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Did anyone tell trump that Hillary is not running?

Well…of course I didn’t listen to any of idiot boy’s Klan rally last night but I have read about it and the delusion runs strong in that one…I do have a question: Did anyone tell trump that Hillary isn’t running? For almost a third of the speech, trump just kept going on and on about Hillary, e-mails, and that the only people who committed any crimes were on the other side….and the crowd, who has about three brain cells between all of them, kept chanting “lock her up” as idiot boy led the cheer…and that makes me wonder if anyone told THEM that Hillary is not running. There was nothing new in this rant and that makes it even more clear that the moron in chief can’t learn anything new…if you looked at any speech he has given in the past two years, they are all exactly the same unless he is reading from the prompter….oh, and one little detail that kind of went under the radar made me laugh…they couldn’t get enough people from the Orlando area to come to his hate rally so they bused them in from all over Florida…and I’ll bet that they paid the ones that were standing in line to stand there and make it look like idiot boy is more popular than he is…after all, only 25% of the people polled in Orlando approve of trump…and every dem challenger is beating him in the latest Florida poll…and that’s too damn funny…impeach…

Here’s the first 10 pages….

Well…I think this may work if you click on the link below…the first 10 pages of the novel should come up…if it doesn’t, please let me know so I can get the geek son (and I say that lovingly) to show me how to do it….I hope you enjoy it….

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