Noodling again….

Well…got a nice bike ride in and had the pork loin for lunch and that started the day off pretty good…but, I have been looking for topics today and just found a couple that makes me shake my head…first…the idiot trump got twice as much money as any previous *president for his inaugural fund…and the idiot is crowing about it…okay donnie…the only damn reason you got that much money is that you are so damn corrupt that the money is essentially huge bribes from these individuals and companies since they know you can be bought….the second thing is the fact that over 48,000 mental health professionals have signed a petition asking that trump be removed from office since he is clinically insane….I wonder how ole donnie is taking that? His poor little ego must be hurting a little from that one….okay, the MotoGP race is going to start so I’m going to do that….

April 23rd

Well…running on time today and have already read the paper…which is not hard with how crappy the GRP is these days….feel okay this morning and don’t hurt too much so that is cool….I did get the bathroom done yesterday and that was really needed….going to try to do the kitchen today but I need to cook first…going to make a pork loin in the pressure cooker today…almost forgot that the best pork loin I have ever made was in it so I am going to try it again…need to cook it longer this time so it is tender all the way through….had ice on the windshield this morning and I am really tired of it being too cold to ride when I get up in the morning….okay…need more coffee and to look at some news…more later….

Throttling it back a bit…

Well….after my breathless post yesterday, I wanted to come back here and ground myself back in reality in regards to Jason Chaffetz. Okay….I am going to admit I am probably wrong that he is quitting the house because of wrongdoing on his part…it’s possible, but I think there is a simpler explanation for his resignation…after doing a little reading on his career, I think the real reason is that he sees which way the wind is blowing and he doesn’t want his career derailed by association with trump…and his move yesterday to have trump explain to his committee that he is not violating the constitution with his business dealings seems to buttress that conclusion. Chaffetz also has seen much of the evidence against trump and his cronies and knows what it coming and wants to get on the right side of the law with it…and that would square with Chaffetz’s ambitions to higher office in the future. So, my return to sanity from the world of wishful thinking is complete….it was kind of fun over there, though, and I can’t promise that sanity is going to be permanent….

April 22nd

Well…woke up today and am not really sore anywhere and that is weird….okay…nope, my neck hurts so I guess I was wrong….it was an okay day yesterday and I won at pool so that was cool….and I had the top down out and back even though it was kind of cool…nice ride….didn’t get anything else done but today will be different…I am going to get the bathroom cleaned at least and maybe the living room, too….I am going to have to wait to get out on the bike today since it is still in the 30′s right now and I refuse to wear gloves near the end of April….I did get the new tube in the rear tire of the bike but it looks like I’ll need a new tire too since the cords are starting to go and it has a thump to it that is annoying….more later….

Yow…this is big…

Well…the pieces are falling into place on why Jason Chaffetz abruptly resigned from congress today…. money laundering for the Russians through his campaign since the Russians knew of his long term affair and were blackmailing him about it….I thought it was strange that he got a 10 million dollar donation from trump the day after he released the Comey letter before the election….and now information is coming out that the Russian connections go much wider than trump and his cronies. A source has said today that the FBI has a tape of both Ryan and McConnell talking about how to launder Russian mob money through their campaigns. Yep, you heard that right…the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader are on tape colluding to launder money for the Russians…how corrupt are the damn repubs? Can it get worse? Yep…I’ve been saying it for a long time that these were the most corrupt people ever to run this country and now it appears I was right….and the reason that ole Jason resigned so abruptly is that he is cutting a deal and that is probably part of it…I just can’t wait to see the perp walks that are going to come from this….impeach the whole lot of them….

Okay…I thought I’d better come back here for a minute to temper the breathlessness of this post…sure don’t want to be the left wing version of Breitbart or Infowars, sites that lie and lie and lie for political gain…let’s just leave this as something to watch for….and see what happens…..don’t want to hurt my credibility by going too far…and if this isn’t true, I’ll be back to say I was wrong….

April 21st

Well…running a little early today and there is no reason for it other than I got up early….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and it looks like I won’t get much done today…I did get a bleach load in the washer already to try to get the whites white again… sheets were looking quite dingy…I did get the new tube in the back tire but it looks like I’ll need a new tire soon, too…the cords are starting to go and it is annoying to have it feel like it is out of balance….not much to do today…pool, probably…but that is about it……more later….

Sexual harassment isn’t the worst of it…

Well….with the idiot Bill O’Reilly being fired by fox news for sexual harassment of basically every women he ever came into contact with, I want everyone to remember that this harassment wasn’t the worst of what O’Reilly did to this country…he was single-handedly responsible for a generation of people believing that opinions were the same as facts and it was perfectly acceptable to hate someone for trumped up reasons. He was personally responsible for the murder of Dr. Tiller…the doctor that provided abortions for women who needed them…railing against him 29 times on his show that he was a murderer and that someone should do something about it…and one of his deranged followers did…murdering him in his church. One of Billos chief points of destruction was the pushing of false equivalency…the both side do it but when the dems do it, it is the worst thing that ever happened to the country…his latest was trying to make Susan Rice doing her job equal to trump and his idiot minions colluding with Russia to steal the election. The damage that this idiot did to this country cannot be overstated…and I am glad he is gone…even if it’s only temporary…impeach trump….

April 20th

Well…okay, there is something really wrong this morning…I feel pretty damn good and that never happens…don’t hurt anywhere and the cough is better…I wonder if I’m finally getting over the bug that I’ve had forever? Whatever it is, I hope it continues…it is so tiring to feel like crap for so long….had a pretty good day yesterday but I did have a flat on the bike for the first time in two years…I did get back here before it went flat so that was cool….and I have a new one to put in it for only 8 bucks and I’ll get to that in a minute…I did go out and have a couple with G last night and it went okay and then I was good when I got back here so maybe that has something to do with feeling good….it is raining right now so I will have to wait to get out on the bike today but that is okay, too….don’t have a lot to do today so waiting a while is no big deal and I want to have more coffee anyway…..more later….

Bye, bye Billo….

Well…those are words I have been wanting and waiting to say for many, many years…that ole Bill O’Reilly is being fired by fox news…yep, I guess they finally saw that the toxic sexual harasser who has lost almost 70% of his advertisers in the last week he was on the air was a danger to fox news and their bottom line so they are cutting him loose…but, to show how sexist and ridiculous the fox news environment really is, it wasn’t enough that they paid out 13 million dollars in settlements to the women he harassed…they were okay with that, but they were not okay with the damage that keeping him was doing to the rest of the shows and to their revenue….as always with the right and their shills, it is just fine if they act like asses and treat women like crap just as long as they are making money for the oligarchs, but when the money stops, the false outrage comes out and they grow some fake moral spine….all I have to say is bye bye Billo…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…..impeach trump….

Here comes the trump economy…

Well…as the idiot trump boasted that his economy would be “the greatest” and some in the business community bought into those lies to make the stock market shoot up, the reality of the idiot that knows nothing being in control is finally being felt….starting with job growth that was half of predicted last month, we now have more data showing that trump being in office and the morons he has put into the government just because they are rich don’t have a clue what they are doing and the things they are doing are damaging business confidence….and that is slicing the estimates of growth in the economy to under 1%….not the bigly 4% that trump promised…but we all know how much he lies and he didn’t even know anything about the economy so why would anyone think he could deliver on those promises? So, the idiot trump can no longer blame anyone but himself when we hit the next recession that is coming this summer..;..this is what you voted for trump voters…enjoy the unemployment lines you idiots….impeach..

What you never want to be….