Last one for the month….

Well….it was one of those weird days today when I had expectations an they didn’t pan out…no turkey at Target, no wipers at Menards, and no HH with T…so it ended up being pretty boring today that I think I needed…was just damn exhausted all day and I’m not sure why….took the day off the bike, too, since I just couldn’t take the snow….and rain…and cold…but, tomorrow will be different…at least the car started in the morning but I’m still not sure about it and that uncertainty is a little stressful….okay…this one is done as the month is….not bad…but it all starts again tomorrow….and I am out of milk….

Politics as promised….

Well…did anyone else see the desperation¬† on the right with the indictment of 3 of trump’s cronies? Fox “news” went into overdrive trying to change the subject back to the thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory of “giving away” American uranium…and here’s the thing,¬† the sale of a Canadian uranium company to a Russian one was done completely above board and following all of the rules, approved by 9 different agencies, none of which were controlled by Hillary…so now Hillary has “given away” 20% of our uranium….just like every other lie from Fox “news” and the right, the only purpose is to protect trump until they get the giveaway to the rich done and raise taxes on the rest of us….I, for one, am going to get the popcorn ready to watch the next set of indictments come down…it is going to get to trump and Pence, and the rest of them who have lied to the FBI…..please, please…Jared next…and then little donnie…and then Ivanka…just remember this one thing…both Jared and Ivanka had a felony case bribed away for one of their real estate scams…and that one can be revived…I wonder if there will have to be a trump wing at one of the federal prisons? Hope so…impeach…

Some new stuff….

Well…it’s 9:24 and I’ve already been out to run errands and put gas in the car…found the last station that was still at $2.41 a gallon with the rest of them up to $2.69 already…so not a bad deal to save 28 cents a gallon and now I have a month’s worth of gas in the car…I did check another Target for turkeys and they didn’t have them either so I’m a little irritated….I may go back to the one by me and bitch a little…I want some cheap turkey! Oh, the car started like normal today but I won’t know if it’s okay until I let it set for more than a day without starting it….I am really hoping that it was just that it wasn’t charged enough….I am going to come back for a political one later today to cap off the month…even though I’m over by a bunch for the month…more later….

October 31st

Well…on time today and don’t feel too bad so maybe that is a good thing….slept okay last night and had some weird dreams and that was cool…but, I lost at pool yesterday but it was nice to get out of here…still having problems with the car and that is going to need to be fixed but not right now….the dreaded snow is on my phone this morning when I checked the weather and I know we’re getting to winter but I’m not ready for it yet….I did get out and get a huge ham yesterday and it is nice to have something different to eat….but I’ll probably tire of it before it’s gone…and that will leave a lot of it to make soup in the next couple of weeks….not much to do today…might meet up with T this aft for a couple but that only penciled in so I may be here to watch Man U in the champion’s league later….more later….

It’s Manafort to start…

Well…it has just hit the news that Paul Manafort (the idiot trump’s former campaign manager) is the first one to be charged in the trump/Russia investigation….the charges haven’t been released yet but I know what the idiot’s response is going to be “I barely know the guy…he was only around for a little while and wasn’t really a part of the campaign…” but, a really telling thing is that there haven’t been any tweets yet….hey, Donnie…he’s coming for you…impeach…

October 30th

Well…running a little early today and I think it’s from boredom….slept okay last night and feel okay today but a little slow….still feel like I have a cold but it’s not too bad….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but today looks a little busy with errands to run and then pool this aft….I did get a ride in and it was cold so I think I’ll start looking for my cold weather gear…I do need a new pair of gloves and I think I’ll try to find some this week….the rubber coating is falling off this pair and it has become sticky and that is annoying….I do need some different food other than the pork and pasta that I’ve been making…just so bored with that stuff that I am going to buy a turkey this morning and use the new credit card to do it…but that won’t help until it thaws later in the week so I’ll need to think of something else…more later….

Over 51,000 miles….

Well….it was damn cold on the bike today and I think I have found the lower limit of temp for going out in shorts at 41 degrees….and with the 400 miles I have put on the old bike since I started riding it again, I have gone over 20K miles on that bike, too…and with the 31,353 that I had on the other bike, that puts me over 51,000 miles that I have ridden bikes as an adult…and another weird fact is that, with the over 2,700 miles I have ridden this year so far, I am on track to ride my bike more miles than I have driven my car…and that has never happened before. Kinda strange….

October 29th

Well….running really late today and I just have been a little zoned out this morning….just finished the paper and I am on my 3rd cup of coffee so I am starting to get moving a little…going to have to wait until noon to get out on the bike since I still want to go out in shorts for at least another week…slept okay last night and didn’t get up until after 7 and that is really late for me…feel okay today and my back is not hurting at all…it has been cracking like crazy for the past day or so and that is a good sign….still feel like I may have a little bug…feel a little warm and my lungs are kind of itchy but I don’t feel that bad…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today looks the same…the Lions play later and there are two races on at the same time so I’ll have something to do…more later….

The dam is breaking…

Well…I am positively giddy that it was leaked that the first indictments have been approved in the trump/Russia investigation yesterday….and that the first arrests could take place as early as Monday…and now we know why the idiot trump was tweeting like crazy yesterday, trying to deflect the media toward the totally debunked Hillary/uranium fake scandal…and his minions across the right wing media were going nuts trying to do the same…it seems the heat is on and I really hope this dam will break next week as more and more indictments are handed down…Mueller has trump and he knows it…this meltdown is going to be lots of fun to watch…there are even some repub house members that are now saying that they were just waiting for this to happen for them to start the impeachment process (yeah, right)….maybe idiot boy won’t make a year in office? We can only hope….impeach….

October 28th

Well…trying to get things moving this morning before the Man U match but it looks like I won’t be successful….I did get some pork chops in the oven to cook low and slow today and it is already starting to smell good in here…slept okay last night but didn’t dream at all but I won’t bitch too much about that…after all, my back is back to cracking and not hurting and that makes everything better….it is going to be a good sports day today starting now and going through Michigan at noon and then a race later from Martinsville….and it is cold and raining so I may stay off the bike today….need to get the ride in by 11 or I won’t go….not much to do today…I do need to do another one today with the news that the first indictments of trump and his cronies have been issued and the arrests are going to start next week…I can’t wait….