Comey’s actions were part of the Russian plot…

Well…I know you all witnessed James Comey’s actions last summer that led to the idiot trump being elected…his news conference where he scolded Clinton and then said there were no laws broken? It now appears that entire thing was based on a fake letter from the Russians that asserted that Loretta Lynch was going to stop the investigation into the Clinton e-mail fiasco. So, Comey, with no consultation with the justice department since he didn’t trust Lynch because of the fake letter, wanted to assert his authority in the investigation and not let it get derailed…even though the investigation was essentially over. Comey was duped into the news conference by the Russians as part of their overall plan to damage Clinton and get the idiot trump elected….it was not an isolated incident, but just another of the moving parts that the Russians had in play….think of that, trump voters…you were duped just like the head of the FBI…do you feel better now? Impeach….

The leaker in chief strikes again…

Well…another day, another betrayal of one of our allies…this time the leaker in chief’s people leaked the name of the bomber that killed 22 people in Manchester, against the explicit request of UK intelligence since there was an ongoing investigation that was looking for any other people that may have been involved. Yep, this damn administration can’t do anything right, can’t keep any promise they make to anyone…and, with this one, they may have put many more people in danger by their stupidity….but, they don’t give a damn…they just are so stupid and unaware of the damage they are causing…is there enough now to impeach, repubs? Cripes, what a bunch of losers….impeach…

I think it’s fixed….

Well… I’m a little confused about the car…went out to work on it this morning; to replace the anti rattle spring and then work on the hand brake…I had it all worked out in my head to use the scientific method of controlling for variables to find out where the problem was…but after I put the spring back on and pulled the brake on to see where it was sticking, it wasn’t on either side…and now I’ve used it a few more times and it seems to be fixed….now, I’m not sure if it was the penetrating oil that I put on the linkages or that I greased the pins when I was putting the new pads on…both of those things are problem areas that I read about on Miata net but I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as it works….feels good to know that I can still fix the car when I need to….

May 24th

Well….sore as heck from using a bunch of new muscles working on the car yesterday…my back is tight and painful so I guess there will be ibuprofen this morning…and I do need to work on it some more today to try to sort out why the parking brake is sticking…..didn’t do a whole lot else yesterday but I think I did enough with being busy into the afternoon…the brakes on the car are better with having useful pads on the back….they were down to the thickness of two sheets of paper….other than the car…not much to do today….I am going to clean some today but that is about it….more later….

Trump the job saver?

Well…we all know that the idiot trump lies as he breathes and takes credit for everything good that happens in the US while blaming all the bad stuff on Obama or anyone else…it’s never his fault. Before the election, the idiot toured a Carrier Manufacturing plant and promised the workers there that he had done “the greatest deal” to save their jobs…and this lie was eaten up by the idiot workers there who then voted for trump…but, guess what? Trump didn’t do a damn thing…Carrier today announced that 600 more jobs are being eliminated or moved to Mexico…the same 600 jobs that idiot boy took credit for saving….how do you feel about that trump voters? You voted for the idiot that promised to save your jobs but you knew he is the biggest liar in this country…how does that work? This one time he was telling the truth? That he ever gave a damn about anything but lying to you to get elected? The delusions that trump voters sold to themselves are still doing their jobs…they still believe the liar in chief…I think we should just abandon them and let them live in their fox news bubble…we don’t need them anyway if we just turn out to vote….impeach….

Busy morning…

Well….it has been a pretty busy morning with the normal stuff but then putting new brakes on the back of the car…I thought it was going to be a hard job but it was really quite easy once I got into it…just a new type of caliper that I had to understand…even though it was easy, I did do a lot of damage to my hands…stuck a screwdriver into my left hand getting the anti rattle springs off and then bled all over everything for the rest of the job…and I have a big scrape on my right wrist that I have no clue how I got….and I lost one of those tiny springs on the passengers side that I did find after I had everything put back together so that will be a job ¬†for another day….the parking brake is still sticking a little so I may have to work on that another time…it does release if I yank on it a couple of times so I don’t think it’s any big deal….and greasing the slider pins may help that….at least it’s done…not sure if the brakes work any better but they should after I bed them in some…..the old ones were really, really thin….

May 23rd

Well…it was kind of a busy day yesterday…at least in the morning….I think I may have found the sticking in the parking brake in the car but we’ll see today….have been up since way too early today and I am still trying to figure out what the heck that is about…..My brother called me yesterday for the first time in a couple of years and that was kind of weird….no talk of substance but weird anyway…..I also had another flat on the rear tire on the bike…but it was flat before I went out so I didn’t have to walk back…and I replaced the handgrips, too since the old ones had holes worn in them and they looked ugly….not going to do too much today….have to wait for the rain to stop to get on the bike and I’m not too motivated anyway…more later….

More obstruction….

Well….if there wasn’t already enough of a case to convict the idiot trump for obstruction of justice in regards to his Russia treason, I’m guessing after today’s revelations, there will be. I am just loving this drip, drip, drip, of evidence that keeps coming out of just how stupid trump really is…and I had one titled that today even…okay, back to the evidence….it was confirmed today that trump tried to pressure the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and Adm. Mike Rogers, the director of the NSA to deny the existence of any collusion during the election…and both of these guys, being the patriots they are, refused…deeming the requests to be “inappropriate”…and guess what else happened afterwards? Just like the Comey meeting with the idiot trump, Rogers documented the conversations in memos that are now being made available to Mueller for his investigation into trump’s Russia “problem”…sounds to me like trump should just stay in the Middle East….he’s going to jail later in the year here….impeach….

Trump really is stupid…

Well…if you had an doubt about how stupid the idiot trump is, you just have to look at what he did today…after revealing top secret, classified information to the Russians in a meeting in the WH that no American reporters were allowed to cover just out of the need to stroke his own ego, today, the idiot confirmed to the world that the intel had come from Israel…talking to Netenyahu in front of reporters no less, the idiot said “just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name of Israel…”,,,yeah, I’m shaking my head too…confirming to the world that Israel had spies under cover in ISIS just so he could justify leaking to his buddy Netenyahu? And it’s now all okay that this spy probably is dead since trump didn’t actually say the name Israel? I wonder if he even has an IQ….the stupid, it burns…impeach…

May 22nd

Well..running a little early today with not sleeping too well last night…I’ve already been up an hour and a half but just now getting moving…hope it’s not that I’m getting older…I know I am but I don’t want that to be the reason….had an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get anything done…I did get a bike ride in but I’m not sure about that today…it’s cold out there and the wind is already almost 20 and I’m not sure I want another brutal ride…..not too sore today but my face got sandblasted on the bike yesterday and it hurts today…and I think I have a cold…my lungs have been iffy all morning and the coughing is back…okay…not going to bitch any more…need coffee and some news…more later….

What you never want to be….