Where’s the investigation into trump’s botched Yemen raid?

Well…with today’s revelations of what happened during trumps’s botched raid in Yemen where there was no intelligence gathered and no operative captured, where are the investigations of how he screwed the pooch? And how a Navy Seal died and how almost 30 women and children were killed. Today, we found out that the Seals knew that their element of surprise was compromised when they were more than 5 miles away from the objective but they were ordered to continue…probably just so trump could act like the badass he isn’t. The next question that needs to be answered is how were the Seals compromised? Who tipped the terrorists off to the raid where the Seals were ambushed? Could it have been someone that worked with the US that was then told he couldn’t come to the US because of trump’s Muslim travel ban? The limited thinking of trump and his inability to see the consequences of his stupid actions killed that Navy Seal and those women and children just the same as him pulling the trigger himself….this isn’t a game that can be played by a moron and his moron advisers…he needs to be impeached….

Boycott trump tonight…

Well..the idiot in chief is going to give another self congratulatory speech tonight in congress and all I have to say is that any sane American needs to boycott the speech to make it the lowest rated one in the history of the country…and, to those of you that are still giving the idiot the benefit of the doubt in respect to the office of the president I call bullshit…trump has no respect for the office or he wouldn’t be using it to enrich himself in direct violation of the constitution….trump has no respect for the rule of law or anything else, especially you idiots that voted for him and unleashed his racist, white supremacy hate on the rest of us….so the only thing a sane person can do is to boycott the address and anything else trump…he needs to be isolated like a cancer and cut out of the body politic before he kills it….and that is coming….

Betsy DeVos truly is an idiot….

Well…as you know, repubs will say or do anything to push their agendas and Betsy¬†DeVos laid down a whopper yesterday in a press release that sounds like a 7th grader wrote it, in trying to justify the privatization of public schools and school choice that has been her calling card here in Michigan and that has destroyed our schools here. What this idiot did yesterday was jaw dropping in its ignorance and stupidity…praising the necessity of historically black colleges and universities as on the vanguard of “school choice” that gave blacks “options” that legal segregation and Jim Crow laws created…now, how many ways is this twisted, convoluted justification of school choice just plain wrong? First, there is no “school choice” in play here…minorities ONLY option in this segregated country at the time was to go to a HBCU school…any minority that tried to enroll in any “white” college or university was met with lynch mobs and gunfire as was James Meredith when he tried to enroll in the University of Mississippi in 1962 and 20,000 soldiers of the National Guard had to be called out to protect him and put down the riots by whites who would have killed him if they could….some choice, huh? All of this is just a new piece of evidence of the ignorance of history of ole Betsy and that she will use any lie to push her for profit school schemes that will reward her rich buddies and hurt every child here in the US…after all, she has lived in her rich girl bubble her entire life and has no idea what normal people have to do to get by….and she sure doesn’t give a damn about anyone but her rich, white cronies…and that press release shows it…

February 28th

Well…last day of the month and I’m not sure what I’ve accomplished but there were a few things…did get some work done yesterday and got some errands run with the top down on the car so that was cool…but, it is raining right now so the bike ride will have to wait until later in the morning…and that’s not a bad thing since I do need to work out first and get rid of this headache I’ve had since I got up….didn’t take anything for the allergies last night and I think that was a mistake…didn’t sleep well at all last night and I just want to take a nap already so today looks like another day of low gear…don’t have a lot to get done today so I guess that works out…I do have another one to do today and it will be done here in a few minutes after the coffee kicks in….more later….

“Massive” trump rallies…

Well…with the insecure idiot in the white house obsessed with the “crowds” of his supporters that are never there…his minions at the right wing rags felt the need to fluff his ego by organizing “huge” pro-trump rallies across the country to be held today…I sure hope they don’t show the idiot ¬†pictures of the “massive” crowds or ole donnie will blow a gasket. In contrast to the millions that showed up across this country and the world to protest cheeto donnie, the largest “massive” rally had less than a hundred people show up and most of them had maybe 15 to 20….huuuuge support, the biggest support ever in the history of the world….I hope the fake president does get a look at the “crowds”….and they show him he is the most hated person in this country…maybe he’ll have a stroke and do us all a favor….impeach…

Number 100…

Well…have been on the run all day and just now finished up with the bike ride…don’t think I’ll get to politics today but who knows? Did want to mark this one as being the hundredth one I’ve done this month and that makes a record that I don’t think I’ll break any time soon….averaging almost 4 of these a day is just too much when you think of it…but, I don’t think it was too repetitive and there were only a couple of fillers…and I still have another day for this month so I guess the record is actually going to be 102….so maybe I should have waited until then to do this one….oh, well….

February 27th

Well….it was kind of a wasted day yesterday but I did get to watch a lot of sports….and Man U won the league cup so that was cool…tried to stay up to watch the oscars but didn’t get to the end…it was a okay show and the digs at trump were pretty funny….feel pretty crappy today and I do need to get on the bike to make that go away and I have a lot of work to do around here so today looks kind of busy…but I can’t get going yet so I am going to sit here for a while and have coffee….it looks like I’ll get to the goal of 100 of these this month and I’m not sure how I feel about it…goals seem hollow to me right now….okay, need more coffee….more later….

Chicken in chief….

Well….with the latest revelation that most of his staff’s time is taken up praising and protecting the idiot trump’s poor little fee, fees…and with his refusal to go to the white house correspondent’s dinner because they will be “mean” to him, I think the idiot trump needs to be renamed the “chicken in chief”. Just like any bully, trumps talks a good game but when challenged he folds like a cardboard suitcase….and what is that going to mean when some actually sane head of state calls bullshit on the chicken in chief? He’ll go back to the white house and his staff will tell him he did a magnificent job…the best job…and the delusional trump administration will try to spin it into a win…but, the media is now aware of this nonsense and are going to tear him a new one….not sure if the chicken in chief can take it….hope not….

Boy, trump voters sure are stupid….

Well….if I keep shaking my head as much as I have since the election, I am going to do some serious damage to my neck….the latest damage has been done by reading the newest meme that is running around the internet….that many and many of trump’s voters can’t believe they are going to lose their health insurance since they voted for trump…and the lament seems to go that they trusted him to “shake up” Washington but didn’t listen to him when he said that the ACA was going to be repealed…all I have to say is that he’s a frickin repub…that’s what they are about…they hate you poor voters that they scammed into voting for them…and they always have but you people are just too damn dumb to realize it…or too filled with racism and hate to think about your own self interest…to the woman in Florida who got free coverage for all of her health problems through the ACA and is now wondering if it was a good idea to vote for trump, all I have to say is you screwed this entire country with your stupidity…and now you are going to be screwed like the rest of us…hope you like bankruptcy….idiot…

Not safe for refugees….

Well….take a look at the title of this one….Amnesty International has just deemed that the US is not safe for refugees…never in the history of this country has this ever been said about us…and we have trump and his minions to thank for it…as every day goes by, trump is destroying the good name of our country by his fascist notions of what we are….and the majority of us who did not vote for the ignorant asshole are being sucked down onto the black hole he is creating by his policies, by his using his gestapo of the CBP to harass immigrants, tourists and citizens alike this country has now been made much less safe than it was under Obama…and the dark vision offered up by president bannon is being implemented in our name….I am ashamed to be an American for the first time in my life…and you did this, trump…this asshole needs to be impeached….