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The trumps really are idiots…

Well….still bored today since the space x launch has been postponed until Friday…but, I did want to comment on a little article that I just read about the idiot trumps….it seems that there was an election for mayor of New York in November that the idiots tried to vote in but they are all so damn dumb that not one of them who tried to fill out absentee ballots got it right….so, these supposed geniuses…the “best people” couldn’t follow the instructions that are written for a 6th grade level education…man, are these people stupid….

Still a little bored today…

Well…sitting here still a little bored today and wondering if it is too weird to be geeked up about the Space X launch that is going to happen in about an hour. This will be the first time the entire rocket and capsule will be used ones and the booster will be landed back on the cape…and it is going to be streamed live on their website that I already have up with a little countdown counter in the corner…okay, I’m more that a little bored but this will help with that….

Yay for Alabama….

Well….as promised, I’m back with some comments on the senate election in Alabama that was held yesterday and the stunning upset that saw the dem, Doug Jones, defeat the child molester, Roy Moore. One of the problems I saw from this race was that there was almost no policy discussions during the campaign, but just the standard, cliched, demonization of Jones when the repubs tried to paint him as a tax and spend liberal…even trying to use Nancy Pelosi as the boogyman to scare voters into voting for Moore. But, none of that could overcome the fact that Moore is probably the worst candidate they could have run…being tossed out of the Alabama supreme court twice for misconduct and for his statements that being gay should be against the law among all the other bigoted crap that came out of his mouth. I think the fact that the idiot trump supported Moore also weighed in the loss and gives me hope that trump will be the anchor the sinks the repubs next year. So, let’s bask in the win for just a little while but then get back to work building a truly diverse coalition that will win us the house and possibly the senate next year…congrats Doug!

December 13th

Well….running a little early today with wanting to get up to read the news about Alabama this morning…but, I’ll talk about that later today…slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad today so that is a plus….had a nice day yesterday with getting out to have HH with T…it was nice to see her and we had lots of laughs and a good conversation….but that meant I didn’t get anything done yesterday and might not today, either….won’t be going anywhere until tomorrow and that is probably good thing since we are supposed to get 5+ inches of snow today….and it’s supposed to get down to 5 degrees tonight so I’ll have to warm the car up in the morning…way to damn early for it to be this cold but it’s Michigan and almost winter so I guess we’ll just have to endure it….more later….

A few things…

Well…it’s another day where I have a bunch of thoughts but none of them fleshed out enough to make an entire post…and, with not riding the bike, my time that I use to think is not there…so, you get this mish mash that might even be a little lucid. First, the big deal today is the senate election in Alabama, where a qualified dem is running against a pedophile repub who is not qualified to be dog catcher and the race is too close to call right now….but, I’ve gone off about this before so I won’t go over it again….Space X is going to try to launch a completely used booster and capsule tomorrow around noon and that should be cool to see…this is not the Falcon Heavy that is going to launch Musk’s Tesla roadster but is should still be nice to see the launch and landing. Just read an article that says all of the smart speakers like Alexa constantly listen in to everything going on in the houses where they are installed…and that google and the rest of them actually keep all that data on their servers for some reason…now, I may be a little paranoid but I sure wouldn’t want anyone listening in to my place 24 hours a day…this is one of the reasons I keep the camera on my computer covered with a piece of tape…it has been shown that they can be hacked and used to watch anyone using it…way too creepy for me….more later…

December 12th

Well…running quite early today with getting up way too early but that is turning into the new normal….feel a little crappy today with my lungs still itchy and coughing some and it looks like I’ll be dealing with this crap all winter…at least it didn’t snow much last night when we were supposed to get 5 inches so getting out today will be easy….didn’t shoot pool yesterday with Tom having a bug so I didn’t win or lose….I am going to get out of here for a while today to meet up with T for a few minutes and that will be fun…I’ve driven my car less than a mile in the past week and I do need to at least get it up to temp…it’s not good for it to have all the short runs….not much to do today…after the meet up with T, it will be just a normal day…maybe some soccer this aft but that is about it…more later….

The repubs own Roy Moore…

Well…with the probable election of Roy Moore to the senate from Alabama, the repub party has now become the party of lawbreakers, pedophiles, and liars…yeah, I know, no big revelation there…they have been that way since the era of Newt Gingrich. Now the next question to be asked is “who are the people who would elect an accused child molester?” Now, I don’t want to tar all of the people of Alabama with being racist idiots, but the polls show that many of them are…and the evangelicals are the worst….with 70% of them thinking that whatever Roy Moore might have done, and that includes getting thrown off the Alabama supreme court twice for breaking the law, he is still better than the much more qualified dem running…I guess they would vote for a murderer if he would just spout that he has religion even though, like the idiot trump, he doesn’t live it. I have tried to not tar a group of people with a broad brush over the past few years, but the people of Alabama have proven to the country that they are the racist, misogynist, idiots that they appear to any rational observer….they have the chance to blow that stereotype up by voting for Doug Jones tomorrow..but they won’t…geez….

December 11th

Well…running a little early today and that’s okay….just to get moving is a good thing…slept okay last night but woke up to all the bedding strewn across the bedroom again…must have had a toss and turn night but I really don’t remember it…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today looks to be the same with pool this aft…and no bike ride again and that looks like the pattern for the rest of the year….so I will need to work out every day so the guilts don’t take over….I really don’t want to have to get into the calorie restrictions that I know I have to do…it is annoying to only have one meal a day….not much to do today…I am easing into the day with coffee and a little tv…I think I have a problem with my right eye since it has been watering for the past day or so….I know it’s allergies since it stops when I take my allergy stuff…darn…I hate getting older…more later….

As I said…petty….

Well….as you know, I very seldom come back for second ones on the weekend since most of you read this stuff at work…but, with the one I did on the idiot trump’s pettiness the other day, and reading more about that today, I just had to come back for a short one. Over the past couple of days, it has been revealed just how petty the idiot can be when he asked Ronna Romney McDaniel to stop using Romney in her name since he is in a feud with Mitt Romney…yep the daughter of George Romney has been asked to stop using her name since it hurts the idiot’s fee fees…..never in my life have I seen such a petty, small man and the worst part is that she did it…that is the cult of trump on full display…she should have told him to go to hell….impeach…

December 10th

Well….running a little early today with getting up at 5:30 and I feel a little crappy today, too….slept okay but just feel slow this morning and the coffee is just not working…have gone back to coughing and have crap in my lungs again and I’m not sure what that is about…I wonder if this is going to be what this winter is going to be….just feeling crappy all winter…it looks like one to be endured already and it has just started….didn’t get out on the bike yesterday and it looks like I won’t today…probably not getting out until later in the week….I think I may start looking for an indoor trainer that I can put the bike on so I can ride inside all winter….that would take a lot of stress off….at least my back is not hurting today….not much to do today….I should clean some and I might…but, there is soccer on all morning and Man U plays City at 11:30 so that will take up the morning…more later….