Last one for the month…

Well…another month without any fillers and I feel pretty good about that…I wonder if I should thank Trump for giving me some really easy topics? can’t thank an idiot for being one….I am waiting for the news reports of his trip to Mexico today…it should go really, really well…snark….I have been getting a bunch of stuff done the past few days and that continued today with cleaning the kitchen some, doing some laundry, and cleaning and waxing the car….but now is down time for me and I just want to take it easy for a while….even made some cash today which is cool, and I am going to make a little more tomorrow so there will be food again this week….I do need a new trash can and to replace some t-shirts that have started to fall apart due to me sweating…it cuts through them like acid and they have them on sale at Target so I need to go there tomorrow…not today since I don’t want to do anything else today…..okay, need more water and to take a nap….no more until next month….

August 31st

Well….spent the night last night watching the show “Roadies” and I really like it…very good character development and stories….give it a try… was another work day yesterday trying to get everything done that I needed to and I did…so today will be just a cleaning and laundry day but I’m not sure how much of that I’ll get done…my ribs have hurt the past few days and I really can’t figure out how I hurt them….so back to the painkillers for the bike ride today….and I need to use up the bagels that I bought last week before the smoked fish goes bad…and I need more coffee, too…..yep… as you can see…I’m all over the place today and can’t really focus…I did have the weird squiggly lines in my vision yesterday that usually come before a migraine but no headache at all…maybe it’s a tumor…who knows?

A new signal….

Well…for the second day in a row, I am not going to write anything about the idiot Trump…and I feel better for it. There was a little excitement in the science community the other day about a signal that a Russian telescope picked up back in 2015 that might be from extraterrestrials…..yeah, I know, the WOW signal was thought to be one, too, a few years back and nothing came from it….but some of the scientists that saw the data have recommended that we monitor the star that the signal came from constantly so we don’t miss another one if there is one…that would be pretty cool if it was a real signal…and in my lifetime…and the star is only 95 light years away in our galaxy…but that means any signal would have left there 95 years ago and any signal from here takes 95 years to get back there…but, the bubble of our radio noise is already out almost that far so maybe they can pick up some of our early radio shows from the 30′s…who knows? Okay…now that was something interesting to write about…politics is burning me out….

August 30th

Well….what a day yesterday…was on the run all morning and then I had work to do around here that I didn’t get done until almost 3:30…and I am sore everywhere today with being on my feel all day…didn’t even get to eat anything til late in the aft and that has my energy level quite low today….even with being good last night…I did make some cash yesterday that I promptly spent on supplies so I guess that’s a wash….I just realized that summer is almost over and I really didn’t get much done at all…I did get out to the beach once and I may do that again next week…..still have a bunch of work to do around here this morning…after the bike ride, that is…so I guess I need to take something for the pain right now so I can get through the workout…..more later….

RIP Gene Wilder….

Well…it always a sad day when one of the good guys dies…and today is no different with the passing of Gene Wilder, one of the funniest people that I have ever seen. After I saw him in Willie Wonka, I could not wait to see him in another role and he did not disappoint…what would Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and The Producers be without Gene’s unique talent? I will miss him but I am thankful that we will still have him on film…RIP Gene….

August 29th

Well….what a waste of a Sunday…I really did plan on getting some things done but that didn’t happen….and, I’m not sure if today will be any better….I have lots of stuff to do but just can’t get motivated to do anything…oh, well…..have an errand to run this morning but I really, really need coffee right now….and I need to work out before that….and get the bike ride in…so, it’s going to be busy today….have been sore everywhere the past few days and I’m not sure what that is about….and the goldenrod and ragweed is blooming right now and I am just feeling lousy from the allergies…yeah, sounds pretty bad right now and it is…but, it is mostly attitude and I can fix that….more later….

Getting close….

Well…it’s getting close to the end of the month so I guess I’ll just noodle around a little today since I’m one behind….it was nice to see my son last night even if he didn’t get here until 10 or so…that’s really late for me on a weekend….and that kept me up really late last night…think I didn’t get to bed until 12:30 or so and then I was up really early…as usual….I do have some work to do around here but I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not…I do have to do the dishes at least but that may be it…really don’t want to talk about Trump today…it seems I’m trumped out today and I’m not sure how long that is going to last…I don’t want to just write about that idiot and it is making me lazy doing it…so maybe some science later or some sports? Anything but Trump….I did have a nice ride on the bike today but the straps on my bag broke so I had to cut it short to come home and repair it…but, I got that done and repaired the handgrips that I hope will last until I buy new ones…okay…that’s enough for now….

August 28th

Well…had a cool surprise last night when one of my sons stopped over and we went out to have some food…pretty cool to see him and have some time to hang out….still smiling from that….I did get out to see the cars at the show yesterday but the storm thinned out the field some…it was cool to see two Avantis at the show and it took me back to my childhood when someone at my church owned one….didn’t get on the bike yesterday but T gave me permission to take it off and that gave me a laugh…but, I will get out here in a few minutes but I need to see the F1 race at Spa first….okay…need a bagel and more coffee so I’ll end here….

Trump does have a black hole in him…

Well…it it wasn’t already obvious that there is something seriously wrong with ole Trump, you just have to see the tweet he sent out this morning that shows that, as his ghostwriter says, he has a black hole inside of him. After the tragic death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin in a shooting in Chicago Friday, Trump’s response is just the worst thing I have ever seen: Dwayne Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago…Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!

Not sure what more I have to say about this but if the delusional Donald thinks that any black person would vote for him after that cynical use of a tragedy, he is just stupid, too…and yes, he did spell Dwyane Wade’s name wrong in the tweet….what an utter asshole….sad