It’s gonna be a bloodbath…

Well…just when I thought the repubs couldn’t go any lower in their zeal to give the country away to the rich and corporations…today we had little Marco Rubio just flat come out and admit that the main thing that the repubs want to accomplish with this tax bill is to destroy Social Security and Medicare…by driving the deficits through the roof by cutting taxes, they have an excuse to gut all of what is left of the safety net….and I predict that if they do pass this bill, there will be a bloodbath that will destroy the repubs in 2018…especially since they are attacking one of the only groups that staunchly support them…old, white retirees….what is going to happen when next year they cut 25 billion from Medicare and then tell these same retirees that their cancer treatment is no longer going to be paid for. So, who are the “death panels” in this country? It is the repubs that will be killing people by cutting the Medicare and SS that retirees like me have paid for our entire lives…and now the repubs say “nevermind” we’ll keep the money you paid in and give it to the rich in the form of tax cuts…this is what you voted for you stupid repub voters…impeach,,,

November 30th

Well…running on time this morning with the grocery run and having a real paper to read….slept okay last night…well…not really…was up and down all night but I feel okay so I guess there was no damage done….and I was good last night so I feel okay today and I think the bug is almost over…my lungs are good today and I haven’t coughed at all yet so I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to feel better…I do have to find a new pair of shoes since mine just cracked the sole and walking in the rain is no longer comfortable…actually it’s kind of crappy in the cold and rain….so that’s a project to take on….will probably go online and see what’s out there…not much to do today….might have to make a run out to get some chicken but I may not until I use up the freezer food….and I will get a bike ride in when the rain stops but that is about it….more later…..

I’m bored….

Well….sitting here really bored and thought I’d come back here for one more for today….just a little one about something I saw on the ride today….heading down 60th street toward the park and standing right next to the street, in a small clearing was a huge 10 point buck along with a good sized doe…I looked at them, they looked at me and they just stood there until something spooked them and they took off into the woods….it was a little strange to have them standing where they were with some underground utility work going on not more than 20 yards from where they stood and all of the noise that makes….but, it was cool to see…..

They always make life worse….

Well…not sure if I have seen this in the news but this thought popped into my head on the bike today….why do the repubs always make life worse? Raising taxes on the middle class to give tax breaks to the rich makes life worse for most of the country…don’t they care? Gutting the EPA and letting big polluters get away with pushing the costs of their polluting onto the rest of us makes life worse for most of the country….don’t they care? Taking healthcare away from 13 million people makes life worse for those people….don’t they care? Letting the idiot trump destroy our standing in the world with his idiocy makes life worse for everyone in the world…don’t they care? You and I know the answer to that…they only care about their rich donors and rewarding them for keeping the money taps open….and they don’t give a damn that less than 20% of the country supports their tax scheme that is full of lies….but that is the modern repub for you folks….they really don’t care about you…even the stupid in this country that continue to vote these liars into office….they are the ones who will be hurt the most by this giveaway to the rich….but they are too stupid to understand that….impeach….

November 29th

Well…running on time today but on time for what? Really don’t have much to get done on any given day so I don’t think I can not be on time…slept okay last night but I still have that low level bug I’ve had for three weeks now….still coughing and just don’t feel right….but, I don’t feel bad, either so this one is a little confusing…..the lung congestion is starting to break so maybe that’s something….I may have to start taking some ibuprofen when I get on the bike again….my legs are constantly in pain after the rides lately and I may need to get the inflammation down to help that….was nice to be out in shorts yesterday but today it looks like thermasuit again…took the long route all the way to the park but the wind was a little brutal….not much to do today…just going to clean a little and watch some soccer this aft…more later….

Is this weird?

Well…something that I saw on the bike ride just bubbled up into my brain and I thought I’d ask a question…is it weird to have a funeral home covered in Christmas decorations? There is one on Kalamazoo just south of 44th street that is and I can’t remember ever seeing one done up that way…is it weird or is it just me? Not sure…

Some good news…

Well…took a look at the top on the car before I went out on the bike to be able to formulate a plan to fix it while I was riding…and, to my surprise, there was nothing wrong with it…it just looked like it when it was folded in the cold…so that was some good news and made the ride much more pleasant…and, I got out in shorts with no gloves so that was cool…and the bridge into the park was repaired today, too…all new decking and guard rails…the parks department from Kentwood really takes good care of their trails….so, a pretty good start to my day….

November 28th

Well…just can’t get started this morning so this one is a little late…and I’m still coughing and I’m not sure if it’s allergies or that darn cold still…whatever it is, I’m tired of it and want it to go away…slept okay last night but feel pretty slow this morning so I’m going to ease into the day…and it is already almost 50 so I’ll get out on the bike in shorts today…and I’ll get on the top repairs after I get my workout done….oh, I did win at pool yesterday…and I had the top down out and back….and that was fun….not much to do today..after fixing the top, that is….just going to fool around most of the day and take it easy….more later….

Wasn’t going to come back…

Well….I wasn’t going to come back for another one today but I am bored again so I thought I’d come back here for one more….have to work on the top on the car tomorrow…noticed that some more of the thread by the back window has failed and I have to fix it before winter…not really sure how I’ll do it but that’s for tomorrow…just watched Keith Olbermann’s last “The Resistance” that he did for GQ on twitter…he seems convinced that trump is gone soon with Mike Flynn’s lawyer working on a deal for his testimony against the idiot…it can’t happen too soon for me…and I will buy the house a round when they perp walk idiot boy out of his ugly, gaudy, golf course….this is going to be really ugly with the 30% of the country that are so stupid they still support the criminal in chief….and any changes that trump was allowed to make after his fraudulent election should be erased…shouldn’t we get a do-over after this travesty? I think once Mueller is done, the repubs will be exposed for the traitors they are since Ryan and McConnell both took Russian money for the RNC…clearly against the law and they should both go…at least there is one thing that can keep us sane…at the most, this nightmare will last only one more year…after the 2018 elections, if the trend of the past month or so holds, we’ll control at least the House and maybe even the senate….and the full force of sanity will be returned….impeach…

November 27th

Well…running a little late today…didn’t get up until 7:30 again and that is getting to be almost normal…slept okay but didn’t have any dreams again….darn….it was an okay day yesterday but all I did was watch some sports and be bored….at least the Lions didn’t play and lose….I did get a nice bike ride in and did get over the damaged bridge into the park so I got a full ride in….and I hope it warms up soon so I get out today….it was only 31 when I went out yesterday and that is a little cold…not much to do today…have pool later but that is about it…and I need to do another one of these….more later….