May 31st

Well…I know…took a couple of days off to just chill out and do nothing except have a bunch of beers…still feel like crap with no energy that has been going on for a couple of weeks now; haven’t even gotten on the bike in a couple of days since my legs have been so dead. Did go over to K’s yesterday to get some sun and out to the winchester last night but didn’t stay out late.

Might go over to K’s again today but the radar shows that it is going to storm here in about an hour or so and last for a while so I may just stay home…more later…

I don’t understand…

Well…was just sitting here thinking tonight..(yeah, I know, that’s dangerous) that I don’t really recognize what this country has become..or what it’s people have become over my lifetime….maybe it’s just a perspective thing on my part but I really do think we’ve lost our way. And, I think that some of the posts that I’ve written have added to the polarization that I think has taken away our Americanness and continues to be part of the wall that keeps us from finding our way back. That’s not to say that I’m going to stop writing about my particular way of looking at the world and venting my outrage…and won’t apologize about.

How have we allowed corporations to have so much power over our everyday lives? nope not feeling it right now…more later…okay…back now….

Corporations have the power to destroy our environment, to take away our jobs, to buy our elected officials, and run roughshod over American’s lives and the people that are getting screwed keep electing officials that help them do that. Have we become so stupid that we can’t even think in our own self interest?

This one is not as lucid that I envisioned when I started it…just not feeling as sharp as normal tonight….oh, well….

May 28th

Well…another kind of normal day but have felt kind of out of sync all day…no energy in the legs for the bike ride but that may be that I just need to take a day off…have ridden every day for almost 3 weeks and now with the left knee starting to pop, a rest may be in order. I did get the coffee table, end table, and a lamp from G yesterday and I will say that I think I can get used to having more furniture. I know, I’m still not a furniture kind of guy but the coffee table works great for a foot stool. It looks like I have plans for the weekend after all…over to K’s tomorrow to sit around the pool and then a reunion of the Taps people at the Winchester Sunday. I don’t know if I’ve shared it but Taps was the place I met most of the friends I now have and it will be good to see some people I don’t see much any more.

That’s about it…no outrage at anything right now so that is why no extra posts lately, plus I’ve been busy doing other things…maybe more later…

Oh, there is the Indy 500 Sunday, too, that is a tradition for me so I’ll have to watch it…

May 27th

Well…been kind of a fun day today…had a nice surprise from T…she texted me this morning to ask me to go to lunch…so we did and had a hoot at the Beltline Bar….everything else today is just about normal except G coming over in a few minutes to bring me some furniture. Yeah, I know….I’m not the furniture kind of guy but thought I’d try it out…a couple of tables and a lamp…weird.

Truth is not truth anymore….

Have been reading a bunch about how many of the righty politicians have been able to build careers on saying whatever they want without regard for the truth and their followers are so thick (to coin the English slight) that they will just believe it without any critical thought…takes me back to the Bush years that had us listening to Cheney who thought that truth was what he said it was and it could be created by repeating lies over and over and louder and louder….geez….

Oh, one other thing, how many times do politicians that Sarah Palin backs have to lose before the Repubs start to run away from her as fast as they can?

May 26th

Well…getting ready to go out to Ada for pool and beer again…so far, an uneventful day with just the regular stuff in it…great weather, though, and it looks like it is going to be good the rest of the week. Stayed in last night to get some rest although G and I took it easy Monday; it’s the damn sleep thing again, as always. I am so worn out from tossing and turning that I think I’ll have to get some more of the otc sleeping pills even thought they make you feel like crap the next day. Have to try to figure out what I’m doing for the weekend since it is the first holiday of the summer…might put the bike on the back of the wreck and just go somewhere to see some new trails…or if G and M are still having some conflict, I may be able to get 18 holes of golf in with her…probably not likely.

Hmmm…it’s 2:19 and I have to be out in Ada by 3 so, so I think I’ll stop here…I do have a comment on Stevie Y. leaving the Wings for Tampa but that will be later today or probably tomorrow….

More musings….

Hmmm….you know that I’ve talked previously about becoming invisible as I age and to me, that is just part of the disconnect that I feel about society and how I fit into it..well, the great revelation was in the shower (I know, don’t put that image in your head) after I got back from the bike ride today. I don’t really know if it was a revelation so much as another crystallization of the vague feelings I’ve been having for quite a while of the new state of my life…that is that it all feels temporary, like I’m just marking time or idling; looking for work and hoping that there may be something for me here in Michigan. In an earlier life, there were the concrete foundations of family, job, and owning a home…that were then replaced by the great group of friends I had for a number of years that have largely gone away; most of them getting into their concrete lives that I had already done….so I feel like I’m starting over again…just like when the marriage crapped out…

This is part of the confusion that I mentioned in the first post to this page…and it is something that I am not having any luck figuring out…as time goes on, you’ll see how this fits with the posts on change….

May 25th

Well…no golf with G last night since it was about 90 and that is just too miserable to be out in…so, went to the Mex place over here by me and had some beers; cheap check was a good departure from the normal Monday night at LC. I think it’s the kind of day today that you just take it easy and drop down a gear…especially since there was no sleep again last night and I was back up at 5 am…I am going to get out in the sun later since the bike tan is getting to look really weird…but I do get to take the night off from drinking tonight and that will be good, just feeling quite tired today and I think I’ve got an imbalance in the calorie intake and what I’m burning off every day…but that is a weird thing, I’m finding it hard to eat more…don’t know if it’s guilt from being fat in parts of my life or just the habit I’ve gotten into….

Okay, maybe you can tell me, had salmon on the grill, a baked potato, and about 15 asparagus spears….about 700 calories but I need almost 2K per day….I think I have my metabolism terminally screwed up…will probably have a salad and a turkey sandwich for the other two meals….ok, enough about food…and bitching…more later…

May 24th

Well…busy morning so far..of course, coffee, then the normal routine except I went out and hit a bucket of balls to see if I can get rid of the nasty slice that I’ve developed….and I can report that I think I’ve figured it out…yay! It is so hot already that I came back from the bike ride completely drenched and I may have to run the AC later in the day.

One good thing, I’m not sore from hitting so I may be okay to go golfing with G later since the LC is still closed for some reason…and it is cheaper to golf than sit at the bar all night even if you have to buy beer on the course. Might be fun…more later…

Oh, I do have some things to say about business and how they are using their funding of the hard right to try to protect themselves from regulation…

May 23rd

Well…what a gorgeous morning to be out on the bike in the fog and haze…out before 8 and over 20 miles and now I’m already bored and it is only 10…oh, well…not much going on Sunday Funday as far as I know…at least I haven’t heard from anyone yet.

Not much more to say right now so I’ll stop…more later..