I think it’s finally starting to sink in…

Well…with the idiot trump blowing off all of his duties and being a general ass to everyone he comes into contact with, I think it’s finally starting to sink in with idiot boy that he is totally screwed with the dem takeover of the House and the looming indictments coming from Robert Mueller. I am trying to stifle a laugh right now at the vision of trump pacing the WH and hurling insults at everyone that works for him…always the asshole…and we now are seeing the absolute distillation of trumpness…the real, ugly moron who is at the point where he can’t even put one sentence together and who scowls at everyone in Paris until his buddy Putin shows up and he grins like an idiot at him…acting like a puppy who’s owner just came back from a long trip. Even with all of this, it is going to get much, much worse and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the idiot stroke out…not that I wish dying on anyone..even someone who is as evil as trump….it would just make a good excuse for trump to cut and run and resign…declaring himself the best president ever….he might just as well book himself a room at a New York state prison…that’s where he is going to end up after he is out of office and there is not one damn thing he can do about it…okay, now I am going to laugh….impeach….

November 14th

Well…that was better…slept okay last night and only woke up once at 5:04 but then fell back asleep until 6:22 and I feel better for it…so that means I’m running a little late after getting the first read of the news done and pouring the first cup of coffee….I did get my back to crack again this morning so that won’t be hurting today and that makes for a good start to the day…but, everything else hurts but I’m not going to bitch about that since I did it to myself with a hard bike ride yesterday….it was really slick on the trail so I had to be careful on the turns and today should be a little icy out there with it getting down to 25 last night….so the ride will have to wait until this aft…still haven’t adjusted to the cold yet and I hope that happens soon…I think it took all day to warm up after I got back here…didn’t get anything done yesterday but run some errands and that looks like the plan for today….have to hit the daily deals store to start getting the stuff I need for t day….I mean an 8 inch pumpkin pie for 99 cents? Can’t pass that one up…more later….

This is rich…

Well…the idiot on chief couldn’t be bothered with going to Arlington National Cemetery for ceremonies¬† on Veteran’s Day yesterday even though he spent the day in the WH and it would have taken him all of 10 minutes to get there…his moron lackey Mike Pence didn’t even show and that really tells you all you need to know about how the repubs really feel about the military…that it is a prop to be used to score political points and then forgotten when our obligations to them as a country are raised. Idiot boy went off on France and Macron over the weekend and today, tweeting pant loads of gibberish that made him appear even more desperate and France’s response was just too rich….France sent diplomats and soldiers to lay wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier…acknowledging the sacrifice our fallen have made to make the world a better place and defeat evil…something trump wouldn’t do because it might rain…again…let’s impeach this asshole and finally rid the US of his malignancy…impeach….

There’s something happening here….

Well…with the speculation going on today about what is happening with the Mueller investigation, I just had to use the Stephen Stills lyric to title this one. Multiple news outlets are reporting that there may be many indictments coming down this afternoon…probably for Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi at the least or even maybe…let’s hope…for Don Jr. and Jared Kushner…but it was reported yesterday that Kushner has been cooperating with Mueller since last December so he probably won’t be on the list. I think the idiot trump knows what is coming and that would go a long way to explaining his even more unhinged behavior from the past few days…and his firing everyone to try to distract from it. One other little detail…or a couple of details that we also need to remember is that Rupert Murdoch was spotted with Mitch McConnell last week going into Mitch’s office…I wonder if that little meeting has anything to do with all of the right wing outlets like fox news going dark on twitter and other social media platforms since the day after the election…could they finally understand that pushing Russian propaganda to install trump was against the law? They no longer have their toadies in the congress to protect them so I think they are now scrambling to try to get out ahead of the indictments and limit the damage…it is going to be an interesting afternoon…impeach…

November 13th

Well…up early again today and the new pattern of not sleeping well is holding and I wish it wasn’t…not sure how many days it is of up before 5 but it needs to stop soon…my back finally cracked when I got up this morning so that is one less thing to think about but I am sore everywhere else and that’s another thing I can’t figure out…as is the lack of energy…okay, I know what that is…just did the count and only had about 1100 calories yesterday and that follows a couple of other days with just a little more than that…need to do better today but I’m pretty sure I won’t…won’t be getting on the bike until the afternoon if I can get out but still feel cold from yesterday’s ride and I don’t like it…feel like I may have a little bug since I got up coughing again and just don’t feel that hot…I did get a few things done yesterday with it being a no pool day so that means I don’t have a lot to do today but I could clean the kitchen floor and I just might…especially if I don’t get out on the bike….more later…

A couple of weird things….

Well…as you can see, there was no pool today with Tom having some family stuff he had to do so, being a little bored, I have had the chance to alleviate that somewhat by coming here and doing a few of these…just wanted to talk about couple of weird things that happened today…well…not sure if it’s weird but at least a little odd. As you know, I had a colonoscopy last Monday that turned out okay and that was a relief…today, I got a signed card from all of the team that treated me thanking me for choosing their office. Now, that has never happened to me before but maybe it is a little normal now…haven’t been to a doctor for anything for 16 years so maybe things have changed…who knows? Oh, I also got my new credit card today and it is the brightest metalflake green I have ever seen…I mean, it looks like something right out of the 60′s…the direct opposite of my other card and it’s subdued gunmetal grey with red edges….that’s it…just a couple of observations….

RIP Stan Lee…

Well…it was sad to hear this afternoon that Stan Lee died at the age of 95…if you are a comic book fan, you know who Stan was….if not, Stan was one of the founders of the modern Marvel comic universe and, with Jack Kirby and others, was responsible for the creation of many of the iconic comic book characters that I loved when I was growing up in the 60′s. Thor, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man were my favorites and I had boxes of them when our house burned down in 1963….I can still remember the excitement and joy when a new issue come out and I could hole up and read the entire thing from front to back…so, thanks Stan…RIP

Is there something magic about “tactical”?

Well…here’s the first installment of my mental cleaning and it starts with a question: Is there something magical about tactical? If you’ve seen any daytime tv, you’ve seen ads for tactical lanterns, flashlights, sunglasses, and even visors for you car…and now let me add a new one to that list…tactical hat. As you know, I just bought a new fleece hat to wear in the cold on the bike and I just looked at the tag that came with it…it’s funny enough that the company that makes it is called Condor…I’m sure trying to invoke the image of the raptor…but the funniest thing is the description of the hat: Watch cap, tactical. Now, what the hell is tactical about a damn fleece hat? I wonder if it’s all a part of the military fetishism that I have written about before where people in the military are held up to be heroes when there is no reason for it…now, some of them are, but not all…all I know is that I don’t feel like a Navy Seal or a Ranger wearing the hat…but, it is warm so I guess that’s something…..

Don’t count military votes?

Well…I may have to take a step back and write about some other stuff for a while since all trump all the time is taking it’s toll on my sanity…but, just one more before I take a few mental health days. As you know, trump is the worst frickin person in the world and only cares about the military when he can use them for props or for election day stunts…and, just today he inserted himself into the vote recounts in Florida saying that they should stop and the only votes that should count are the ones done in person on election day…no early voting, no mail in voting…just in person voting on election day…now this is stupid on so many levels but here’s one small little detail that I’m sure idiot boy didn’t think about before spouting off again about something he knows nothing about…what he is saying is that we shouldn’t count any military votes since the majority of active service military vote by mail…and those votes have a deadline of the 19th of November…so, if Florida does what trump wants (and with Rick Scott as governor they just might) tens of thousands of active duty military will be disenfranchised and their votes not counted. So, how sick is that? This is just part of the pattern of the repubs these days..if they are behind they scream “count all the votes” and if they are ahead at any point, they want the vote counting to stop no matter how many people who legally voted are left out of of the election….these are the folks that hold up their little pocket constitutions all the time but have never read it…and they don’t care who they hurt just as long as they win…assholes all…

November 12th

Well…another night of pretty crappy sleep and I feel pretty worn out today so that puts me in go slow mode right now…and I think that will continue most of the morning or at least until I get on the bike…have an overall soreness today but my legs seem to be really bad today with both thighs just screaming and I’m not sure why that would be…maybe it’s from riding in the 28 degree cold yesterday…who, knows…all I know is I will be taking some ibuprofen before I work out and ride…had an okay day yesterday but didn’t do much but watch sports and laze around here…didn’t really have too much to do so I don’t feel bad about that…and today will be the same with getting back to pool this aft…I do have to clean up a little today since they are coming to do the fall furnace check…not sure why they have to check a brand new furnace but no big deal…I do have to prep for a trip to Mt. P on Thurs to get some business done and that will be the most I’ll drive my car all winter….but first, more coffee….more later….

What you never want to be….