Where’s the outrage?

Well…just catching up on some reading and found a little bit of news that should spark some outrage…outrage I tell you….in the one month on the job for the idiot trump, he has spent more on travel than Obama did in his first YEAR…so, repubs…the supposed party of fiscal responsibility, where is the outrage…especially since trump harped so much on Obama’s outrageous expenditures on travel? No outrage, of course, it’s perfectly fine for repubs to spend like drunken sailors and then come up with a budget that cuts every program for their voters….but, they’ll never wise up since trump “speaks the truth”…yeah, right…..geez…

February 20th

Well….running late this morning and I just can’t get started…maybe the coffee will help…had an okay day yesterday and got 30 miles in on the bike so I should be more sore than I feel right now…but, I haven’t moved around a lot so maybe I just haven’t noticed the pain…I do like the weather we’ve been having…I mean, 62 degrees in February…and that is going to continue…almost 70 wed? But then snow sat? That’s Michigan for you….didn’t get anything done yesterday and I may do the same today….I do need to get the state taxes done and pay my car insurance today…and cook something…should get the pork chops in a marinade this morning so I’ll have a choice what to eat later….and I do need to start eating more if I’m going to be on the bike….was really short on cals the past few days and I can really feel it…more later….

Republicans, what does it take?

Well…I am getting scandal overload and yet the repubs don’t see anything that the idiot trump does is wrong….so maybe this will push them over the top…Politico just revealed that they have recordings of trump selling off access to sit in on interviews with his potential cabinet secretaries….read that one again…trump is lining his pockets by trashing our democracy…why am I not surprised? This venal asshole would probably rent out the white house if he could get away with it…..what does it take, repubs, for you to do something? Jason Chaffetz, I’m talking to you….

Drip, drip, drip….

Well…no matter how much bluster and lies ole trump and his minions put out, there is some there, there, when it comes to the investigations of his collusion with the Russians. We found out the other day that the FBI alone has three investigations going on into how trump helped the Russians throw the election to him….and as an indicator of how much is already known, when the FBI briefed the senate intelligence committee on what they know, the senators were described as being “stone faced and white” when leaving the briefing. As a result of that briefing, the intelligence committee has issued orders that all of the organizations investigating trumps treason save every piece of paper and every file that has anything to do with the investigation….and that sounds like the intelligence committee is getting ready to do their own investigation. So, the drip, drip, drip of this treasonous scandal is turning into a torrent…better get your water wings trumpie…you’re going to need them quite soon….

A new contest…

Well…just finished up my second 15 miles of the day and I am thinking I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow…but, that’s not what this one is about….after doing all the work on the bike yesterday and feeling how good it rides now, a thought popped into my head….I never replace cars until I have used them up so why am I thinking about replacing the bike when it still has life in it? So, I think a new contest is in order…I think I’ll do the car thing with the bike and just see how long I can still ride the thing until it dies. Only have about 750 miles left to get to 30K and then I think I’ll update about every thousand miles…will give me something to do….

February 19th

Well….woke up feeling pretty crappy this morning and I’m not sure why…I sure hope it’s not allergies this soon in the year….I did get out on the bike in shorts yesterday and that’s the plan for today but I’ll have to wait until the aft since it is too cold right now….and I do want to see ManU play at 11…and the race that was rained out from last night…I did get the bike cleaned and re-shimmed yesterday…and I switched the brake pads from front to rear since I didn’t have much rear brake and that is the one I use the most….it is kind of cool to have the new computer running on the battery…sitting on the couch doing this one and that is pretty cool…don’t have a lot to do today other than the bike ride so I think it will be an easy one….I should clean some but I don’t think I will….can see that I won’t be too motivated today….more later….

Ted Nugent for senate?

Well…just sitting here watching some soccer and this little tidbit came across my twitter feed….Ted Nugent is “seriously” considering challenging Debbie Stabenow for her senate seat in 2018…now let that sink in for a minute…the repub party has sunk so low that they will support a pants-shitting, draft dodging, racist, child molester to be elected to the senate…the supposed party of morals (yeah, I know…they haven’t had any morals for a long time) is thinking of nominating an ignorant ass to run for governor…well…there is precedent with trump so maybe it’s not too much of stretch for them…but the idiot Nugent hasn’t even lived in Michigan for more than 20 years…has never worked in politics and probably has no idea how government works…look how well that is working out with trump….look, I know Debbie Stabenow and worked with her when she was a state senator…and she has worked tirelessly for our state…to replace her with terrible Ted (and not terrible as his stage name) would be a travesty and the cost to our state in respect would be enormous….just stay in Texas, Ted…that’s where you belong….

February 18th

Well…sitting here waiting for the coffee to finish and thought I might as well do this one….had a pretty good day yesterday and had the top down on the car out and back to Ada for pool and that was a little fun…and it is already 50 degrees outside right now so I can get out on the bike any time and go in shorts…I had a moment of clarity yesterday and wonder how that will play out today…oh, and I won at pool….have had the Cars music running through my head for the past few days and last night I went out to youtube to see them live for the first time…pretty good band…the ones I saw had them playing in a club in London with only about 50 people in the audience….my back is better this morning but I need to take something right now so it will help on the bike….not going to do a lot today….just ride the bike and watch some soccer…after coffee, that it…more later…

I feel like I need to write more….

Well…I know I’m way ahead of the goal for the month but, with getting the new computer, I feel like I need to write more than I have…I think it’s my well developed sense of guilt rearing it’s ugly head again so maybe I need to get back to the new novel? I have a lot of it mapped out in my head but how do you get the motivation to re start? Maybe because I’m broke? Or that I still have something to say? Not sure right now but I probably should start thinking about it…I do have a new computer, after all….

Trump’s press conference?

Well….not sure if you watched the “press conference” that trump gave yesterday…I didn’t just because I refuse to listen to that idiot…but, the reviews are in and they range from the worst bad acid trip you’ve ever been on to that idiot is certifiably crazy. The shockwaves from it are resonating across the world…and the big question that keeps being asked is “how could America have elected this mentally ill person?” The answer to that is we didn’t…3,2 million more of us voted for Hillary but with the vote rigging that the repubs did, they stole the election and installed this idiot….and the idiots that work for him. I think the delusion runs all the way through the right since the comments from fox news and every other right wing rag is that trump hit it out of the park and put “the media” in it’s place….the right seems to be living in a shared delusion and they are sucking the rest of normals along with them…..

What you never want to be….