Last one for the month…

Well…it has kind of been a lost day for me today but I did make some cash so that is cool….didn’t work out or ride the bike today since it was so windy…it was blowing the car all over on the e-way today making it a lot of work to just drive….and now it looks like another snow day tomorrow and I hope it’s the last one for the year…it is going to be near 60 by the start of next week so I guess I can live with it…I do want to get the summer tires back on the car soon but I guess I can go another week….I have been trying to find a regular topic for the day but haven’t had a lot of luck so you are getting this one instead….I do have to get out to get a new fiberglass kit to repair the bike again and I may do that tomorrow if I don’t have lunch with T since I will be off the bike for a couple of days anyway….okay…that’s enough for this month….no more later….

February 29th

Well…it’s a leap day so that means two extra ones this year…it was an okay day yesterday and I got a bike ride in in a t-shirt and shorts…but that won’t happen today since we have another snow storm coming through….might be able to get out in the thermasuit, though, and I can take that…slept okay last night but lost my earplugs again so I must have been tossing like crazy…just like normal….feel a little crappy this morning and I hope the coffee works soon….my back has relapsed into pain and I’m not sure why…haven’t done anything to hurt it but I didn’t the last time, either….I guess I’ll just have to get used to it…have the Pink Floyd song “Time” running through my head this morning and I’m not sure why…other than I’m getting older and I can’t stop that….hmmm….not much to do today….just the workout and a bike ride then cleaning if I feel like it…..more later….

Texas is just crazy…

Well….as you know, I really don’t understand Texas and the idiots who are running that state…and that was really brought home by the latest bit of insanity that their legislators have foisted on that state. On August 1st, a new open carry law takes effect that requires state run universities to allow students to carry guns on campus…needless to say, this has administrators scrambling to figure out how to deal with this crap….they are now having seminars for professors across that state that basically tells them to let the gun carriers do whatever they want…to not criticize them, to makes sure they get “fair” grades, and to not ever confront them over bad behavior….so, the gun nuts get to do whatever they want while the rest of the people have to just take crap from them…I guess that’s consistent with the repub hatred of education and teachers…that teacher’s safety is less important than the nuts that want to carry guns everywhere….how much more stupid can people get? And do you believe for a minute that these gun carriers aren’t going to try to intimidate teachers and other students?

February 28th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get much done…I did get out to have a couple with K and K and that was fun….but no cleaning or anything else so I do feel a little guilty about that…I have been trying to watch some of the best picture nominees but I don’t have them all…I am going to watch “Bridge of Spies” later today just to see if it is any good…watched “Sicario” last night but realized it was not nominated…and I didn’t think it lived up to all of the buzz…slept okay last night and feel a little worn out today so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done today…Man U is starting in a few minutes so that will take up most of the morning and then there is a race on at 1 so there will be napping later….not much to do today…just soccer and racing….will try to clean but I don’t have a lot of hope that it will happen….more later….

Courser and Gamrat get what they deserve…

Well…just wanted to talk about this obscure Michigan story for a minute…yesterday I read about this one with just a little too much glee but I don’t feel bad about it….if you remember, Courser and Gamrat were tea party darlings that were elected to the Michigan house on their standard “family values” and integrity platform that all of these idiots spout…but that only applies to the peons like you and me. As soon as these two got into office, they started an affair that took most of their time and they basically stopped doing the job they were elected to do…which, how crazy these two are, was not a bad thing…after a while their staff got tired of covering for them and the affair came to light…then these “family values” repubs got tossed from the legislature and I thought we’d heard the last from them…but, this week, the AG here filed felony charges against both of these idiots for lying to investigators…and the charges for ole Courser could land him in jail for 20 years while Gamrat could be gone for 10 or so…typical, typical repubs who don’t think the law applies to them…okay, I’m not going to apologize for being gleeful about this…this is the type of karma that needs to happen more often….

Dow and the Supreme Court….

Well…getting to the end of the month and I am running out of topics so it looks like I will need a couple of fillers to make the goal for the month…I did want to talk about the effect the death of Scalia is having on business…many of them are realizing that with Scalia gone, business will no longer have their best set of shills on the court who invariably rule for business…and you only have to look at Citizens United and the Hobby Lobby decisions to see how far these guys will bend over backward to make sure business and the 1% get what they paid for….and the latest indicator that business is realizing the gravy train is over is the settlement that Dow Chemical made over the past week of almost a billion dollars to settle a price fixing class action suit even going so far to mention the supreme court changes as the reason they wanted to settle….now, when you have a statement like that…that nakedly admits that they had the court in their pocket until Scalia died and they think that they won’t get another one like him, another business shill, when the next justice is appointed….this should really trouble anyone who naively thought that the court was fairly deciding cases without ideology entering into it….geez…

February 27th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get much done other than some errands….slept okay last night but my back is having twinges of pain this morning like I slept wrong….but, it’s not too bad so I can live with it….my allergies are bad today so far and I’m not sure why…with all the snow, there shouldn’t be any allergens to react to so that is a little puzzling…I am a little tired this morning so I guess I didn’t sleep as well as I thought…I do remember waking up four or five times and I’m not sure why…oh, well…I just realized that the glue that I used to put the handle back on one of my coffee cups has lasted for almost a year now…didn’t think cyanoacrylates were supposed to be able to take water…I still think about it every time I lift the cup….not much to do today…going to clean a little and watch some races but that is about it…more later….

Snyder really is a liar….

Well….as you know, I have written a  few of these about the Flint lead poisoning crisis with some conjecture that our wonderful governor Snyder was lying when he said he didn’t know what was going on there until October of last year…with the release of some new e-mails regarding the crisis, we now know he was lying through his teeth about it…he and his top aides know about the poisoning from the start and didn’t do a damn thing about it since it would have cost money to go back to the Detroit water system…this is the problem about running government like a business where the bottom line is all that counts, whether it is outsourcing good jobs to put more profit in the owner’s pockets or poisoning people to give tax cuts to the rich, government is not business and clean water for Flint’s residents is not optional no matter what it’s cost. And cost was the only consideration in this mess….and the lying by Snyder and his cronies means that Snyder has to go…geez…

February 26th

Well….it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get a lot done…going out to get the papers was a pain with all the snow but the roads are clear now and it is going to be almost 50 tomorrow…slept okay last night and feel okay today even with not being good last night…I may be getting close to balancing my food intake with calorie usage and that makes a big difference on my energy levels….but, I won’t be on the bike for at least a week so I need to adjust some, I think….and I need to clean around here today and make a run out to Tom’s later in the day…not much to do today…I do need to do three more of these today to catch up and there should be topics with the repub debate last night….not much to do today…oh, already talked about that….more later….