaign rally in Missouri that he has been tweeting incessantly about today….okay repubs, how can you continue to support this useless piece of crap? You are all going down with him….impeach…

Shameful trump….

Well…if you weren’t sure what kind of a person the idiot trump is, just look at his tweets today…with millions of Americans in danger from the weather in Texas, the idiot boy tweets a plug for a book written by one of his donors, about how big his election win was, (again), how they love him in Missouri, and a bunch of other nonsense, even going so far to brag how much “his” government is doing for Texas…seemingly reveling in the storm and that he can respond to it…every damn thing he has tweeted today was about him…nothing about how the country feels about our fellow Americans who are in danger and losing everything, nope, not from this asshole….repubs, are you tired of this yet? I know 60% of the country is and it is your job to remove this stain on the country…impeach….

I have no words…

Well…as we all know, the idiot trump is the worst person in this country and he shows it every day…the last outrage from the self-centered narcissist is his self congratulatory “rally” the other night where it was all trump, all the time…and he told the tiny crowd that he was the smartest person in the country…but what didn’t he say? There was no mention at all of the 9 sailors that were missing from the destroyer John McCain…who have now been given up for dead. And now, two days later, still not a peep of condolence from him, no call to the families, no nothing since nothing exists outside of him…and nothing happens in the world unless it happens to him…I have no words for this asshole..this worthless pile of crap..other than impeach the son of a bitch….

Poor little trump…

Well…not sure if you saw the deranged meltdown of the idiot trump in Phoenix last night…just more of the same of grievance after grievance…fake news, bad media, I’m great, you suck nonsense that is part and parcel of his “campaign” rallies….and if you looked at the fox news coverage, it looked like standing room only with a big crowd there…but, real photos of the crown size are surfacing on the internet showing that the hall was 50% filled at best and maybe not even that high….I wonder how donnie is feeling about that crowd size…that he can’t even fill a medium size hall…I’ll bet Obama could have filled it to overflowing and I’m sure that bugs the crap out of the idiot….and we all need to retweet the photos to the idiot in chief just to rub it in…it will be fun to see the meltdown…impeach….