I think I may be an idiot…

Well….after the long ride yesterday, you would think that I’d take the day off, but, being the idiot that I appear to be, I did a 15 miler this morning….and it wasn’t too bad…..the cramps in my hands came back inside the first mile but my legs were fine until right now….they are now burning like they should have earlier….just needed to check if there was any permanent damage…and there doesn’t appear to be…weird….

July 16th

Well…woke up this morning just a little sore from the ride…not even enough pain to take any ibuprofen but I probably should…slept okay last night but no better than normal…I was expecting to just crash out and not get up too early but I got up around 6…as usual….might stay off the bike today but I might not…need to have coffee and watch the F1 race first to see…won’t be a sprint day, I’m sure about that…..I do have to fix the hole I wore in my riding shorts or use the black ones today…..don’t think I have to do anything to the bike…I’ll find that out when I get on…..okay, need more coffee and to watch the race…more later….

Made it!

Well….103 miles….7 hours and 47 minutes on the bike today…and the the only real damage appears to be to my riding shorts…wore a hole in them….oh, and my hands are still shaped a little like claws…could barely carry the bike down the stairs….the ride was really okay until the 6th and 7th laps…but boring, boring, boring….probably won’t try anything like that again…..oh, my achilles have cramps in them still and I finished the ride around 2…..waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in….I am going to be stiff and sore tomorrow…it was cool to be out on the trail before 6…one of the first times I can remember getting an entire lap in without seeing anyone at all….the bike worked perfectly all day and that was cool…was kind of wishing for a flat tire around lap 6….at least now I can say I did it….okay…now my calves are freaking out….and cramping….my back was pain free the entire way…and I can’t figure that out….

Looks like I’m ready….

Well….it looks like I’m ready to take on the latest challenge on the bike tomorrow…going to attempt to ride 100 miles for the first time in one day. Have been doing trial runs the past couple of weeks with no problems and my back has been almost pain free for 5 days now so it’s a go. Should take a little over 8 hours…I am a little apprehensive about the damage it’s going to do to my body but I’m hoping none of it will be permanent…I think this will be the last challenge for me…just don’t need permanent damage as I get older…

July 14th

Well….running early today…I think…when is early? Had an okay day yesterday but didn’t get anything done….not sure if I’m even going to try to get anything done today…was thinking of taking the day off the bike but I do need to do something….was way under on calories yesterday so I started today with eggs and toast…we’ll see how that works out….it’s weird to eat this early in the day…have had four days in a row of no back pain and that is really strange….but it is kind of cool to be able to move without having to think about doing it….not much to do today….going to just ease into the day and have some coffee…..more later….

More Russian connections…

Well….it’s starting to look like ole Jeff Sessions is in hot water…again…a while back, I did a post on the surprising settlement of a money laundering case that was moving through a NY court…and that case was being prosecuted by Preet Bahara…who was fired by the idiot trump. Most observers said the Russians were going to lose the case and it was about a week away from going to trial…and the Russians were a little while away from getting a huge fine on the 230 million dollars they laundered….but, the case was settled by Sessions justice department for only 6 million dollars…and no one went to jail for breaking the law…now for the new connection..the Russian lawyer who was representing the money launderers is the same one that donnie junior met with to collude with to get dirt on Hillary. What a wonderful little coincidennce…This shows that collusion with and working for the Russians is still going on with all of trump’s cronies and it needs to be stopped….I hope Mueller has sessions in his sights, too…and it’s not just for the perjury he committed during his hearings….the noose continues to tighten…..impeach…..

Synchronized bunny running…

Well…you’ve seen me write quite a bit about weird stuff that happens on the trail, and today I had a repeat that just cracked me up. I was almost to 44th street in Kentwood when I came up on a couple of bunnies that were sitting together on the trail…when I got close, they started running down the center of the trail right next to each other and then started to zig and zag in unison….and that kept up for almost 50 yards before they split up and ran off the trail…I’ve seen this before but it still just cracks me up….

July 13th

Well… should be running late today…did the grocery run and Meijers only had two lanes open…no self checkouts but I got lucky and got through pretty easily….it’s weird after going through the self lanes for years….my back has been pain free for three days now and I’m not sure what is going on…but, I’ll take it….slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad this morning but my legs are a little sore…have been up and down in my energy on the bike and I’m not sure why…yesterday was okay but Tuesday was torture…I did do a long ride but shouldn’t have felt that bad…oh, well…think I need to eat more but that’s been hard to do…..not much to do today….going to clean a little but that is about it…more later….

What does it take repubs?

Well….Have been thinking about the utter mess that the idiot trump and his cronies have made of this country and our standing in the world and the one question that comes to my mind is “what does it take, repubs?” What does it take to for you to cut this festering wound of a president out of the country? Is it collusion with a foreign power to rig the election? Is it breaking every frickin ethics rule that there is? Is it the constant lying? Is it withdrawing the US from it’s leadership position in the world? Is it hate? Is it racism? Is it nepotism? Is it stealing taxpayer’s money to golf every damn weekend? I guess there is nothing that the idiot trump can do to rouse the congressional repubs to do their damn job…and doesn’t that make them complicit in the lawbreaking? I hope this country survives until next year when I hope some semblance of sanity returns and we take the congress back…..as you can tell, I don’t have a lot of hope left that any repub will put the country first just once, just frickin once….impeach…

What you never want to be….