That was weird…

Well….not sure if you know this or not, but in many people with migraines, the headaches are preceded by what are called auras in your vision that consist of sparkly zig zag lines that look like you’re looking through broken glass…I haven’t had one of those in many years but they came back this morning while I was reading the paper…and the strange thing is that I don’t get migraine headaches, just the auras…I remember the first time it happened and it completely freaked me out…thought I was having a stroke but now that I understand them and know that they will go away in 30 minutes or so, I can look at them with a little amusement…and they don’t really mean that there is anything wrong with you…they just are and can be caused by stress or extra caffeine or any number of other causes…and I have lots of stress and caffeine today…just a little weird is all….and shoveling snow is really a trip when they are happening…but they were gone before I finished so that was cool…

January 31st

Well…running about on time for a Sunday and I just finished the paper so it’s time for this…I was just thinking about what my Sundays will be like when I move….I wonder if Muskegon has a newspaper or if I can get the GR press out there? Reading the Sunday paper has been a ritual for me since I was 7 or 8 years old  and I would like to continue to read a real paper…I guess I’ll have to check on that…tossed and turned a lot last night and got up around 6:30 so I do feel a little slow today and I was lazy and didn’t shovel the snow before I went out for the paper so that will make it a pain when I do go out…oh, well….I wonder how much snow Muskegon gets? Lots of lake effect stuff I bet…so there may be a snowblower in my future…didn’t get much done yesterday and all I have to do is continue packing so that will be the goal for the day…after I shovel that is….my heel is finally getting to the point that I can walk on it again with very little pain and that was a long time coming….the skin is still peeling off it so I think I’ll continue to treat it to make sure the cracks don’t come back….not much to do today…just packing and cleaning that I am going to get to after I have more coffee and watch the first race of the year, the 24 hours of Daytona that is on right now….more later….

The last move….

Well…with almost getting to the end of the purchase project on the new house, I have been reflecting on the fact that this is going to be my last move before I die…and I think I want it to be more than just a move…maybe by including the few friends that I have left and making it a little bit of a party…I know my youngest son and his wife are in, and K and J have offered to help and J has a new pickup that would help…and Tom, maybe you’d like to come and hang out? Part of my thinking here is that I don’t know how much my back will take moving my big speakers and couch…the rest of it, I can handle since nothing is very heavy other than my matreses and box spring…so I think the move is going to happen on the 26th of February…and that will give me two weeks to clean up this house and get it ready for my son…then I settle in to the last house and relax for a bit…that’s going to be a long day and I can use the help….

Rudy is going to die broke….

Well…finally, some of the liars on the right are going to pay for lying about damn near everything…and it took companies to do it since the repub party is infested with liars that will say anything for advantage and are still lying about the election. After Dominion Voting Systems sued ole Rudy for 1.3 billion dollars for all of his lies about them that they cheated in the election and switched trump votes to Biden, he now is being sued by the Lincoln Project for lying that they were behind the attacks on the capitol when it has been clear from the start that it was a right wing plot financed by the trump campaign…and I just read the letter from their law firm on twitter and it is so damn funny that you should go out and read it…it just blasts rudy and asks “what happened to you?” and then goes on with a litany of things that rudy has done after becoming involved with trump….with this defamation suit, ole rudy is going to die penniless and they will take whatever is left over after the Dominion suit is over…how does that feel rudy? I think you probably should shut your mouth right now..and go away….

January 30th

Well…cripes, running really late this morning and I know what the reason is…had a few cocktails last night after taking the week off and I didn’t get out of bed until 7:30….I had almost forgotten how crappy I feel after a cocktail night and how much I need coffee to get over that and I’m sure I don’t like it so I’m glad I took the week off and I think I’m going down to two nights a week….just too hard on me and I don’t want to deal with that anymore….I did get out for a bike ride yesterday and I hope to get out again today since it felt good to finally get some exercise after a few days off….I do need to set the new bike up on the trainer when I move so I can ride every day and get my miles in…and I’m going to buy a weight machine so I can get back to getting toned every day, too, and that will be part of my fitness room that I am going to set up in the basement…didn’t get anything else done but run around and continue to work on getting the loan papers together so I can close in a couple of weeks….and today is going to be the same except for working on getting some packing done…lots of garbage bags for clothes and everything else….more later…

Jewish lasers in space….

Well…holy crap, the repub party is electing the worst of the worst to congress…a bunch of delusional, conspiracy spreader morons that is led by Marjorie Green of Georgia are so far down the rabbit hole you have to wonder how they even dress themselves in the morning…while she has advocated murdering Nancy Pelosi and supports the Qanon conspiracy theory, one of the craziest damn thing I have ever heard came out of this moron’s mouth last year during the Camp fires in California. When commenting on how the fires started and that California shouldn’t get any federal aid since it was California that didn’t keep their forest floors “clean”, parroting trump’s idiocy of why the fires were so bad…but then she added her own brand of crazy, saying that the fires were started by “Jewish lasers from space” and then went off on George Soros and bleated every anti-semitic trope that the right uses to attack them. And guess what? After it was revealed in Facebook posts that she advocated murder of her political opponents, guess what the repub leadership did? Nothing, not a damn thing, so I guess now it’s okay to foment revolution and call for murder of dems and there is no price to pay for trying to destroy our government or country…in fact it is now an operating principle of the repub party here in the US. This crap has got to end and Nancy Pelosi has to strip this gargoyle of all committee assignments and make sure she can do no more damage to this country until she can be expelled from the house…geez…

January 29th

Well…that was a little better….didn’t get up til almost 5:30 and then decided to go back to bed and didn’t get up til 6:45 and that is as close to a full night’s sleep that I can ever expect…but, I still feel worn out today even with being good for a second night and I’m going to try for three tonight just to see if the effects are cumulative and will make me feel better as the days go on….I did get some stuff done yesterday and really do need to start throwing stuff away and getting packed…it looks like I’ll need to get a bigger truck this time since I filled a 10 foot box last time and I have a few more things this time since I am taking a dinette set, chair, and bookcase from here that I need and I could barely fit my stuff in a 10 foot last time….and it’s going to cost a bunch with having to go 40 miles on the move…oh, well…at least my heel is better to the point that I barely notice it…but I’ve gotten lax at treating it and need to do better to keep it from cracking again….not much to do today…need to go back to the bank to get the statement with my earnest check on it since it just posted last night and I need to get that to my mortgage guy…and I am going to try to get out on the bike today but it is still going to be cold and I am just not dealing with the cold this winter….more later….

Man, I’m exhausted…

Well…I guess sleeping only about 4 hours makes you kind of exhausted…who knew? And coffee works almost too good on the day after a no cocktail night and I was jittery all morning from it….but now I’m just worn out after re-grouting the bathroom where the grout had fallen out and it came out pretty good and cleaning some downstairs…I think part of it is the relieving of some of the stress that came from worrying about whether or not I was going to get the house or not…still have a couple of pieces of paper that the mortgage folks need but I can’t get those until they show up at my bank…I also wrote to my congressman to try to have them find out why I didn’t  get my 600 buck covid check since the website that was set up for people to check has been shut down and there is no way now to figure it out…and I don’t want to miss the next one…that two grand will buy me a lawnmower and washer for the new house and maybe even a snowblower…so I need to get that figured out….especially since they may have a couple more of the 2k checks and that would buy the new Miata almost….okay, that’s enough…I’m tired and am going to watch a little soccer….

Too much good stuff going on in politics…

Well…do you hear that? It’s the quiet sound of competence that Joe is bringing to all parts of the of the government…no fanfare, no boasting, no fighting, no name calling and guess what? Over 70% of the country likes what he’s doing and that even includes a lot of repubs that haven’t drunk the qanon koolaid….now, how long will that last? Who knows but one thing that I am a little pissed about is the damn MSM like the NYT who are questioning the use of executive orders to reverse the damage that idiot boy did with his…saying he is using them too much…look, Joe has been in office for 9 days and they are already bitching? Especially for protecting the DACA young adults who just want to have some stability in their lives and to know that ICE is not going to show up at their college and put them on a plane to a country they have never been to? All of the things Joe has done with EO’s have to been to root out the racist and homophobic bullshit that trump was doing with them and protecting Americans from discrimination like the ban on trans people serving in the military. Gee, I guess it’s hard for the media to understand that what Joe is doing is what the people want done, not just the rich or corporations…what the people want…now that’s a strange concept that the media just doesn’t understand….

January 28th

Well…darn, another 2:54 morning for the first time up and then tossed and turned until 5:53 when I gave up and just got out of bed…but I know the reason is that I did a no cocktail night to start to get back into shape for the move and that is going to continue for a while until it becomes a habit again….still feel like I have a cold and that was one of the things I was trying to find out by taking the night off….but it could still be allergies they feel about the same…didn’t get much done yesterday but the grocery run…didn’t even get out on the bike since it never got out of the 20′s…I wonder where that warmer than normal winter that was predicted went? At least it hasn’t snowed as much as normal and there is no big event in the forecast for the next couple of weeks at least…we’ll see if I get out today…would like to just for the small amount of exercise it gives now….I have started to pack my stuff back up to get ready for the move but I don’t really have too much stuff…I am taking a lounge chair and bookcase that was here in the house since my son doesn’t want them and I can use a few things other than my couch…oh, and the small dinette set that is in the kitchen and that will fit in my small dining room quite well….not much to do today…just prep and the bike ride but that’s enough for now…more later….