August 25th

Well…running a little late today with having to do the grocery run where I spent 70 bucks…yow….and didn’t get much….at least I won’t run out of milk this week…or potatoes…got 10 lbs for 3 bucks…not sure how I’m going to use them before they spoil but I think there are recipes in the cookbook that T gave me…..did make a little cash yesterday that almost paid for the groceries so that was cool….and I do have enough in the drawer to get through another week….I am happy that the Olympics are over…oh, I said that before, didn’t I? I have to get caught up on the shows on the server and that will start tonight with a couple of Ray Donovans…no, it will start with Mr. Robot and then into Ray…..I do need to remember to take some stuff for the pain before the bike….I seem to have cramps everywhere and it may be that I’m low on potassium….who knows?  Okay…need to get the coffee finished and get out on the bike so I can smoke some venison and some steelhead today….hope it comes out okay….more later….

The Clinton Foundation…

Well….another day, another fake “scandal” by the idiots on the right who just know that there must be a “scandal” if Hillary is involved. Unlike ole Donald, who cheats everywhere he can and uses his foundation to bribe the AG of Florida to drop the Trump University case, the Clinton foundation follows all of the rules and discloses all of their donors and has never been found to have done anything illegal or unethical since it’s founding in 2001. The Clintons have never even drawn a penny of salary from the foundation…in fact, they have donated millions in speaking fees to the foundation to help continue it’s work…you know, the work…like keeping 800,000 kids with HIV alive in Africa who would have died without the foundations work to make HIV drugs available to them. Now, the shouts from the idiot Trump to “shut it down” since he thinks the crooked way he runs his foundation is how everyone does it…need to be tied to the death sentence that these kids will be under if the foundation is shut down…but, that never matters to the repubs, the only kids they have ever cared about are unborn ones…once they are born, they are on their own…this is the real “death panel”…staffed by modern repubs….geez…

August 24th

Well…day one of red loctite on the bike and so far so good…it is the first time I’ve gone through an entire run without having to tighten the arm in a month….let’s hope it stays that way….didn’t have a lot to do yesterday so I didn’t do a lot….the toe soreness is gone this morning and that made me kind of laugh a little with how much it hurt yesterday….but now my ankles hurt so I know this is just the moving pain that I’ve had for years now so it will be no big deal….looks like a rainy one this aft so I need to get the bike ride in this morning after I get my hair cut…it is rubbing on the inside of the top and feels like spiders so I do need to get that done…and, I have a coupon to save 5 bucks so that is cool…and, I am going to make a little cash this aft so I can buy groceries tomorrow….okay, need more coffee so I am going to go get more and read some news…more later…..

I just couldn’t resist…

Well…it you didn’t already know that old Donald’s entire campaign is just a huge grift to separate the rubes from their money, you just have to look at the latest little nugget that showed up in the press today….since ole Donald started taking outside money to run his campaign, the rent for his headquarters magically went up by 500%…in a building that Trump supposedly “owns” (but who knows if he won’t release his tax returns) so he is now paying himself almost $200,000 a month to rent the space….and it’s not only in the rent that the grift goes on…he’s paid his own properties millions for food, lodging and incidentals; never using anything but his own properties or cronies for campaign expenses…a good gig if you can get it…take money from the rubes and pay yourself millions…sounds like the televangelist playbook to me….sad…I just couldn’t resist this one…

Some lighter stuff…

Well…yeah…have been writing about the idiot Trump and his brood a bit too much lately so I think I’ll do a little lighter stuff for this afternoon….I forgot that I saw a Ferrari 458 Sat sitting at the strip mall in front of my place…there were two Porsche 911′s and a Porsche Panamera, too so I’m not sure what the heck that was about….I do have a photo to prove it if anyone wants to see it….I did see a really cool video of some SpcaeX launches and landings…and I didn’t know that the landings were done with only one of the 9 rocket engines firing…they were all in slow mo and it was pretty cool…found out about them from Phil Plait’s column over at Slate, again, and if you haven’t checked out “Bad Astronomy” over there yet, you should, pretty cool stuff. The big GR Metro Cruise is going on this weekend with a car show at Rogers Plaza that is always some fun…there are plenty of cool old cars and lots of weird people to watch….there was even a beater Miata there last year that made me laugh….okay…that was good for me to cleanse the politics out of my head and do something different for a change…might even come back for another one today but I’m not sure about that yet….

August 23rd

Well….the moving pain has struck again and is now in my right big toe…if it didn’t hurt so much, it would be funny…getting up every morning and wondering where the pain is going to be this day….might have done it to myself with clenching my toes during the night….had to go nuclear on the bike yesterday and use the red loctite since the blue didn’t even make it through an entire ride…..if this stuff doesn’t work, I’m not sure what more I can do….and the bike has been riding so well the past few days that I just want to get out on it….I am a little steamed this morning with trying to get the papers…the damn family fare had no one on and, of course, there were 6 people trying to take huge orders through the self check outs that are clearly marked for 12 items or less….was just about ready to walk out and take them without paying….okay, I’m calm now…finding it easier and easier to return to the peaceful state I find myself in most of the time…but, that took a lot of work over the past few years….I do need to get out to get some wood chips to smoke some fish and venison thurs….Tom gave me the idea for the venison and I can’t wait to try it…need to get a marinade made up for both of them…more later

Stupid doesn’t fall far from the tree….

Well…when you listen to any of the Trump kids, you can see that the stupid from dad doesn’t fall far from the tree. Just today, Donnie junior was opining on why wages have been stagnant for workers and made the assertion that it was Syrian refugees coming here that were the problem. Donnie, Donnie, Donnie….wages have been stagnant here since the 70′s not since the Syrian crises began in 2011…and we have only taken in a few thousand..compared to the 145 million workers in the US, the number of refugees is a not noticeable tiny little blip that can’t possibly have the effect that Donnie the stupid younger thinks. But that is the thing with the modern repubs, they are the party that has no relationship with the facts…and facts are facts, not the opinions they think are facts…oh, and it is people like little Donnie’s father who trash unions, stiff small businesses, and offshore jobs who have depressed wages here…not some small handful of refugees….sad….

August 22nd

Well…it was a Sunday yesterday and it was nice to have it a little cooler than it has been…and I got out to have a couple with K who I haven’t seen in a month or so….didn’t get anything done but the bike ride yesterday and I need to do better today…but, there is another cancelled race on at noon so it may be another lost day….I have been having pain in my left big toe that is starting to get annoying but other than that, no pain to speak of….so, I won’t….I am a little happy that the Olympics are over since they took over my life for the past two weeks…I know, I could have just not watched them but they may have been my last ones so I felt a little compelled….will probably get back to the political stuff later today since I won’t have anything else to do…maybe…who knows? more later….

August 21st

Well…didn’t know my phone would go crazy with a tornado warning…with the storms yesterday, the damn thing went off like there was a nuclear war coming…I probably wouldn’t have known there was anything going on without it, though, since I never watch any local tv anymore….but, they missed me, again, so that was cool…not even much of  a storm here….feel pretty crappy today since I only did one meal yesterday and I can feel that I am going to be flat on the bike this morning so I think I’ll just take it easy and really do a leisure ride for once….might have to go to the red loctite to keep the bolt in my pedal arm on the bike…used the blue and didn’t even get it through a whole ride…we’ll see this morning….not going to do much today…the race from Bristol was rained out last night so I’ll have that to nap to this aft…more later….

I was going to write about Trump….

Well…as you can see in the title, I was going to write about Trump but thought better of it…so, what to do? I feel like I’m living “the ashes the rain and I” by Joe Walsh right now…just the part where you sit and stare at the rain….it is kind of hypnotic….had a new person move in next to me and so far so good….no loud music or parties….but, it is only one day so I guess I should reserve judgement…okay, I can’t resist a little Trump…I mean what the hell is it that he goes to white communities and makes speeches demeaning black people and calls it “minority outreach”? No wonder he polls at 1% support from black people…but my question is when you take Ben Carson out of the poll, does that mean no black support? Hmmmm…okay, I’m not feeling this right now so I guess I’ll go watch soccer some more….

What you never want to be….