October 28th

Well…okay, this is going to be a short one this morning since I have things that need to be done before 9:30….it was a cold day on the bike yesterday and I am happy that it is warmer than that already today….okay…will be back later…have some time sensitive stuff that needs to be done right now….more later….

I’m back…got everything done I needed to and now I’m waiting for the battery in the walkman to charge…it’s pretty funny that I have co2 fog pouring out of my kitchen sink…it was a tolerable day yesterday and I made a big pot of chili so that kept me busy for a couple of hours but then I really didn’t have much else to do….and today is going to be the same with no pool since Tom is busy….so I guess I’ll take a nap later since I haven’t been sleeping at all….I should clean the bathroom and I might after the bike ride…might even be able to go out without gloves since it is almost 50 already….more later….

Trump corporate welfare….

Well….if it wasn’t bad enough that Trump hasn’t paid any federal taxes in the last 20 years….now it comes to light that he has been the recipient of almost a billion dollars in corporate welfare in the same time frame. Across the country, at every building or project he has done, he has gotten property tax breaks that essentially made him never have to pay property taxes on anything he has ever owned. On one building that he owned in New York, that was appraised at 120 million dollars, he received a property tax break of almost 380 million dollars…guaranteeing that he never paid a penny in taxes on it…something that just isn’t available to anyone but the rich and shows how they have rigged the system to steal more and more from the rest of us taxpayers. I wonder if anyone who was putting an addition on their house ever got that kind of a tax break? Nope…you paid and Trump didn’t. This is the kind of country that Trump wants…that the connected and the rich get to use everything that you and I pay for through our taxes….and Trump is the biggest freeloader of them all…SAD….

October 27th

Well….I finally accomplished something yesterday…got the fridge cleaned and that just showed me how little food I have around here…I like the order and cleanliness, though, so that is cool…but, with all the rain yesterday I couldn’t put the trash out that I took out of it…and the damn bag leaked all over the floor…I wonder when trash bags got so crappy that they leak all the time? Took a half hour to clean up the pickle juice and that was not fun….other than that, the day was pretty much a veg yesterday with rain and cold all day…and it continues this morning so I’m not sure when I am going to get out on the bike today….and I should do the counters and stove top today and that will be the goal….after I finish my coffee and check out more of the news…the damn Detroit papers weren’t there this morning and that left me with the crappy GR press and that just irritates the hell out of me…..more later…

Less than two weeks to go…

Well….it’s less than two weeks to go until the election and I am happy that the season is almost over….one of the takeaways from this one is how corrosive Citizens United is to democracy….and the fact that dark money from the repub side is flooding into senate races to the tune of 25 million dollars for the last two weeks for just 6 seats just shows that they are poised to buy the election…but, the simple fact is that if we vote, we win…no matter how much money the other side spends…if we vote, we win. I really do hope that Trump is toxic for the down ballot races here in Michigan so we have at least a chance of taking back the house here to stop the tea party idiots and Snyder from doing more damage…..first they tax my retirement and give it to Ceo’s, then they poison an entire city and think it’s okay since they are not republicans….just need everyone to get out and vote…we need the supreme court to go back to following the constitution, not ideology…geez…

October 26th

Well…it was just another Tuesday yesterday but I survived it so that was a win in my book…didn’t get a lot done but I have a big project for today…going to clean the fridge for the first time in a couple of months and that will take some time…and, I’ll have it with the rain starting already and continuing the rest of the day…it’s only going to 43 today, too, so that is just too much weather for me to deal with right now….slept really crappy last night and I think I must have rolled 3 miles back and forth and I am sore for it…but that will be taken care of later….haven’t made a lot of cash lately so it looks like no groceries for next week since I have supplies that I need to buy…oh, well….looks like I clean out the freezer but there is not a lot in it…should thaw the last container of soup…..more later….

Disappearing trails….

Well…not sure what is going on with me  but everything seems to be just so much damn effort today…getting out of bed, getting the papers, working out, the bike ride, and a trip out to get some allergy medicine just took everything out of me….hmmmm…but that’s not what this one is about…riding through the woods on the trail get to be pretty strange this time of the year with the leaves covering the entire thing…making it basically disappear….and it is a little disorienting to go into the woods and not remember which way the trail goes when the direction is not clear to me…pretty weird feeling today but I survived it…I may have to pay more attention on the bike since riding the same trail every day puts me on autopilot….

Now it’s insurance fraud….

Well…with all of the shady deals that the Donald has been involved in, I guess adding insurance fraud to the list is not too much of a surprise. At his resort in Florida, Trump got a an insurance payout of 17 million dollars for “hurricane damage” that was done in 2004 or 2005 but no one can remember ever seeing anywhere near that much damage…and in Palm Beach, you basically need a permit to do anything whether it is improvements or repairs but there were never any permits issued for the property….not one, so either he did 17 million dollars of repairs and didn’t pay for the permits…that would cost approximately 450K…or he and his cronies committed insurance fraud….and Donald freely admits he just pocketed the money. Now, I’m not an expert, but getting your insurance company to pay for non existent damage to your property seems to be fraud….no big surprise when Trump is involved…SAD…

October 25th

Well….had to turn the heat on for the first time last night and it is a little depressing…but, everything seems to be depressing lately so I guess that fits…didn’t get anything done yesterday but I did make enough cash to buy groceries this week so that’s something….I do need to clean the fridge and kitchen today and I am going to try to both…but if I get one or the other done it will be enough…I think I need a complete veg day and that looks like it will come tomorrow…supposed to be in the forties for a high temp and raining all day so I am going to take the day off the bike…maybe I should wait and do the cleaning tomorrow? I do have to remember to take some pain killers before the bike ride…it was agony yesterday…well…it hurt some and if I can do something about it, I should…..more later….

Trump and the polls…

Well….ha, ha, ha…we’re back to unskewing the polls again since the repubs just “know” that Donald can’t be 12 points behind as is shown in a  new ABC poll. This is the same damn thing that they did in 2008 and 2012 when they “knew” that the polls were being rigged to over sample dems and they were going to win in the end…but, guess what? Their losses in both of those elections were even bigger than the polls showed at the time…maybe that same thing is going to happen this year? The Donald is just one of the most stupid people that I have ever seen…going on and on that all of the online polls show him winning and running his campaign as if he was in the lead….so, all I have to say is keep it up….and maybe the house will be in play, too…geez…

October 24th

Well…have had Pink Floyd’s “Time” running through my head all morning and I’m not sure what that means….okay…I do, but that just depresses me more and more as I think about it…oh, well….yesterday was just another wasted day and I’m not sure what to do about it…do you see a pattern? Man U stunk up the place yesterday and I guess they just fit in with all of the other teams I follow that stink….I still have hope for the Red Wings, though, but we’ll see tomorrow night if they are worth following this year….feel like crap today and I am cold this morning…didn’t put the heat on last night and probably will have to later in the week….okay….not feeling this right now and need more coffee so I am going to do that….more later…..

What you never want to be….