The count is ten….

Well…just wanted to make sure you guys know one little fact about Putin…along with the fact that he interfered with our election and is doing the same damn thing in France right now….over the past few years 10 of his critics in Russia and the Ukraine have been murdered…and he continues to say “who, me?” as more and more die…you just have to remember he ran the KGB and murder was one of their tools to try to increase their influence in the world…so, this is trump’s buddy…the person that delivered the presidency to trump….

The first domino falls….

Well….reading some news reports this afternoon and it appears that the first domino on the way to trump has fallen….Michael Flynn is reported to have a deal with the FBI and is singing away to try to save his sorry ass….this is always how these criminal enterprises ¬†unravel….they catch one guy breaking the law and cut him a deal to get a lower sentence if he reveals the rest of the criminality of the mob…and trump’s mob is full of criminality all the way up to treason…and the deal for the next singer is not going to be as good so I think there will be many more in the near future. I laughed the other day when I read one of Keith’s tweets that basically said to trump…”flee” but now I see that may have been pretty good advice and he should take it….this isn’t going to end well for trump, pence, bannon, or any of the other people who conspired with Russia to steal the election….I still want to see trump walked out of the WH in a perp walk…impeach….

A little hope…

Well…I didn’t watch the repubs huge crash and burn on healthcare “reform” with too much glee…I guess I’m numb from the nastiness of these assholes trying to take health insurance away from 20 million people and give even more of the country to the rich who already don’t pay their share….the grinding threat of these idiots making life worse for most of us that aren’t in the 1% has been taking the life out of me but last night, there was a little bit of hope that came from me watching Rachael Maddow’s show and her methodical reporting on just where the investigations into trump’s criminality stand. Yow…after just 60 days, basically everyone in the trump administration is under investigation by multiple entities from the FBI to the justice department, to international banking organizations looking at money laundering. And one revelation, that Michael Flynn discussed kidnapping a Turkish national who resides here in the US while he was working on the trump campaign….and while he was a paid lobbyist for Turkey is just another in a landslide of bombshells that are to come as more information comes out. I really hope that this will spell the end for the ignorant racist in the WH and take all of his cronies with him….can you say perp walk? Impeach….

March 25th

Well…it was a such a nice day yesterday I had the top down on the car out and back and got a little sunburned…and pool was a tie so that was cool…..didn’t get anything done yesterday but a couple of errands so today will have to be different…I am going to cook today so does that count? I did get a nice ride in yesterday but it is already raining so I don’t think I’ll get out today…it is supposed to be cold all day, too and I don’t want to be cold anymore….tree pollen is already getting to be a problem and I woke up to a sinus headache to go along with the normal aches that I have every day….it looks like a ¬†veg weekend for me this weekend….don’t have any plans to meet up with anyone or go anywhere so I am going to ease into today with more coffee and F1 qualifying….more later…..

March 24th

Well….haven’t been feeling that hot over the past few days but I think I may be better this morning…we’ll see after coffee…didn’t do anything at all yesterday but clean a little… a very little….I am a little depressed that Michigan lost last night but that’s not as bad as the Wings missing the playoffs for the first time in 25 years….I have been sore the past couple of days and I’m not sure if it’s the bike or not…or the bug I think I might have had…..all I know is that everything from the waist down had been in pain…I’ll need to take some ibuprofen before I get on the bike later….I do have an errand to run a little later and I’ll make a little cash…a very little cash but every penny counts….more later….

Go Blue!

Well…have been just taking it easy today with feeling a little crappy today but I thought I needed to say something about the sweet sixteen and my team Michigan….it is a little weird watching it on the internet since the cbs channel that my son has on the server is from Canada…really strange commercials for companies I’ve never heard of….I’ll leave it there…Go Blue!

Trump breaks the law…again…

Well…another day, another federal law broken by the most lawless administration this country has ever seen…with the sinking of trumpcare today, trump broke another federal law that prohibits government agencies and the executive branch from directly lobbying people to get them to support a bill before congress…but, this afternoon, in tweets, the trump “administration” did just that to try to salvage trumpcare…and then spicer comes out to deny they ever did it…just like always…and no one holds them accountable for it…cripes I should be able to go rob a bank since laws are just suggestions to these idiots and I should be able to do the same thing….impeach….

The real reason for trumpcare….

Well….with all of the “negotiating” going on with the repubs for what is going to be in trumpcare, the real reason for any of this is being obscured by debates on coverage, deductibles, and how many people will lose their healthcare….the real reason for any bill on trumpcare is to gut Medicaid and give the rich 900 billion in tax cuts…there is no other reason and that is why Ryan is not serious about what is going to be in the bill. He just doesn’t care as long as he can give the people that bought him his seat and the rest of the repubs seats a payback for their investment….he doesn’t care that 15 million low income people that get healthcare through Medicaid are left out in the cold to die…in fact, that’s a feature, not a bug in his system….in the warped minds of the repubs, anyone who hasn’t figured out how to game the system and get rich deserves to die, and to ask the rich to pay their fair share as part of the societal compact is not something that ever enters the minds of these assholes….keep that in mind when you hear news about this cruel, heartless bill…it’s only purpose is to make the rich richer and everyone else can go to hell….

March 23rd

Well….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but a couple of errands and I’m not sure how I feel about that….this place needs to be cleaned but I just can’t get motivated to do it…maybe today…might have a little bug today…when I hit the bed last night, the slight coolness of the sheets sent me into a bout of shaking from the cold an I’m not sure what that is about….and I am sore everywhere today and feel like there is something going on…I guess I’ll find out later today…I do need to eat more today since my whole system is out of whack…maybe that’s why I’m sweating today? That normally happens when I don’t eat enough…not sure about the bike ride today…I skipped the past couple of days with it being so cold and today’s high of 47 is on the borderline….I am looking forward to Michigan playing tonight and I think I may get out my gear for it…more later….

Hypocrisy squared….

Well…if you saw or read anything about Comey’s testimony to Devin Nunes committee in the past week that was supposed to be delving into trump’s ties to the Russians, and Nunes just went on and on not about the criminality of trump and his cronies but about the “leakers”….you would be surprised about the hypocrisy squared that is going on at the WH right now…where Nunes and Spicer are leaking information about trump being caught in another investigation and trying their damndest to minimize what it means…but, just remember, trump has been caught in a wiretap talking to either criminals or spies…that is investigation number two and three…at least….impeach…

What you never want to be….