Poor little trump…

Well…not sure if you saw the deranged meltdown of the idiot trump in Phoenix last night…just more of the same of grievance after grievance…fake news, bad media, I’m great, you suck nonsense that is part and parcel of his “campaign” rallies….and if you looked at the fox news coverage, it looked like standing room only with a big crowd there…but, real photos of the crown size are surfacing on the internet showing that the hall was 50% filled at best and maybe not even that high….I wonder how donnie is feeling about that crowd size…that he can’t even fill a medium size hall…I’ll bet Obama could have filled it to overflowing and I’m sure that bugs the crap out of the idiot….and we all need to retweet the photos to the idiot in chief just to rub it in…it will be fun to see the meltdown…impeach….

August 23rd

Well….running really early today with not sleeping at ll last night and just giving up on the entire process at about 5:15…ha, that’s a Who song….had these serial dreams that lasted about an hour each but was up for a half hour in between each one…that makes it about 3 hours of sleep last night but I don’t feel too badly right now…I know I’ll crash later and have to take a nap but I also need to watch Liverpool play in the UCl later today….that will take up some of the boredom this afternoon…had a nice lunch with T yesterday with lots of laughs and it was good to see her as always….it will be nice to have cash coming in next month but the next 4 weeks are going to be a complete shutdown since I’m broke until then…not much to do today…it is pretty cold out right now so I think I’ll wait a while to get on the bike today…and I should complete the bathroom cleaning…oh, the powerball is up to 700 million for tonight..I have my tickets and my fingers crossed….more later….

Is Tucker Carlson stupid?

Well….of all the stupid things I’ve heard right wing pundit Tucker Carlson say over the years, yesterday he was the winner of the stupid of the year award…after the idiot trump was looking at the eclipse without protective glasses and his staff was heard shouting at him to not do it, tucker goes on tv and says this of trump’s stupidity: ¬†”…in a move that was not a complete surprise, he looked directly at the sun without any glasses. Perhaps the most impressive thing that any president has ever done.” More impressive than rescuing the economy from the Bush depression? More impressive than FDR winning world war two? More impressive than Washington ensuring that the presidency would not become a monarchy? More impressive than Kennedy facing down the Russians in Cuba? More impressive than Lincoln winning the Civil War? This delusional little trump kisser has got to go since that one paragraph shows he is no longer grounded in reality..can we please never hear from Tucker again? Or any of the supposed “brains” of the right? Geez….

Some good stuff for a change….

Well….have been polluting this space for quite a while with all things trump so I think today, I will not do that….there are other topics to talk about and I think I’ll do that instead. It has been heartening to see the response to the neo-nazis who have been polluting cities across the country with their hate and racism…starting in Charlottesville and then in Boston over the weekend where 40,000 people turned up to counter the 100 or so Nazis that had hunkered down in a gazebo in a park there…they Nazis called it a “freedom of speech” rally but the only speech they care about is their hate speech that has no place in any society…these Nazi idiots had been emboldened by trump having supported them and had scheduled 37 more “rallies” across the country that have since been cancelled…since these supposed tough guys as scared shitless of good Americans calling them out and that there are finally consequences to their actions…public shaming, job loss, and sunlight are the best antidote to these haters and they have crawled back under the rocks where they came from….another big miscalculation these morons made is their belief that real Americans would buy into their hate since the echo chambers they listen to convinced them they would….turns out that they are still fringe assholes and companies across the world are shutting down their hate sites and starving them of the money that supports their racism…who’d have thought that so many people and companies would do the right thing and step on these cockroaches? Keep it up….

August 22nd

Well…back to sleeping crappy again and last night was the worst one in quite a while…so, I feel a little crappy this morning even though I was good last night….don’t hurt too much today and it looks like I may have to take the day off the bike with the rain today…I am going out to get some powerball tickets this morning with the jackpot being close to 700 million….that would be cool to win…did get the shower cleaned yesterday…made the mistake of putting my glasses on when I looked at it and could see the work that needed to be done…over 2 hours of work but it looks good now…will do the rest of the bathroom today but that will only take about a half hour….other than that, not much to do today…may have lunch with T but I’m not sure about that…more later….

The eclipse…

Well…I have a little problem with all of the breathless reporting that the solar eclipse today was “rare” and a “once in a lifetime event”….since it’s not true….most every year there are at least one total eclipse…this one was a little unusual since it crossed the entire US and lots of people could see it, but it is not rare if you take the entire world into account…in 7 years there will be one that comes onshore near Texas and goes up the east coast to Maine….and in 2026, there will be a 95% eclipse here in GR…and you only have to go a little toward Detroit to see it in totality. The one today was still pretty cool and I took a look at it with a stack of 5 exposed 35 mm films and that worked like a champ…had forgotten all about that method until I saw it on twitter earlier in the day…..

Trump has broken the Secret Service…

Well…run across this little nugget in the news today….the Secret Service has already burned through it’s entire yearly budget protect trump, his family, and his cronies in only 7 months….it’s even gotten so bad that some agents have hit the ceiling of the overtime they are allowed to have and have been working for free on some weekends. At 3 million a pop to visit one of his atrocious golf courses, it’s no wonder he is burning through the cash so fast…but, it’s not his cash so I’m sure he doesn’t give a damn….now, just one question..is this making America great again? Maybe for the idiot, but not for the SS agents who are being treated as servants by trump and his family….and to think, there was that huge right wing uproar when Obama wore a tan suit…where are those voices now? ¬†Impeach….

August 21st

Well…it’s eclipse day and it looks like it will be cloudy so there won’t be much to see….I did see a little trick using your cell phone to watch it but I think I’ll make a pinhole camera, too…slept okay last night but feel a little crappy today…my son’s server has been down since yesterday and that is a little irritating….no tv to watch….oh, well…have been coughing all morning and I think it may be a bug…might be a part of why I feel crappy today….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today looks the same….I do need to clean the bathroom today but I’m not sure I will or not…one good thing is my back still doesn’t hurt and I’m not sure why….more later….oh, the powerball is up to 650 million so I am going to have to find some cash to get in on it….

Serves them right….

Well…there is a bit of delicious irony going on in the farm states around this country and all I can say is it serves them right…okay, buried the lede here but I’ve been reading about the shortage of farm labor that is leaving food rotting in the fields…and I wonder why there is a shortage? Could it be the racist asshole in the White House and his ICE gestapo? The delicious part of this is that rural/farm areas went overwhelmingly for the idiot….and these people that are now whining probably voted for trump. So, morons….elections have consequences and now maybe you can get over your dem hate and use your minds to stop voting for repubs up and down the ballot…they don’t give a damn about you and never have….I really don’t want to wish ill on anyone, but damn, this is what happens when you elect an idiot….

August 20th

Well…running late today and almost forgot to do this one before I got on the bike….had a nice day yesterday and got some cleaning done so it looks like I won’t have to do any but the bathroom today….slept okay and don’t have a lot of pain today so no pain killers before the bike ride….my back has been pain free for days now and that is really weird…..but, I’ll take it….Tom stopped over yesterday and we swapped food…it was nice to meet one of his daughters….looked at the powerball and it is 650 million for wed…might have to spend the rest of my cash in hand to buy a couple of tickets…..not much to do today….need to get on the bike in a minute and then just veg for the day…more later….

What you never want to be….