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People are going to die….

Well….as usual, the repubs are trying to drag this country backwards to the bad old days of people dying for perfectly preventable illnesses…and the big thing is they just don’t give a damn…these smug assholes just stand there grinning as they lie and lie to you, me and everybody else….32 million people will be without insurance if this despicable “healthcare” bill passes….people undergoing cancer treatment will now get that treatment cut off as soon as this monstrosity passes…and people in my boat..before Medicare but with the need for insurance will see their premiums skyrocket up to 10,000 percent…one estimate puts the cost to someone like me at 140,000 dollars a year…and who can afford that? Again…these assholes don’t give a damn…and the only thing keeping me sane through all this is that, if they pass this bill, they will lose both the house and senate next year and they could possibly be killing the repub party completely…couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of assholes….what should be the penalty for murdering their fellow citizens?

What a relief….

Well…am  going to be talking about this for the next couple of days….it looks like I may be retired but I’m not sure yet…still think I have something to offer to an employer out there and I am going to continue to look for work that would make me smile….but, what a relief to have money coming in that I can live on until then….was completely out of food other than the last container of ham soup that I thawed out yesterday and spent 76 bucks for groceries this morning….and then 20 bucks for gas since the car was empty…and I owed C some cash so I’m already 300 bucks down…but that leaves me 700 for the month and I think I can live on that….just have to not go crazy this month…..going to make a home made pizza for lunch today and I can’t wait….more later….

September 20th

Well….up at 5:07 again today and I’m sure I know what it is….way too much stress lately….but, that is over…checked my bank this morning and the first SS payment is there so it is retirement day…and food day…and gas in the car day….and the stress is gone…even did a little happy dance when I saw that the money is there…didn’t do much yesterday but today will be different…I am going to cook today…making a home made pizza for lunch and then Man U plays at 3 so I will have something to do this aft…and maybe drinks with K to celebrate….I did do some cleaning yesterday to take my mind off of everything…I should dust and remove the cobwebs and I just might….more later….

Trying to do some politics….

Well…with everything happening, I really haven’t had the mindset to do too much in politics but I am going to try now….there was some good news on the idiot trump from the other day when the NY times reported that Paul Manafort has been warned that he is going to be indicted for his many crimes and that I hope has to do with trumps campaign and the Russian money that was spent to elect him….it appears that they have Manafort on quite a few counts and now the squeeze is on to get him to flip on the rest of the trump criminal enterprise….with revealing that Facebook has been issued warrants to go after the ad buys that the Russians did to interfere, that leaves Jared Kushner on the hotseat since it was his job to do the social media portion of the campaign especially the “micro targeting” that swung the 77,000 votes that got the idiot elected. So, as I’ve said before, the noose is quickly tightening on trump and his cronies….and the deliciousness of a perp walk for this crew is growing ever closer…maybe a “Thanksgiving surprise”…impeach….

My stress is through the roof….

Well….It has not been a good day for me today with the uncertainty of my first SS payment being made on time tomorrow….I just know there is going to be a glitch and I am going to be scrambling again to just survive….I did make a little cash yesterday so I can pay the electric bill next Tuesday but there will be no food until I figure out the glitch and get it fixed…okay, that’s not true… I do have 11 dollars for food but only have 11 days to get things fixed so I can pay my rent on the 1st…. and didn’t sleep at all last night and tonight appears to be the same….oh, well….I guess I’ll take it as it comes…

September 19th

Well…running really early today since I’ve been up since 5 or so….still worried about the  cash ending up in my account tomorrow….not sure what I’ll do if it doesn’t….slept okay last night and woke up with a sore right shoulder so I must have slept on it….didn’t get much done yesterday but have a nice HH with T….always fun to hang out with her…lots of laughs and good conversation….but then back here and did nothing for the rest of the day….the Lions did win last night so that was cool but I didn’t get through the game…just not interested enough to stay up til 12:30….not much to do today….might just clean some today but it looks like it’s going to rain so I may take the day off the bike….more later…..

They’re at it again….

Well…get your phone fingers ready again…the repubs are at it again…trying to take healthcare away from 25 million people…again. Here’s the thing….no one wants this to happen…over 70% of the people polled want the ACA to be fixed, not destroyed…so, who are the repubs doing this for? Hospitals don’t want it, doctors don’t want it, the insurance companies don’t want it….and the 25 million people who will lose their insurance sure as hell don’t want it….this is a huge mistake for the repubs…the only thing that will come out of this is Medicare for all and the insurance companies know it…so, I wonder why we haven’t heard a lot from them against this debacle? Could it be that they have cut some kind of deal with the repubs to keep quiet? One of the most egregious cuts in this new piece of crap is the subsidies that make insurance affordable…they will be gone tomorrow if we let this pass….and without them, no one will be able to afford health insurance in the private market…but, that’s just what the repubs want…if you’re not rich enough to afford insurance without the subsidies, you can just go to hell and die…..dial the phone and be heard….

September 18th

Well….feel really crappy today and I’m not sure why…okay, I am sure why but I’m not sure about the severity….didn’t do anything out of the ordinary so I guess I’ll just have to live with it….I am getting a little nervous about my SS payment that is supposed to be Wed….if it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to be able to eat…or do anything else….the car is out of gas and I need to get out to have lunch with T today….hmmm….had an okay day yesterday but didn’t do much….today will probably be the same but I do need to work out and ride the bike…..more later…..

September 17th

Well…had a nice day yesterday with hanging out with the guys but it took a lot out of me…and I am feeling it today…and it was a 70 mile round trip out and back…it did charge the battery in the car so that was cool….but I am down to 3 dollars in my pocket until wed and that is not cool….and the past month with no cash has been a trial…I really am hoping that the money will be there wed since I don’t know what I’ll do if there is a screw up….the F1 race is on in a few minutes and it looks like a wet one so that should be interesting….I do need to get out on the bike right after the race since Man U plays at 11….and it is against Everton with Wayne Rooney coming back to Old Trafford after being traded…but I need more coffee first….more later….

September 16th

Well…running really early today and the weird thing is I’m waiting for the sun to come up to get on the bike…need to get it in early so I can watch F1 qualifying at 9….and there should be soccer on, too…haven’t looked at that yet…Man U isn’t playing until tomorrow…didn’t get anything done yesterday…that’s not right…I did get the car cleaned and I am wondering if it will start….probably not but I can deal with that….feel a little crappy this morning and I hope the coffee will help with that…I am going out to hang out with the group for  the first time in a long time and I wonder how that will go….it will be a nice ride anyway and I have to remember to put some sunscreen on and get my Michigan gear ready….more later….