Just a bunch of idiots…

Well…just read that the NK/US summit is off with the blundering, blustering idiot now trying to blame China for his stupidity….we all knew this was going to happen with the idiot in chief and the other morons that he’s surrounded himself with, and the fact that they think diplomacy is all threats…and they feel that everyone in the world is scared of us so all they have to do is make threats to get what we want. What an ocean of stupidity these folks are….and the idiot in chief wasn’t going to prepare for the summit anyway…leaks from the WH said that trump refused any sort of briefings…saying that that stuff is not important…it’s the pageantry that he is most concerned about…like he thinks this is just another tv show that he is on. How much worse are you going to let this get, repubs? How much longer before you grow a damn spine and get rid of this cadre of idiots? Yeah, probably not until after the election…impeach….

May 23rd

Well…woke up early today but I’m not sure if 6 is early anymore…slept okay last night and I am just easing into the day with coffee and a little old school tv….finally ate enough yesterday…I think….my stomach has been good so far and I hope it continues…I am tired of heartburn….I did get a nice bike ride in yesterday and the fog is pretty thick right now…I hope it stays until I can get on the bike in a little while…I’m not too motivated to get out right now and I hope the coffee helps with that…didn’t get anything done yesterday but really didn’t have anything to do….I think I’ll clean the fridge today if I can get moving but I need more coffee and to read the news some first,,,,,more later….

Haven’t done a trail one in a while…

Well…when I was out on the bike this morning I realized I haven’t done a trail update in quite a while so I think I’ll do one of those today….I am a little irritated that my uphill sprint trail is still shut down and it will be for the rest of the summer with the rebuild of Wing st. going on until then….and then today they ripped out the sidewalk that I was using to go around it to put a new road in for a new subdivision on 60th…and that puts me out on 60th street for a couple of hundred yards and I really don’t like being out in the traffic…especially when I get out early and have the 8 am traffic to deal with….other than that it was a nice ride today in the fog and mist but I got back here soaked and with a bike that looks almost camouflaged with all of the leaves and dirt that are stuck to it…will probably wash it here in a minute since it is going to be dry the rest of the week….I wonder why the tiny bunnies are not out yet….I did have an adult one pace me down the trail for a hundred yards today and that was a little strange…they normally dive into the weeds as soon as possible but this one just kept running….and all I could think of was “run Forrest, run”……

May 22nd

Well…running on time today and I even slept in until 6:35…yeah, that last part was a joke….my stomach has been giving me fits that past couple of weeks and I’m not sure what the heck is going on…it has been a long time since it has been like this and it is really annoying…had a nice ride out and back to pool even in the rain…but it rained so hard that there were huge puddles that were pitching the car around when I hit them….oh, and I lost at pool but it was  a championship game so that was cool….didn’t get anything else done yesterday but I do have a couple of things to do today and I may clean some, too….or, I may not since this place is not too messy…I do have to cook today and I am going to make some fish that I have marinated overnight…and then try to use up the rest of the pork shoulder later….more later….

The Europeans have trump figured out….

Well…in the midst of the idiot trump’s latest meltdown, I have been smiling a little about some articles that have come out across Europe that appear to have trump figured out…and the consensus? That trump is just dumb…and ignorant of even the basest knowledge of economics or how government works. Now, I know that this has never been said of a president (other than GW) in my lifetime and probably in the history of this country…and our allies in Europe have taken to openly laughing at basically anything idiot boy says or does as evidenced by the reaction to the dumbass pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement and trying to re-impose sanctions on Iran while threatening Europe that they will be punished if the continue to trade with Iran…what was the response to this nonsense? Europe is sticking together to continue to abide by the agreement and is ignoring trump’s bluster since he will fold when pressured….just like he did with the China tariffs. When is it going to be time, repubs, that you will remove this stain on our country? Impeach….

May 21st

Well…it’s a little after seven and I’m having a hard time getting started…again…I did sleep okay last night but just feel a little off today…thought I had a cold or something yesterday but now I think it’s just allergies…the pollen count from trees is extremely high right now and I’m feeling it…didn’t get a lot done yesterday but didn’t need to…today will be the same with pool this afternoon and not being too motivated…I do need to get going soon with rain coming in if I want to get the bike ride in today…but I also want to just sit here and have coffee right now…haven’t disconnected the battery in the car for almost a week now and it has been starting okay so I wonder if it fixed itself…probably not…just have driven it every day this week….more later….

Here’s the pro quo….

Well…we are living through the most corrupt damn administration in my long lifetime and I am getting sick of my country being sold out by these assholes. As I wrote about the other day, the idiot trump is being bribed by the Chinese by them investing 500 million dollars in a new trump-named resort in Malaysia…that is the quid in this mess, and we now know what the pro quo is…trump and his cronies have stopped levying tariffs on Chinese goods that was the most important thing to them just last week…but now, since the government is being operated only to enrich the idiot boy, tariffs are no longer necessary…and he gets played again on trade….the Chinese invest 500 million and get 100 billion in tariffs lifted. I’ve harped on this before but let’s do a little thought experiment…imagine if you will if Obama or Hillary had ever done anything like this….the repubs couldn’t get the articles of impeachment passed fast enough…but do you hear anything but crickets? Yep, the rot of corruption has taken the repub party and turned it into a criminal enterprise….and I am damn sick of it…so please, everybody…get out and vote so we can start to restore this country to the rule of law….impeach…

May 20th

Well….almost forgot to come here and do this again today and it’s funny that it is always Sunday that it happens….hmmmm…slept okay last night but I feel a little slow today so I am just easing into it…had a nice bike ride yesterday but it was raining and misty so I was covered with dirt and leaves when I got back here…I think there was a quarter of an inch of dirt in the bottom of the shower when I got done…and the bike looks like crap again so I think I may have to wash it later today…and I am waiting to get out until the temp comes up a little to get out today…it looks like rain so I may have to wait until later in the day to go out….didn’t get anything done yesterday but I may do something today…cleaning, probably but I’m not sure….don’t have a lot else to do with getting the laundry done yesterday and leftovers to eat….more later…

Just can’t think…

Well…I really hope you’re not expecting a political one today…I just can’t think of one single thing there is so much going on…there is one article you should go out and read…it’s in the NY Times and reveals new information about how there were more than just the Russians helping the idiot trump get elected…there were the Saudis, the Israelis, and many other countries from the middle east….and the good thing is that Mueller knows all about it and has interviewed all of the parties in question….I think the takeaway from all of this so far is the abject hatred all of these countries had for Hillary since she was tough on them as SoS and called them on their bullshit…but not just that…misogyny is rampant in that region of the world and they just couldn’t live with a competent woman running the show for the US…and, they knew trump could be bought…and has been bought just last week when the Chinese invested 500 million dollars in a trump named resort to bribe him for more favorable treatment of China on trade….so, how many shoes is this? Seems like eleventy million….impeach…oh, I did have a political one in me…imagine that….

May 19th

Well….up at 6 again this morning and I wonder why I can never sleep in…slept okay last night but I would like some dreams for a change…and I don’t feel that badly today so I guess I’ll take it…had a great bike ride yesterday and went as hard as I could the whole 15 miles and that felt good…but, it looks like I’m going to have to wait to get out today with it raining right now and for the next few hours…but that will have to wait until Man U plays in the final of the FA cup at noon….and that will be the last Man U match of the year and that is a little disappointing….oh, well….I did make a pork shoulder roast yesterday and it came out so good I think I’ll have to remember how I did it….very tender and flavorful….not much to do today…just some cleaning that I didn’t do yesterday….more later….

What you never want to be….