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Calder Cup champions….

Well… almost forgot to do this one today….our Grand Rapids Griffins won the Calder Cup as American Hockey League champions here in GR last night…didn’t get to a game this year with being broke but it was cool to see the celebration on tv after they won….and to see the first championship won by a GR hockey team since around 1950….so, congrats guys…hope to see some of you in Detroit next fall….

America’s Cup…

Well…as you know, I sometimes like kind of weird sports…having a had a big thing for curling a few weeks back and even watching some cricket sometimes…and I just discovered another one…kind of obscure, for me anyway…just the other day I came across sailing for the America’s Cup and, while I have watched it before when they used the big, monohull boats, I have never seen the type of sailboats they are using now. These boats are catamarans but their cool part is they use hydrofoils that lift the boats 4 feet out of the water and make so they can go almost 50 miles an hour. And I am hooked again…watching it again right now for the challenger’s trials and then in two weeks will be the US against the world…should be fun….

A little sports….

Well…haven’t done one of these on sports in quite a while so I think it’s about time…I forgot to update when Man U won the Europa league Wednesday and that puts them in the Champion’s League for next year but that also ended the BPL season for the year…there is one more match tomorrow for the FA Cup and that should be a good one between Chelsea and Arsenal. There is so much sports on this weekend that the whole thing starts in about a half hour with Carb day from Indy and then F1 practice after that…then F1 qualifying from Monaco tomorrow morning, and the Xfinity race in the afternoon…then Sunday is raceday of the year with F1 from Monaco at 8…Indy at 11 and then the Coke 600 at 6…needless to say, I won’t be leaving the couch much Sunday….or the rest of the weekend for that matter….at least I won’t be bored….and I’ll be napping a lot…..

Go Blue!

Well…have been just taking it easy today with feeling a little crappy today but I thought I needed to say something about the sweet sixteen and my team Michigan….it is a little weird watching it on the internet since the cbs channel that my son has on the server is from Canada…really strange commercials for companies I’ve never heard of….I’ll leave it there…Go Blue!

RIP John Surtees…

Well…I think it’s a pretty good bet that you will have no clue who John Surtees was…and that he died yesterday at 84….back in the 60′s when I was just getting interested in racing, there was not much coverage of it…certainly no tv, so you had to get your fix by newspapers or magazines…but that has nothing to do with this….John Surtees was the only person to ever win the motorcycle world championship and then later, the Formula 1 world championship for cars. Widely regarded as one of the most talented and nicest guys in racing…RIP John….

Burned out on trump…

Well…I have been trying to figure out what to write about and the only thing I know is that I don’t want to write about the idiot trump….just burned out on that right now so let’s try something else…maybe some sports….I have been getting into rugby lately and I’m not sure if I like 15′s or 7′s better…playing on the same size field, the 7′s have lots more room and a lot more action…and at only 7 minutes per half, the game just flies by…not like the 80 total minutes for 15′s…but, I guess I’ll keep watching both of them until I decide…soccer is still interesting right now but Man U is frustrating the heck out of me….I mean, tying Bournemouth? Time is running out for them to get into the top four for champions league play later in the year and that would mean Europa league again and that is just not good enough….for me, anyway…not sure if I’m looking forward to March Madness this year….basketball is just not one of the sports that I like very much anymore…okay, that’s enough for now….unless trump does something stupid…and then I’ll come back….oh, one last thing…the Red Wings are not going to make the playoffs for the first time since I was in my 30′s…..and that is really disappointing….oh, well….

RIP Mike Ilitch…

Well…I really don’t like doing these…when someone dies that has been part of the fabric of Michigan life for as long as I can remember…and it happened again yesterday when Mike Ilitch died…You may not know who Mike was but I’m sure you have eaten one of his pizzas since the Little Caesars pizza chain is everywhere here in Michigan…and that would be enough for many people…but Mike was much more to the people of Michigan and especially the people of Detroit…he was the owner of both the Red Wings and Tigers and took both franchises from the depths when he bought them to championship teams..winning 4 Stanley Cups with the Wings and getting the Tigers to two world series…but, that is not what he should be remembered for…he should be remembered for the way he did it…always with a smile and a thought for his hometown, always giving back with his tireless work for the revitalization of Detroit…and his support of youth sports that gave countless kids a place to be and to learn what it means to be a part of something….so, RIP Mike…good job!

Have to root for the Falcons…

Well….I think there may be a problem with my trying to resist anything trump…don’t want that to be my entire life here but we all have to do our small part to make sure people who support trump pay the price…I’m talking about you Brad, Clint, and Carl….but I am also talking about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick who are great friends with trump and support all the nasty, fascist things that idiot is doing…so, how could I root for the Patriots….oh, geez…Patriots? How frickin ironic is it that they work for a team called the Patriots and support the destruction of our democracy? So, I will have to root for the Falcons today….go Atlanta!

Shame on you Brad K. and Clint B.

Well….after seeing both Brad Keselowski and Clint Boyer singing trump’s praises on twitter and responding to them there….this afternoon I feel it still isn’t enough to just tweet them….I needed to have more than 140 characters to respond. First to Clint, I know you have a young son…can you really point to trump and say to your son “I admire this man and want you to be like him”? And Brad, it’s even worse for you…you have a young daughter and you admire a serial sexual assaulter that thinks it’s perfectly okay? I thought you two were pretty good guys but with this trump support I can see that you are not and do not deserve my support or for me to support your sponsors….and I hope that you have this trump love pinned on you every day for the rest of you careers….geez…

Blackout effects….

Well…I may have to reconsider my total news blackout with the latest surprise that has blindsided me today….Carl Edwards announced he is retiring from NASCAR at the age of 37 to make sure he can be healthy the rest of his life….he is leaving one of the best rides on the circuit in the #19 Joe Gibbs car where he almost won the championship this past year. One of the things that Carl said with the announcement was that he has accomplished enough in his career…similar to what Nico Rosberg said after he won the F1 championship last fall….nevertheless, it is still a huge surprise that Carl is retiring….thanks for the memories, Carl…enjoy the rest of your life….