Toxic propaganda…

Well….have been trying to not think about politics for the past few weeks and with some success…but, this morning, a thought came into my head that I wanted to write about so here we go…..after the advent of modern mass media, there have been quite a few instances where the media has been used to spread lies to control the populations of many nations….I’m only going to talk about three today to try to make my point….during WWII, the entire media of Japan was used to make the allies into monsters….monsters that would murder all Japanese and eat their babies….and to such good effect that, while the war was winding down and we were invading Okinawa, tens of thousands of men, women, and children committed suicide rather than let themselves be captured by the “monsters”. In the Soviet Union from the 40′s to the 90′s, the propaganda machine there kept the people in a constant state of fear of the US invading…allowing the government of dictators to keep the people poor while spending most of their GDP on themselves and the military. And now, here in the US, the Fox news propaganda machine again has tricked people into voting against their own self interest….they elected Trump but never once reported on what the repubs were going to do to the old, white people who voted for them….SS and Medicare will be gone in the next few years and all of these people who depend on it…and who overwhelmingly voted for the repubs will be screwed..but the propaganda was so effective they just don’t care….and half of the 30 million people who will lose their healthcare gained under the ACA who voted for the repubs just didn’t care either….or didn’t believe what the repubs are going to do since they have been brainwashed by Fox to only believe Fox…just like in Japan and Russia….and are now going over the cliff….geez…

December 5th

Well…sitting here tying to get moving with not too much success…just started the coffee and really should start it earlier every day…didn’t get much done yesterday but I did make some cash so that was cool…but I had to go over to the north end of town in the snow and slush…it was good to see that the worn out snow tires are still working so there was no drama other than the idiots on the road that thought it was a good idea to go 45 on the e-way…stay home if you are that scared…cripes, it’s Michigan in the winter…oh, well…I wonder if the trails will be covered…will probably have to go out later in the day after it melts…..I am going to make turkey soup today so that will give me something to do….the soreness in my back is gone so I really do want to get out today…should run some errands but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow…..more later….

December 4th

Well…another wasted day yesterday but I did get out on the bike for a ride and that was cold but felt good….and I think I’ll get out again this morning but it will be full thermasuit today…have to get used to that from now on…and it’s going to snow this aft which will depress me even more than the gloom….I have an errand to run this aft so I am glad I put the snowies on the car…but, I’ll make a little cash so that will be cool….I have a bruise under my lower lip that appeared after the bike ride yesterday but I’m not sure where it came from…wasn’t there when I left but was when I got back…must have popped a blood vessel somehow and that is a little scary….it’s almost gone this morning and we’ll see if it comes back after this morning’s ride….I do have to clean the bathroom today and that will probable happen during halftime of the Lions game…more later….

Nico Rosberg….

Well…one of damdest things happened this week…and something I’ve never seen before…after winning the F1 world championship, Nico Rosberg announced his retirement on Thursday…yep, he is walking away from F1 saying that he has accomplished what he wanted to…to win the championship and now there is nothing left for him to do…walking away from a 15 million dollars a year paycheck….when I heard of this, I was really shocked…he is only in his early thirties…but, I also understand it…next year, with all of the changes to the cars, there is no guarantee that the Mercedes will be the dominant car it was this year and the grind of developing a new car and another season could be wearing…and, after all, he has already made almost 100 million dollars since he started driving so he won’t end up poor. The big problem is going to be Mercedes finding another driver when everyone is under contract…going to be an interesting story to follow over the next couple of months…and I will have to pierce my news blackout to do that…

December 3rd

Well…woke up a little sore today and I’m pretty sure it’s from changing the tires on the car….had to put the snowies on and I can’t believe the difference they made even with being almost worn out…the car drives straight down the road again and feels right…so the drive out and back was a good one….and I won at pool…so it was an okay day….just getting to coffee right now and I do need a new routine…not sure what that would be but I need something….there is lots of soccer on today so that will be my day…not sure if I’m going to ride today and that would make 3 days in a row off and I know I don’t like that…and with the snow tomorrow, I probably won’t get out….not going to do much today…making turkey soup tomorrow so that will take up a lot of the day…I do need to clean the bathroom and I am going to try to get that done…more later….

December 2nd

Well…running early today since I got up early and I’m already bored….didn’t sleep well and feel it this morning so it looks like a take it easy morning…didn’t get on the bike yesterday and today looks the same…might have to put the snowies on the car today since it is supposed to snow Sunday….and then I won’t have to think about it anymore…..forgot to have coffee yesterday with my routine changing but I remembered this morning and it will be something I’ll have to think about…my mornings used to be automatic with reading the papers with my coffee but no news has screwed that up some….but I don’t care…just another adjustment that I’ll have to make….I am going to made a little cash today so that will be cool…and maybe pool this aft…so I will have something to do…more later…

Glove box latch….

Well….as I’ve said, I broke the handle off my glove box latch on the Miata a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for the new one to come since then…well…it came today and it only took about 5 minutes to install…..that is, after I took a half hour to figure out how the lock tumbler could be switched over…pretty simple once I figured out that there is just a tiny little tab that had to be pushed back to release it…then, it just snapped into the new one and three screws to put it back in…works like a champ so that was cool…and with getting the headlight bulb replaced the other day, the car is almost back to 100%…still haven’t found the noise but I’m thinking it’s a motor mount bolt that has come loose…will check that when I change the tires out next week…hope it’s that simple….

December 1st

Well….woke up to a surprise that was not a good one…the car was covered in snow and I don’t have the snowies on yet…but, it was almost melted off by the time I got back here…and I ran it around yesterday with no problems…the noise is still there at startup but I am much less worried about it….felt pretty good when I got up this morning and slept pretty good last night and that is a relief…I think the last vestiges of the bug are gone and that helps…just coughed a little yesterday and the lungs feel okay today…not sure if I’ll get out on the bike today since it is still cold and raining now….but, I’ve got the whole day so maybe this aft….not sore at all today…at least right now but both elbows hurt when I got up…I know why so that’s okay….just have cleaning to do today…and a little cooking so it looks like an easy one….more later….

Red Wings….

Well….look at that…I AM going to make the goal for the month with just a little cheating here at the end…..not sure what to say about the Wings…I think they rate right up there on the frustration scale with Man U….after barely making the playoffs last year…or season…it was this year….they look even worse now than they did then…I know injuries have been part of it and the youth of the team is something we haven’t seen in a long time, there is no excuse for not trying the entire 60 minutes…something they have done many times this year. I’m not sure if we have the players to be competitive any more and the thought came to me on the bike today that even Scotty Bowman couldn’t win with this group. So, this looks like the last year for the current coach, Jeff Blashill, if something magical doesn’t happen soon….I need something to cheer about…

Formula 1

Well…it’s a sports day today and I may even be able to hit the goal if I do one on the Red Wings later….but first, I want to talk about the Formula 1 season that ended this past Sunday. It was a pretty good season with the championship still up for grabs in the last race….and Louis Hamilton doing everything he could to catch up to his teammate, Nico Rosberg, by winning the last four races but it wasn’t enough when Nico only had to finish third or better to win the whole thing. So, congratulations to Nico for the great season and his first championship…and for being part of only the second father and son pair of world champions…joining his father Keke and the Hills….I can’t wait for next year when the cars will all be new with more power, wider tires and more downforce that is supposed to make them 5 seconds a lap faster than this year….and more raceable…we’ll see….

What you never want to be….