I told you so #1

Well…have been thinking about a new series here that will document every time trump and his minions screw over the people who voted for them and I think that “I told you so” is a great title for it. So, let’s start this one off with the first thing that trump did after getting sworn in…reversing the interest rate relief for all people who have FHA loans…that generally go to people who are middle class or poor…and guess what? He just raised your taxes by $500 dollars for each one of these loans…so to all of you idiots who believed the lies that he was going to protect you…I told you so….

Shame on you Brad K. and Clint B.

Well….after seeing both Brad Keselowski and Clint Boyer singing trump’s praises on twitter and responding to them there….this afternoon I feel it still isn’t enough to just tweet them….I needed to have more than 140 characters to respond. First to Clint, I know you have a young son…can you really point to trump and say to your son “I admire this man and want you to be like him”? And Brad, it’s even worse for you…you have a young daughter and you admire a serial sexual assaulter that thinks it’s perfectly okay? I thought you two were pretty good guys but with this trump support I can see that you are not and do not deserve my support or for me to support your sponsors….and I hope that you have this trump love pinned on you every day for the rest of you careers….geez…

January 21st

Well…didn’t sleep well again last night and I’m not sure what that is about…but, I do know that I feel worn out this morning and need to get things done today…okay, I should get things done today but nothing that can’t wait…oh, I did win at pool yesterday and had fun doing it….haven’t checked the Mega tickets yet since I want the possibility of winning to last longer….will do that later today….didn’t get anything else done yesterday but I am going to try to do something today…will be out on the bike in shorts today and I am looking forward to that….riding in full thermasuit is more of a chore than I like….okay, I need to have more coffee and watch some soccer…more later….

A half hour away from the theft of our country…

Well….we are now a half hour away from the theft of our country by collusion between trump, the FBI, and Russia and I refuse to watch any of it…I have spent the day so far running errands, getting some work done around here, and shooting pool later but I refuse to participate in any manner in this illegitimate regime….and I hope those of us of the truthful, progressive mindset do the same…I grieve for this country right now….

January 20th

Well…woke up to the sun in my face and that quickly told me I slept in way too late….and the reason is I went out to have a couple with G last night…after she told me that the Mexican place was evacuated for a fire…hope it wasn’t too serious since I like the place…didn’t get anything done yesterday and today looks the same…although I do have to go to fedex to send a piece of equipment back to get a new one….and I really don’t feel like it but need to do it….slept pretty crappy last night and feel it today so I need more coffee and the couch for a while…more later…

If you didn’t think trump was a fascist before…

Well…if you didn’t think trump was a fascist before, you just have to look at his request for his inaugural parade…this fascist idiot want tanks, missiles, and lot of other military equipment to be in the parade…hmmm I wonder who else has military equipment in his parades? Could it be Putin? Yep…this idiot trump wanted to militarize what is supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power to intimidate his political rivals…just like Putin….I just can’t believe this ignorant asshole was elected president….and no one cared that he and his campaign were under investigation by 6 federal agencies for collaborating with Russia to throw the election to trump…..this just makes me sick….

The final tally is in…

Well….the final tally is in and it makes trump look even worse…or it looks how good the repubs rigged the system so they would win even when losing….the idiot got only 46% of the vote and Clinton got 3 million more votes than he did…doesn’t anyone else think that’s just wrong? And that is compounded by his 33% approval rating right now…the lowest ever recorded both in vote percentage and in approval….so now, what are we seeing? Voter’s remorse after the idiots in this country really see what the chief idiot is all about? The transition team is basically blowing off the foreign policy experts and are not even close to being able to deal with any crises that come up…and that is according to a national security advisor from the GW Bush administration who famously blew off the warnings that 9/11 was coming. I mark this last day of sanity in this country today….tomorrow will be trumpland where nothing is done unless his administration can turn a profit from it…geez….

January 19th

Well….have already been getting stuff done today with the grocery run completed and getting here early….had some really weird dreams last night with the Miata rusting away and starting on fire when the fuel tank rusted through…hmmm….I think my brain is telling me to wash it later this morning….there were more to the dreams but I don’t remember them and it’s a shame…they were pretty good ones….feel okay today and that is strange, too…..my head is clear for the first time in months and that is without any allergy medicine….so maybe I’ll try to get through the day without it today…I do have a headache, though, but that will be taken care of when I get on the bike today….was hoping to get out in half thermasuit today but the temp has been revised down and now it’s only going to be 44….so that will have to wait….don’t have a lot to do today but I am going to cook some pork chops that I got for 1.19 a pound….more later….

Betsy DeVos really is an idiot…

Well…if you have seen or read about the confirmation hearing for Ed sec, you can see that the repub party has sunk to new lows of pay for play….where a totally unqualified person buys her way to a cabinet post. EdSec is a position that is supposed to think about and guarantee a good education to all of the children in this country..but, to hear ole Betsy, that stops if you are not a christian, or if you have disabilities, of if you go to a public school….in fact she has said that no one deserves a public education and has spent her time and untold millions of dollars screwing up the public schools here in Michigan…supporting taking public money and giving it to for profit schools run by repub cronies so to bleed the public schools dry and kill them off. This is all part of the coordinated repub plan to use public money to support religious schools (if they are christian of course) and damn the constitution that provides for the separation of church and state. She has shown that she knows nothing about education and has no training or experience in public education policy…but, that doesn’t matter since her family gave 200 million to the repubs over the years and that makes her qualified in her mind…but that is the only place she is quaified…geez….

January 18th

Well…got another bike ride in yesterday but it was a wet one and it took me most of the afternoon to warm up after the ride…slept pretty crappy last night and was up before 6 so there may be a nap later today to compensate for that….but, I feel okay this morning even with that but I am sore…again….and I know this time it’s bike soreness so that makes it okay…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today will be much the same since I really don’t have a lot to do….may have a little work but I may be able to put it off, too….not sure yet….I should wash the car today but that may wait until tomorrow when the weather will be better…it is going to be in the mid 50′s sat so that may be my top down day or tomorrow…not sure yet….more later….

What you never want to be….