October 19th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday and I got a few things done…sorted out the credit card thing with the bank and should have one coming next week…the first step in getting my credit restored….slept really crappy last night but don’t feel it too much this morning so that’s a plus….and my back is not hurting for the 5th day now and that is a relief….well…it doesn’t hurt a lot but it does still twinge some…I think I’ve decided to wait on getting the new brakes for the car until spring…there is still plenty of pad left so I’ll just have to grease the pins next week before it turns cold…or, I may even do that tomorrow if it doesn’t rain….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I will clean today…need to cook today, too…think I’ll have chicken for lunch or make a stir fry….more later….

Trump is an oafish buffoon…

Well…if you thought that the idiot trump could sink no lower, you were really, really wrong….he did it again yesterday when he was shamed into calling the wife of a soldier who was killed two weeks ago in Africa…after lying that he always calls the families of fallen soldiers, he really did call one yesterday…and he is so damn dumb and lacks any shred of empathy that he said this: “..he knew what he signed up for…but when it happens it hurts anyway…” and, after the call, the grieving wife said that he didn’t even know her husband’s name. Now, in any universe, is this the right thing to say to a grieving wife who was 5 minutes from seeing the casket come off the plane? Trump just frickin has to go…every day he stays in office shrinks the presidency and our standing in the world so much it probably won’t be repaired in my lifetime…..what an oafish buffoon…impeach…

October 18th

Well….running early today and there is really no reason for it….just haven’t been sleeping again and it’s just too boring to not do this….I did get the oldest coffee maker back out with the newest one dying the other day…still tastes like coffee so I think I can use this one for a while….my back started to hurt a little yesterday and I think it’s from the riding position on the old bike…but, there’s nothing I can do about that….other than buy a new bike but I’m not going to do that until next month…didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I’ll have to do the kitchen today….but not right now…I need more coffee….still don’t feel that hot this morning and I’m not sure it it’s just allergies or it it’s a cold…more later…..

Steely Dan…part two…

Well….thought I’d do a slight review of the show and the day yesterday…had a nice ride downtown with the top down and found parking in the ramp right where I planned….walking over to the arena, a woman comes running out of a restaurant calling my name and, at first, I didn’t recognize her…but then my youngest son came out behind her and it dawned on me who she was….had a nice little talk and that was pretty funny since she said that they knew I was going to the concert, she looked out the window and I was there….once I got in to the arena, I had to have a beer and the sticker shock damn near floored me…I mean, 10 bucks for a beer? After that shock, I headed to my seat in the upper bowl at the back of the arena and one of the ushers stopped me and asked if I would like an upgrade to a floor seat….so, from a 39 dollar seat to a 150 dollar seat…didn’t have to think twice about it…and the cool thing was there were empty seats on both sides of me and in front of me so I had a great view….now, the concert…all I can say is wow….the band just knocked it out of the park…probably the best I’ve heard them sound…high energy and they played all the hits but FM and Pretzel Logic…which disappointed me some but the rest of the concert made up for it….and I was close enough to actually see their faces….way too much fun and I am feeling it a little today…but worth it!

October 17th

Well….sitting here in the afterglow of the SD concert…one of the best I’ve ever seen…but, I’ll talk about that later….my ears are still feeling it this morning and I think they will be fuzzy for the best part of the day….my back is still okay today and it was all night last night…I was a little worried that it would lock up again….slept okay last night but feel a little crappy this morning with having a few cocktails after I got home…but I was so wired I had to have a few…ran into my youngest son and his wife as I was walking to the concert and that was pretty cool…..not much to do today…I need a day to de-compress from all of the excitement…so today will be a lost day…more later….

Steely Dan

Well…no politics today with the excitement building for the SD concert tonight….even after seeing them 5 other times, I think I feel the same as I did the first time back in 2002….it will be different without Walter but life goes on….my only concern is that they haven’t been playing two of my favorites, FM and Pretzel Logic….but they have gone into the solo catalogs of both of them with a couple and that may be cool…it would be neat to hear Slinky Thing done live….whatever happens, it will be a nice, relaxing night…think I may take my earplugs just in case….

October 16th

Well….it’s darn cold in here this morning…forgot to put the heat on last night and it is down to 65 right now….and now my cobbled together coffee maker just quit working so I’ll have to drag out the 9 dollar target one that I have in reserve….will go look for a new one this week…didn’t ride the bike for the second day yesterday but I will get out today…I am wondering if staying off the bike has helped my back…it didn’t hurt at all yesterday and it doesn’t hurt today either so maybe there’s something to that….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today looks the same with the concert later today…think I may just hang around today and get some rest…..okay…going to look at the ads to see if anyone has a coffee maker on sale…more later….

October 15th

Well…running a little early today with getting up early…and my back doesn’t hurt at all and that is odd….I did feel it crack like crazy when I was making the bed yesterday so maybe that did it…slept okay last night but still no dreams to speak of…that’s disappointing but I feel okay so I’ll take that….got some stuff done yesterday and I’m not sure why….started to just clean the shower and that turned into cleaning the whole bathroom…then I did bedding and started on the kitchen….I think it was guilt from not riding the bike yesterday and it looks like no bike today, either…the wind is already blowing almost 20 and it is still spitting with the temps falling all day so I’ll have to suck it up and stay in and watch football and races….have been adjusting how many calories I take in but I’m not sure if I’ve gotten down low enough yet….not much to do today….going to clean a little and watch some sports but that is about it…more later…

Not Steely Dan without Walter?

Well…just ran across a thread on facebook where people are commenting that since Walter died, it’s not Steely Dan anymore and they want their money back for the concert here in GR…now, these must be people who have never seen SD before…while I loved the way Walter played, there were many concerts this year where he was sick and wasn’t there and they had a fill in do his parts…to be honest, most of the time you really didn’t know he was there or not…and I’ve seen them 6 times….it was the same for me when John Entwhistle of the Who died a week before I was to see them here and it never occurred to me to want my money back…and Ox was more a part of the Who’s sound than Walter was to SD’s…and I’m a bass player fan that was looking so forward to seeing his unique style of playing. I wonder where this all comes from? Would you want your money back for Eagles tickets because Glen Frey died? Or not go to see them because he’s not there? All I know is I’m going to go see them and enjoy the night….I’m sure that Donald will be firing on all cylinders to make up for it…I know that it won’t be the same without Walter….but, we’ll still get to hear what Walter has left behind….and we can revel in the fact that he was here at all….

The dumbest goddamn student I ever had…

Well…as I sit here waiting for the second half of the Man U/ Liverpool match to start, I thought I’d do a quick comment on a little article I just read over on Kos….one of the idiot trump’s professors at the Wharton Business school (which trump got into by a favor, not qualifications) was talking to one of his friends and the subject of trump’s intelligence came up…and here’s the money quote: “he was the dumbest damn student I ever had”….yep, in an over 30 year career as an educator, trump distinguished himself by being the dumbest student this professor ever had….and his arrogant stupidity is the one thing that people remember most about him…seems that trump doesn’t change…still the same damn moron that he has always been….impeach…

What you never want to be….