The repubs own Roy Moore…

Well…with the probable election of Roy Moore to the senate from Alabama, the repub party has now become the party of lawbreakers, pedophiles, and liars…yeah, I know, no big revelation there…they have been that way since the era of Newt Gingrich. Now the next question to be asked is “who are the people who would elect an accused child molester?” Now, I don’t want to tar all of the people of Alabama with being racist idiots, but the polls show that many of them are…and the evangelicals are the worst….with 70% of them thinking that whatever Roy Moore might have done, and that includes getting thrown off the Alabama supreme court twice for breaking the law, he is still better than the much more qualified dem running…I guess they would vote for a murderer if he would just spout that he has religion even though, like the idiot trump, he doesn’t live it. I have tried to not tar a group of people with a broad brush over the past few years, but the people of Alabama have proven to the country that they are the racist, misogynist, idiots that they appear to any rational observer….they have the chance to blow that stereotype up by voting for Doug Jones tomorrow..but they won’t…geez….

December 11th

Well…running a little early today and that’s okay….just to get moving is a good thing…slept okay last night but woke up to all the bedding strewn across the bedroom again…must have had a toss and turn night but I really don’t remember it…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today looks to be the same with pool this aft…and no bike ride again and that looks like the pattern for the rest of the year….so I will need to work out every day so the guilts don’t take over….I really don’t want to have to get into the calorie restrictions that I know I have to do…it is annoying to only have one meal a day….not much to do today…I am easing into the day with coffee and a little tv…I think I have a problem with my right eye since it has been watering for the past day or so….I know it’s allergies since it stops when I take my allergy stuff…darn…I hate getting older…more later….

As I said…petty….

Well….as you know, I very seldom come back for second ones on the weekend since most of you read this stuff at work…but, with the one I did on the idiot trump’s pettiness the other day, and reading more about that today, I just had to come back for a short one. Over the past couple of days, it has been revealed just how petty the idiot can be when he asked Ronna Romney McDaniel to stop using Romney in her name since he is in a feud with Mitt Romney…yep the daughter of George Romney has been asked to stop using her name since it hurts the idiot’s fee fees…..never in my life have I seen such a petty, small man and the worst part is that she did it…that is the cult of trump on full display…she should have told him to go to hell….impeach…

December 10th

Well….running a little early today with getting up at 5:30 and I feel a little crappy today, too….slept okay but just feel slow this morning and the coffee is just not working…have gone back to coughing and have crap in my lungs again and I’m not sure what that is about…I wonder if this is going to be what this winter is going to be….just feeling crappy all winter…it looks like one to be endured already and it has just started….didn’t get out on the bike yesterday and it looks like I won’t today…probably not getting out until later in the week….I think I may start looking for an indoor trainer that I can put the bike on so I can ride inside all winter….that would take a lot of stress off….at least my back is not hurting today….not much to do today….I should clean some and I might…but, there is soccer on all morning and Man U plays City at 11:30 so that will take up the morning…more later….

December 9th

Well….running on time this morning and wanted to get this done before soccer starts in a few minutes….feel pretty crappy today and have been coughing all morning so I’m not sure what that is about….just got over the last bug and hope it’s not another one….we’ll see after coffee…slept okay last night but got up early again…not sure what early is anymore…I’m always up around 6 or so so maybe that will be the benchmark for early….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but, with the snow today, it looks like I’ll be in all day and will get some things done…..not sure what that will be but it will be something…after coffee and soccer, that is….more later….

This is weird…

Well….was sitting here swimming in guilt from not riding the bike so I thought I’d go out and just take a look at the trails to see how bad they were…they had snow on some of them but were mostly passable…but I was thinking I needed to be really careful being on the skinny tired road bike….but the weird thing was, when I came to snow covered parts of the trail, the bike went through them better than my mountain bike used to…so, through 10 miles out there, it only slid once where the mountain bike would have been all over the place…not sure if I’ll take it out again until next week with the snow that is coming but it was kind of cool to be able to get a ride in today….

Trump is so damn petty….

Well…if you needed any more evidence that the idiot trump is a petty, small man, you just have to look at the Hanukkah celebration that was held in the WH this week. None of the dem members of congress were invited, and neither were anyone from the progressive Jewish community…which means he held a Hanukkah celebration without any Jews…and only about 300 people showed up compared to 1700 who attended when Obama was president. I’m not sure if the turnout was from people not showing up or that the idiot didn’t think enough of Jewish citizens to even make any effort. This is the first time in history that this ceremony was used for petty, partisan payback but what does anyone expect from this petty, small man? Impeach….

December 8th

Well…running a little late today and just can’t get started…but I’m not sure if I need to….slept okay last night but feel a little slow today since I wasn’t good last night for the first time in 4 days…..didn’t ride the bike yesterday with the snow and it looks like today will be another one without the bike…I’m already feeling guilty about that and need to get into calorie reduction mode now…so, I’ll be down to one meal a day from now until spring and that is a little annoying…but necessary….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I need to do a few things today…need to get the winter clothes out and put the summer ones away but I’m not sure if I’ll do that today….think I may just take the day off and veg….just like most days….not much to do today…I should clean and I might and I have a chair full of papers that need to go to recycling so that might be a project for today….more later…..

That isn’t how it works…

Well….the dumb doesn’t fall far from the tree when little donnie trump is involved…not sure if you saw the news reports on his testimony to congress yesterday, but little idiot donnie didn’t answer some questions about the lies that were told when the big idiot put together the excuse for little idiot meeting with a room full of Russians…and his excuse…attorney client confidentiality…..yep, he tried that old one just because, as he says, there was a lawyer on the call when he was talking to daddy…..but, that’s not how that works….these folks are so dumb and don’t understand the law at all that it’s a wonder they haven’t ended up in jail already…attorney client privilege is only applicable between a client and his personal lawyer….and it is not a get out of jail free card just because some random lawyer is listening in…and whoever the lawyer was, it was not little donnie’s lawyer so privilege doesn’t apply….it is just so funny how these morons think they are the smartest people in the room and think that if they spout something they heard on “Law and Order”, it’s absolves them of their lawbreaking…that’s just not how it works, donnie…..and now the committee needs to haul his ass back in, under oath, and make him testify…this delusional attorney client nonsense will not protect him…impeach….

December 7th

Well…running a little late today with doing the grocery run…how the heck do you spend 77 bucks and get nothing? Oh, well….and there was ice everywhere on the road this morning but the old, worn out Blizzaks are still doing their thing and the drive out to groceries was uneventful….feel pretty good this morning with getting everything for the day done already…except cleaning, that is….slept kinda crappy last night and have been up since 5 but I don’t feel like it…have some energy again and part of it is the cold is finally gone…my head is almost clear and I have been able to breathe for the past couple of days and that was a long one…almost a month of the low-level infection and that was no fun…I did get a bike ride in yesterday but today looks like a bust with the snow out there…so I guess I’ll just work out instead….more later….

What you never want to be….