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Middle schoolers get it…

Well….Just wanted to do a short one on something that I read that made me smile today…the idiot Paul Ryan was at a middle school in New Jersey last week where he wanted to use the kids as a prop to push his granny killing agenda…and, guess what happened? More than half of the kids walked out and would not be used to normalize his radical transfer of wealth to the 1%… I applaud these kids that know who this fake idiot is and what he is planning on doing to this country…much more aware than I was at that age…..thanks kids…

Memorial Day…..

Well…this one could turn into a rant if I let it…but, I’m not sure if I should…with it being memorial day, I just watched a film about a couple of volunteer nurses that worked with a military doctor in the town of Bastogne during the battle of the bulge and I am just struck by the bravery and sacrifice these two women made…and their dignity doing it…one of them was killed taking care of wounded American soldiers when the Germans bombed the makeshift hospital where she was working and the other was gravely wounded…but she was back on the line the next day, working with the only doctor for the entire division that was defending the town…I see this kind of bravery is still being shown by our military to this day and it makes me howl with anger at the bloated monster who sits in the WH….who thinks he is worthy of being their commander in chief…they deserve better…we deserve better and the world deserves better….impeach….

May 28th

Well….running a little early today with wanting to get this one done before the F1 race starts….feel okay this morning and not too sore….my back cracked again clearing the dishwasher yesterday and I really do need to figure out what motion it is that does it…that may come in handy….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today will be a complete washout with it being the biggest race day of the year…I do need to wedge a bike ride in after Monaco and before Indy so it will be a short one today…only have about 85 miles left to do to get to 30K….okay….going to get more coffee and watch the race…more later….

RIP Gregg Allman….

Well…another one of these that I hate to do…Gregg Allman died today at the age of 69….He lived a pretty hard life…maybe not hard but the life of a blues man…with all that comes with that….I first came to listen to the Allman brothers on their album “Brothers and Sisters” that I still have a vinyl copy of, but it was the album “Live at the Fillmore East” that showed what they were really about….Gregg on the Hammond B-3 and his brother Duane on guitar along with Dickie Betts and Barry Oakley… is still one of my favorite albums and I still listen to songs from it every day on my bike rides….their live version of “Stormy Monday” on that album is still one of the best I’ve ever heard…capturing the new southern blues rock sound that was theirs and others only copied…my favorite from that album, though, is “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” a 12 minute instrumental that went through every genre from rock to blues to jazz, all captured in that one song that showcases the two drummers that the band uses to great effect….I think I’ll have to play that right now…RIP Gregg…..

Tiny bunnies and other stuff….

Well…have been thinking about the changes to the wildlife that I have noticed and that others have commented on…when I was out with K last weekend, she mentioned that she had not seen any chipmunks around her deck and pool this spring and she usually has lots of them…and I mentioned that I had not seen any tiny bunnies this spring either…that changed int he past two days and I have finally seen about a half dozen of them…not the amount I saw last year when there was one day that I saw 54 on one ride…but, at least there are some finally….oh, the other stuff, at my water stop in Kentwood, just west of Kalamazoo near 52nd street, a crow came hauling out of the tree line with a small hawk attacking it from behind….the two of them then landed in a tree about 6 feet from each other with the hawk screeching so loud that I could hear it over the music in my ears…not sure what that was about but it was pretty cool to see…..

May 27th

Well….have to get this done early today with F1 qualifying coming on in a couple of minutes…didn’t do much yesterday and didn’t win or lose at pool since we didn’t go…it was a good thing that I met T for a couple thurs or I would have been in all week….feel okay this morning and don’t really hurt too much…I did get my back to pop yesterday just loading the dishwasher so my back doesn’t even hurt too much….it’s already almost 60 outside so I can get out as soon as qualifying is over….I thought it was Sunday when I got up and was planning my race day out…weird….okay…my back now hurts but it is up higher than before so I think I may have hurt it on the bike….I do need to clean some today and I think I will to get ready for the total veg day tomorrow….more later….

A little sports….

Well…haven’t done one of these on sports in quite a while so I think it’s about time…I forgot to update when Man U won the Europa league Wednesday and that puts them in the Champion’s League for next year but that also ended the BPL season for the year…there is one more match tomorrow for the FA Cup and that should be a good one between Chelsea and Arsenal. There is so much sports on this weekend that the whole thing starts in about a half hour with Carb day from Indy and then F1 practice after that…then F1 qualifying from Monaco tomorrow morning, and the Xfinity race in the afternoon…then Sunday is raceday of the year with F1 from Monaco at 8…Indy at 11 and then the Coke 600 at 6…needless to say, I won’t be leaving the couch much Sunday….or the rest of the weekend for that matter….at least I won’t be bored….and I’ll be napping a lot…..

May 26th

Well….running a little early today with getting up quite early….and I feel okay this morning…the new handgrips on the bike have me using new muscles and I have pain in my forearms today…but, I do like the way they make the bike feel so I guess I’ll live with it….I did get out to have a couple with T yesterday and it was good to see her….had some laughs and caught up on everything….didn’t do much else and today looks the same with pool later today…I did get lots of food yesterday so I should be able to get caught up on my calories…have had cramps in my calves lately and I hope the bananas with fix that….the hand brake on the car is still hanging a little but it is much better….I think I’ll hit the drivers side with penetrating oil to try to fix that…not sure when…not today…more later….

Trump truly is a baby…

Well….I am shaking my head with the despicable display that the idiot trump put on today in Europe…my god, what a frickin baby…to get to the center of a picture with our NATO allies, the baby actually pushed the PM of Montenegro out of the way…manhandling him like the thug that he is…and then he followed that up with an “Ugly American” speech to NATO members where he did nothing but bitch and complain that the NATO countries “owe” the US for being part of the alliance….and let’s top this debacle off with trump ranting that the Germans are “bad, bad people” and that he is going to stop them selling cars in the US…but the idiot doesn’t know that most of the cars they sell here are made here…so he is going to put thousands of Americans out of work just because of his ignorance?  I am just so damn tired of this ignorant asshole blowing up our status in the world…and the Europeans were openly laughing at him during his speech..this is making America the laughingstock of the world…impeach….

May 25th

Well…running a little late today with doing the grocery run and having to put gas in the car….the parking brake on the car hung up again this morning but just a little bit so I think I’ll just leave it alone for a few days and see how it works…not too sore this morning so I think I’ll dot he bike ride without ibuprofen and see how that feels….I do like the new handgrips that I put on it the other day…they keep my wrists straighter and they don’t cramp as much so that is cool….didn’t get much done yesterday and today looks the same with maybe having lunch with T later….but, I will get the bike ride in here in a minute…not until I have more coffee….more later…..