December 9th

Well….running on time this morning and wanted to get this done before soccer starts in a few minutes….feel pretty crappy today and have been coughing all morning so I’m not sure what that is about….just got over the last bug and hope it’s not another one….we’ll see after coffee…slept okay last night but got up early again…not sure what early is anymore…I’m always up around 6 or so so maybe that will be the benchmark for early….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but, with the snow today, it looks like I’ll be in all day and will get some things done…..not sure what that will be but it will be something…after coffee and soccer, that is….more later….

This is weird…

Well….was sitting here swimming in guilt from not riding the bike so I thought I’d go out and just take a look at the trails to see how bad they were…they had snow on some of them but were mostly passable…but I was thinking I needed to be really careful being on the skinny tired road bike….but the weird thing was, when I came to snow covered parts of the trail, the bike went through them better than my mountain bike used to…so, through 10 miles out there, it only slid once where the mountain bike would have been all over the place…not sure if I’ll take it out again until next week with the snow that is coming but it was kind of cool to be able to get a ride in today….

Trump is so damn petty….

Well…if you needed any more evidence that the idiot trump is a petty, small man, you just have to look at the Hanukkah celebration that was held in the WH this week. None of the dem members of congress were invited, and neither were anyone from the progressive Jewish community…which means he held a Hanukkah celebration without any Jews…and only about 300 people showed up compared to 1700 who attended when Obama was president. I’m not sure if the turnout was from people not showing up or that the idiot didn’t think enough of Jewish citizens to even make any effort. This is the first time in history that this ceremony was used for petty, partisan payback but what does anyone expect from this petty, small man? Impeach….

December 8th

Well…running a little late today and just can’t get started…but I’m not sure if I need to….slept okay last night but feel a little slow today since I wasn’t good last night for the first time in 4 days…..didn’t ride the bike yesterday with the snow and it looks like today will be another one without the bike…I’m already feeling guilty about that and need to get into calorie reduction mode now…so, I’ll be down to one meal a day from now until spring and that is a little annoying…but necessary….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I need to do a few things today…need to get the winter clothes out and put the summer ones away but I’m not sure if I’ll do that today….think I may just take the day off and veg….just like most days….not much to do today…I should clean and I might and I have a chair full of papers that need to go to recycling so that might be a project for today….more later…..

That isn’t how it works…

Well….the dumb doesn’t fall far from the tree when little donnie trump is involved…not sure if you saw the news reports on his testimony to congress yesterday, but little idiot donnie didn’t answer some questions about the lies that were told when the big idiot put together the excuse for little idiot meeting with a room full of Russians…and his excuse…attorney client confidentiality…..yep, he tried that old one just because, as he says, there was a lawyer on the call when he was talking to daddy…..but, that’s not how that works….these folks are so dumb and don’t understand the law at all that it’s a wonder they haven’t ended up in jail already…attorney client privilege is only applicable between a client and his personal lawyer….and it is not a get out of jail free card just because some random lawyer is listening in…and whoever the lawyer was, it was not little donnie’s lawyer so privilege doesn’t apply….it is just so funny how these morons think they are the smartest people in the room and think that if they spout something they heard on “Law and Order”, it’s absolves them of their lawbreaking…that’s just not how it works, donnie…..and now the committee needs to haul his ass back in, under oath, and make him testify…this delusional attorney client nonsense will not protect him…impeach….

December 7th

Well…running a little late today with doing the grocery run…how the heck do you spend 77 bucks and get nothing? Oh, well….and there was ice everywhere on the road this morning but the old, worn out Blizzaks are still doing their thing and the drive out to groceries was uneventful….feel pretty good this morning with getting everything for the day done already…except cleaning, that is….slept kinda crappy last night and have been up since 5 but I don’t feel like it…have some energy again and part of it is the cold is finally gone…my head is almost clear and I have been able to breathe for the past couple of days and that was a long one…almost a month of the low-level infection and that was no fun…I did get a bike ride in yesterday but today looks like a bust with the snow out there…so I guess I’ll just work out instead….more later….


Well….the world seems to be infested with idiots lately and I have a flooded bathroom to prove it….just having a nice afternoon watching some soccer and I go into my bathroom and there is water everywhere…so, of course, I call the maintenance guys since my ceiling fell in the last time the tub upstairs leaked…but this time it wasn’t a leak…the idiots upstairs just ran the tub over onto the floor…and that is kind of weird since my tub doesn’t seal anywhere near well enough to have it even fill up…let alone run over….cripes…is everyone an idiot?

No trump today….

Well…yeah, I know…some of you are getting pretty tired of me going on and on about the idiot trump so today, no trump. Okay, one little thing…the idiot boy was not chosen to be Time’s person of the year…he is such a loser he can’t even win that….and that makes me laugh….have been watching some new tv lately over on netflix…finished off “Godless” and started “Dark” yesterday and, while I liked “Godless”, after two episodes of “Dark”, I’m not sure what I think about it…there are times that the English dubbing is distracting…but the story is just weird enough to keep me interested…we’ll see after a few more episodes….there is a new show on syfy tonight called “Happy!” that looks just about weird enough to give a try….about an ex-cop hitman who has a blue, flying horse that he talks to…and it is supposed to be full of blood and gore…and it’s partially a comedy so it may be interesting to see…ordered that up on the server along with “Godless” today….since all of the DC shows on the CW ended this week….tv is going to be a little bare for the next month or so…will probably have to go back to some of the shows I have kept in reserve like “Stranger Things” or “Sense8″ to fill the time….but I don’t really want to end “Sense8″ since it has been cancelled and there won’t be any more of them….but, I guess they all have to end sometime….

December 6th

Well….running a little early today and there is no reason for it other than I got up early today….and I was good last night so I feel okay today…finally figured out that the constant pain I am usually in is from riding the bike…took the day off with the crazy wind yesterday and woke up pain free today…that is kind of cool since I was thinking that it was just getting old….slept quite well last night and feel like I think normal people feel when they get up in the morning….have a lot of energy and that is before coffee even….not sure how I’ll use that today but I do want to get out on the bike later if the wind cooperates but so far it looks like another day off…..not much to do today….there is more soccer on…and Man U won yesterday so they are into the knockout stage of the champion’s league….and I am going to cook and clean today….more later…

Russia banned from the Olympics…

Well….we all know that Russia is a decaying oligarchy that meddles in other countries with impunity across the world including the last US election…well…every election that has been held since the internet, but finally, someone has held them accountable for their cheating. Just announced today, the entire Russian Olympic team has been banned from the 2018 winter Olympics due to overwhelming state-sanctioned doping that happened in 2012 and 2016. This plan was actually run by state scientists paid by Russia to figure out new ways to cheat and it rivaled the other great cheating scandal that was East Germany in the 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s that allowed them to steal more medals that any other country earned in that same time. In this world of cheats, from lying politicians here in the US now to the Russians being the only country ever to be banned for cheating in sports…it is about time the cheats were held accountable….and the capper here is that no government official from Russia will be allowed to even attend…poor baby Putin….geez…

What you never want to be….