More obstruction….

Well….if there wasn’t already enough of a case to convict the idiot trump for obstruction of justice in regards to his Russia treason, I’m guessing after today’s revelations, there will be. I am just loving this drip, drip, drip, of evidence that keeps coming out of just how stupid trump really is…and I had one titled that today even…okay, back to the evidence….it was confirmed today that trump tried to pressure the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and Adm. Mike Rogers, the director of the NSA to deny the existence of any collusion during the election…and both of these guys, being the patriots they are, refused…deeming the requests to be “inappropriate”…and guess what else happened afterwards? Just like the Comey meeting with the idiot trump, Rogers documented the conversations in memos that are now being made available to Mueller for his investigation into trump’s Russia “problem”…sounds to me like trump should just stay in the Middle East….he’s going to jail later in the year here….impeach….

Trump really is stupid…

Well…if you had an doubt about how stupid the idiot trump is, you just have to look at what he did today…after revealing top secret, classified information to the Russians in a meeting in the WH that no American reporters were allowed to cover just out of the need to stroke his own ego, today, the idiot confirmed to the world that the intel had come from Israel…talking to Netenyahu in front of reporters no less, the idiot said “just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name of Israel…”,,,yeah, I’m shaking my head too…confirming to the world that Israel had spies under cover in ISIS just so he could justify leaking to his buddy Netenyahu? And it’s now all okay that this spy probably is dead since trump didn’t actually say the name Israel? I wonder if he even has an IQ….the stupid, it burns…impeach…

May 22nd

Well..running a little early today with not sleeping too well last night…I’ve already been up an hour and a half but just now getting moving…hope it’s not that I’m getting older…I know I am but I don’t want that to be the reason….had an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get anything done…I did get a bike ride in but I’m not sure about that today…it’s cold out there and the wind is already almost 20 and I’m not sure I want another brutal ride…..not too sore today but my face got sandblasted on the bike yesterday and it hurts today…and I think I have a cold…my lungs have been iffy all morning and the coughing is back…okay…not going to bitch any more…need coffee and some news…more later….

May 21st

Well…running a little late today but there is no reason for it….watching the MotoGP race and that is a good distraction to start the day…it’s the last day of the BPL season and Man U plays this morning some time so I’ll have to look that up…feel okay today but my system is in knots today since I had some peanuts over the past few days and that is never a good idea….not sure why I keep doing that when I know I’ll pay for it…my back hurts on both sides now and I’m not sure why that is…but the pain is not too bad so I guess I can live with it….have to decide if I want to get on the bike today or not…it’s raining right now and I’ll have to get out in the next half hour or so or wait until after Man U plays…I do need to clean today but I’m not sure if I will or not…just can’t get motivated….more later….

May 20th

Well….still waiting for it to warm up enough to get out on the bike…and it’s the end of frickin May….that irritates the heck out of me…oh, I did win at pool yesterday….slept okay last night and I’m not too sore today so I think I’ll skip the ibuprofen and see how it feels…only got to put the top down on the way out with it raining after we were done….I do need to get under the car and lube the parking brake system since it froze up on me yesterday..l haven’t done that since I got the car and I probably should have…but, not today….not going to do much today except watch qualifying from Indy and clean…..more later….

Starting to feel like Watergate….

Well….this is a real red letter day…I never do three of these on Friday but this thought just struck me and I thought I’d get it down before too many cocktails….With the steady drip, drip, drip of revelations ¬†of criminal behavior by the idiot trump’s administration and those in the repub leadership that aided in his criminality, this whole episode is starting to feel a lot like how Watergate unfolded. I was old enough to have lived through that one…I was working at Imperial Motors in downtown GR as a parts driver at the time and I remember that every lunch hour, we would sit behind the parts counter and watch the hearings on a little portable tv that one of the guys brought in….and every day there was another little bombshell that filled in the picture of Nixon and his henchmen and how they tried to subvert justice….this same thing is happening now and I find myself glued to Twitter and Kos to see the latest in this sordid trump story….and the latest tonight, that Jared Kushner is the latest person of interest in the investigation…and that never ends well…so, it looks like the investigators are getting there…I would advise Jared to just stay in Europe…or maybe Kazakhstan…I don’t think they have an extradition treaty with the US….impeach….

A few things…

Well…as you have seen if you’ve been here before, I normally don’t come back for a second one of these on Fridays…after shooting pool and drinking beer, I just don’t have the motivation to do a second one…but, I’m sitting here waiting for it to be cocktail time and just read about a couple of things that I wanted to comment on…first, a story just came out that the staffers in the WH have been researching impeachment like crazy over the past few days and I find that just so damn funny…I wonder if it’s to defend against it or how to make it happen? Whatever it is, it is never a good sign when your staff is starting to think impeachment is a real possibility. Then there is the hot mike moment when Paul Ryan and his partners in crime were caught talking about the idiot trump and his collusion with Russia…showing that they knew that Russia was meddling in the election and did nothing about it since trump was being helped…and Ryan was heard telling everyone to keep it a secret since they were “family”….now, this lays this conspiracy right at the feet of repub leaders…I’ll bet McConnell new about it, too….and these guys should really worry about this since they could be spending time with trump in prison….okay, I guess I can hope that this will happen…impeach….

May 19th

Well…running late this morning and it is because I was watching “Wheeler Dealers”…they had a Miata that they were restoring and it kind of sucked me in….my back is better and I’m not sure why that is….haven’t been able to get it to crack so it should still hurt…weird…did get a nice bike ride in yesterday but the wind was brutal…and today is too darn cold to go out until later so I think I’ll just take it easy this morning and ease into the day…just got the first cup of coffee and I am sure I’ll need more than that….feeling a little slow this morning….I did start to clean a little yesterday but I don’t think I’ll do much today with pool this aft….more later….

Trump is a five year old…

Well….after all of the news that the NATO allies are keeping their interactions with the idiot trump to under 4 minutes so he won’t lose interest, we now know what his aides have to do to get him to even read any of his briefing papers…his aides have to put his name in every paragraph so he will continue to read them…yep, this frickin idiot won’t read anything unless it’s about him…no national security briefing, no nothing unless it has trump’s name in it…this is the smartest, bestest president….if the *president was a damn 5 year old…impeach….

May 18th

Well….running a little late today and you know why…it’s grocery day and I tried to not spend much this week..and I think I was successful…slept okay last night but a damn spider woke me up at 2 am and I had a hard time getting back to sleep…but, I did get the top down over and back to the grocery store this morning so I guess that checks the crappy sleep….my back seems to be better this morning…that really started yesterday and it was okay on the bike even so I am happy with that…I can’t believe how dirty my car is even after the rains so I think I’ll have to wash it in the morning…can barely see out of the windows and I just hate that…. going to clean some today since I really don’t have a lot else to do….more later…..

What you never want to be….