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Now we know why….

Well….if you wondered why there is such a rush by the repubs to take health insurance away from 30 million people and kill thousands, now we know….three people…yep three people told them to do it or they will shut off the money taps that keep getting these idiots elected. And, I’ll bet you know who two of them are…yep, the Koch brothers…two people who have done more to ruin this country than anyone else and who are now going to buy the repeal of the ACA and kill thousands of people just so they won’t have to pay taxes. Now, I hope you folks out there understand how sick this is….repealing a law that has given people across this country peace of mind and saved the lives of countless thousands just to give billionaires a tax cut….I know I rant about this stuff almost every day but damn…how do people get to be this evil?

It’s bribery…again….

Well…now, this little tidbit just came across the twitterverse and I just had to say something about it….last time the repubs tried to destroy peoples lives by repealing Obmamcare, they resorted to trying to bribe a few senators with huge amounts of money that would go to their states…one of those senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, is in the line to get those bribes again if she votes to kill people to give the rich tax cuts. Those bribes? This is just too rich…if she votes to kill people, Alaska gets to keep Obamacare….yep, you heard that right…if she votes to screw over the rest of the country, her state gets to keep Obamacare and all of the protections against denial for pre existing conditions and gets to the keep the subsidies that make insurance affordable…and, in the letter to her…ole McConnell made it clear that these conditions only apply to
Alaska…everyone else is shit out of luck….typical repub bullshit…divide the country into little fiefdoms and bribe other repubs into killing people just to say they passed something…I’m still thinking that passing this monstrosity may just be what we on the left need…that maybe the stupid people that keep voting for repubs will stop if they start dying from it….geez….

One little thing…

Well…just read a little article that pointed out another terrible fact of the repubs trying to screw over the country by repealing the ACA…the repubs are using it to punish states that did the right thing and expanded Medicaid for their lower income citizens and any state that is controlled by dems…this is done by changing the formula for the amount that the feds will cover…and slanting toward the repub states that stiffed their people and left them without any healthcare. They are even punishing rabid right wing states if they have dem governors…like NC who just threw out their crazy assed repub governor and elected a dem….even though people hate this new bill, the repubs have ignored all of the rules and tradition of the senate to get it passed….how about one and a half minutes of debate next week? I am so tired of these assholes….

People are going to die….

Well….as usual, the repubs are trying to drag this country backwards to the bad old days of people dying for perfectly preventable illnesses…and the big thing is they just don’t give a damn…these smug assholes just stand there grinning as they lie and lie to you, me and everybody else….32 million people will be without insurance if this despicable “healthcare” bill passes….people undergoing cancer treatment will now get that treatment cut off as soon as this monstrosity passes…and people in my boat..before Medicare but with the need for insurance will see their premiums skyrocket up to 10,000 percent…one estimate puts the cost to someone like me at 140,000 dollars a year…and who can afford that? Again…these assholes don’t give a damn…and the only thing keeping me sane through all this is that, if they pass this bill, they will lose both the house and senate next year and they could possibly be killing the repub party completely…couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of assholes….what should be the penalty for murdering their fellow citizens?

Trying to do some politics….

Well…with everything happening, I really haven’t had the mindset to do too much in politics but I am going to try now….there was some good news on the idiot trump from the other day when the NY times reported that Paul Manafort has been warned that he is going to be indicted for his many crimes and that I hope has to do with trumps campaign and the Russian money that was spent to elect him….it appears that they have Manafort on quite a few counts and now the squeeze is on to get him to flip on the rest of the trump criminal enterprise….with revealing that Facebook has been issued warrants to go after the ad buys that the Russians did to interfere, that leaves Jared Kushner on the hotseat since it was his job to do the social media portion of the campaign especially the “micro targeting” that swung the 77,000 votes that got the idiot elected. So, as I’ve said before, the noose is quickly tightening on trump and his cronies….and the deliciousness of a perp walk for this crew is growing ever closer…maybe a “Thanksgiving surprise”…impeach….

They’re at it again….

Well…get your phone fingers ready again…the repubs are at it again…trying to take healthcare away from 25 million people…again. Here’s the thing….no one wants this to happen…over 70% of the people polled want the ACA to be fixed, not destroyed…so, who are the repubs doing this for? Hospitals don’t want it, doctors don’t want it, the insurance companies don’t want it….and the 25 million people who will lose their insurance sure as hell don’t want it….this is a huge mistake for the repubs…the only thing that will come out of this is Medicare for all and the insurance companies know it…so, I wonder why we haven’t heard a lot from them against this debacle? Could it be that they have cut some kind of deal with the repubs to keep quiet? One of the most egregious cuts in this new piece of crap is the subsidies that make insurance affordable…they will be gone tomorrow if we let this pass….and without them, no one will be able to afford health insurance in the private market…but, that’s just what the repubs want…if you’re not rich enough to afford insurance without the subsidies, you can just go to hell and die…..dial the phone and be heard….

Boycott Motel 6

Well…just read a little article that reported that Motel 6 is working with the ICE gestapo to help them deport undocumented workers in Arizona. Yep, every morning, the managers at Motel 6 e-mail ICE the list of the people who are staying at their cheezy little motels and then ICE shows up to interrogate and arrest anyone with a hispanic sounding name….now, this is all being done without any warrants or any oversight by any government agency…it’s just the gestapo of ICE breaking the law with the help of this corporation. We need to call for and boycott all Motel 6′s in this country until they stop this illegal action…after all, would you want the government to know where you are staying when you travel? Boycott…

Tax cuts will fix hurricane damage?

Well…are you really surprised the the idiot trump came out today with tweets saying that the damage done by Harvey and Irma can only be fixed by big tax cuts for the rich and corporations? It is the repub mantra that we have heard over and over for the past 30 years that whatever problem happens, tax cuts will fix them…unemployment high? Tax cuts will fix it. Huge deficits? Tax cuts will fix it. People starving? Tax cuts will fix it. Now, I wonder what the economic mechanism is that will convert tax cuts for the rich into replacing the homes destroyed by the hurricanes? Is is magic? Are the rich going to swoop in and repair homes out of the goodness of their hearts? Are corporations going to turn the tax cuts into fixing the destroyed infrastructure in Texas and Florida? If you believe that, you’ve drunk the repub kool aid and facts don’t mean anything to you anymore….let’s put it bluntly, tax cuts don’t do anything but enrich the rich…and make ceo’s even richer…they do nothing for anyone else…geez….

Russian “anchor babies”

Well….if you listened to any idiot repub during the last election, you heard on of the false themes that they harped and harped on that Mexicans were coming here to have their children so they would have US citizenship and then could bring their families here after they turned 18…never mind that “Anchor babies” was never a thing…that the Mexican babies being born here were because their parents were here doing the hard jobs that Americans won’t do and it was just projection that they thought they were breaking the law….but now, guess who’s properties are being used for just that by the Russians? Yep, there are 5 trump properties in Florida that are being advertised in Russia for just that purpose…for “birth tours” where wealthy Russians pay upwards to 75K a month to come here and stay until their babies are born, resulting in the possibility of the children having dual citizenship…and then setting their parents up for getting preferential treatment when they apply to come here to live. What about it repubs? What about these “anchor babies”? Is it not a problem anymore because these babies are not “brown”? I don’t have any hope that any repub will do anything about this…but people need to know how corrupt trump and his cronies are…impeach….

Flee Rush, Flee….

Well…if you remember from the other day, ole Rush Limbaugh went on a long rant saying that it was a lie how strong hurricane Irma was and that strength was to just push the liberal climate change agenda…well, it’s funny how things change in a couple of days….ole Rush is still pushing the “fake news” lie on his show but get this….he’s evacuating and fleeing Irma today…so, we now know he doesn’t believe a damn word he is saying about the strength of the storm or even about climate change…it’s all just bullshit to keep the rubes that listen to him happy…just like all repubs…they just lie and lie and lie to their followers…then show their true colors when the going gets tough…flee Rush, flee!  Geez….