Domestic terrorists….

Well…have been sitting here thinking today…and no it doesn’t hurt…about the domestic terrorists that now control our government. Yeah, that’s how I feel about the repubs these days…with the latest attempt to rip health insurance from almost 30 million of their fellow Americans, what else can you call them? I have spent some time reading the stories of people whose lives were immeasurably changed by Obamacare….no longer wondering where the money is going to come from to keep them alive in some cases….I just read about a woman whose 12 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and is cared for by Medicaid….a program that is the primary target of the blank eyed granny starver Paul Ryan…and without it, this 12 year old’s life will be one of poor health and no future. Now, there are almost 20 million people who get their insurance through the Obamacare exchanges and whose lives are disrupted by stress and fear every time the repubs try to kill the ACA….isn’t this the definition of terrorism? It’s the repubs doing it folks….and that makes it domestic terrorism…impeach…

Time flies….

Well…sitting here feeling a little old and there is good reason for it….my youngest one turns 30 today….cripes, I can still remember turning 30 even though it was a long, long time ago. Not sure what any of this means other than time flies…and my oldest one is going to turn 40 next month….and that is another yow….oh, well….

July 31st

Well…not really running at all today so far…woke up during the night last night with knee pain that I just can’t figure out…must have slept with them positioned wrong…they don’t hurt now so maybe it’s a one time thing…..feel a little iffy right now so I am going to just try to ease into the day….didn’t do a whole lot yesterday and today looks the same…I did get some of the kitchen cleaned and the microwave doesn’t look like someone died in it….and I should do the floor today and I just might….but, I’m not motivated right now so that will have to wait til later….and I do need much more coffee….more later….

Tiny fighter planes….

Well…it was a better day on the bike today and the torture level dropped quite a bit…enough that I did do an entire run that ended up in the park. While there, I was just vegging a little looking out across the field that is right in front of the bench I always sit on and I noticed almost 50 tiny little fighter planes…or scissor tail swallows feeding over that field…if you’ve ever watched them, you will get the tiny fighter plane reference….they look just like that the way they wheel and dive…I was really surprised there were no collisions there were so many of them out there…just fun to watch…

July 30th

Well…woke up this morning with my back hurting like crazy and that continues now….not sure what the deal is….slept okay last night but feel pretty crappy this morning and I think it’s partly from not eating enough….I almost forgot to do this this morning and that is how out of sorts I am today….just feel off and I’m not sure why….and the coffee is not helping…I wonder if I should stay off the bike today? Nope…already took the ibuprofen so I need to get out soon…didn’t get a lot done yesterday other than cooking but I do need to clean some today….and try to figure out the second meal for the day….just missed the meal planning for the week and I’m not sure why that is…I guess it’s part of being off a little….more later….

A mish mash….

Well…haven’t been doing too many political ones lately…I guess I’m just numb from the idiot trump and his antics….and I really don’t have a single topic to write about so this one is going to be a mish mash of small ones….the repubs failed to take health insurance away from 32 million Americans and we have three repubs to thank for coming over to our side….but the cheating and lying that went into trying to get trumpcare passed was breathtaking to see…almost every rule of governing was broken by McConnell but what do you expect from the guy who stole a SC seat? Then we had the idiot trump lying more in the past week than in any other week since he stole the presidency…I am just stunned by the repubs revealing themselves as the America haters they are since they are still protecting trump even though it is now a fact that they colluded with the Russians to steal the election…what would they have done if Obama had done a hundredth of the crap that trump has done? We know the answer to that one since they are now proposing to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary….15 months and 50 million dollars wasn’t enough for them from the fake Benghazi investigation? I found it funny that the sec of defense and sec of state are taking vacations so they don’t have to talk to the idiot trump for a while…and the sec of state, Tillerson, is contemplating quitting already…and the idiot’s chief of staff either quit or was fired yesterday….we’ll never know since they lie about everything….okay, that’s enough for now…going to watch a race….

July 29th

Well…running a little late today…just can’t get going…got out of bed late and left the window open in the kitchen last night…it’s pretty cold in here with it getting down to 54 last night….but, I didn’t have to put the air on last night so I guess that’s something….I got up without pain this morning but I am still thinking of taking the day off the bike…oh, I won at pool yesterday….have been on the bike for 3 1/2 months straight now and I can feel my legs slowly going flat from it….but, the weather is so nice that I don’t want to waste the day…..I do have a chicken brining to cook for lunch today and I am looking forward to that…I know I haven’t been eating enough…cripes, how long have I been saying that? I should weigh about 100 pounds by now…but, I don’t….more later…..

July 28th

Well….not running late or early today so I wonder what that means? Had an okay day yesterday and I got some things done around here and that felt good so I think I’ll do more today…I do have to wash the car this morning after coffee so it will dry and I can wax it if I feel like it…slept okay last night and feel okay this morning if a little slow…no pain anywhere and that is a good thing…my back has been cracking itself again as I worked around here yesterday and that is a relief…it’s been a few days now since I’ve had pain there and I’m hoping it gives me a week or so before the pain comes back….not much to do today….pool, of course, and I need to get the chicken in a brine for cooking tomorrow…not sure how much else I’ll do but maybe that’s enough…more later….

Why not just give people the money?

Well…you’ve heard me talk about the stupidity of states bidding for manufacturing plants with tax breaks that cost more than the state will ever get back…now there is another one that was just announced…that Foxconn, the Chinese electronics manufacturer has just announced they are going to build a plant in Wisconsin and trump and walker are crowing that it is repub policies that got the plant to locate in Wisconsin. Yeah…I’d like to differ with that…Wisconsin is on the hook for over a billion dollars to bribe Foxconn to locate there…and as I’ve said many times before, why not just give people the money? With that tax break, each job is going to cost Wisconsin taxpayers from a half to a million dollars each…yep, you heard it right…walker and his cronies just paid Foxconn almost a million dollars each for each job…I wonder how many small businesses that are owned by Americans could have been helped by that billion dollars? You also have to look at Foxconn as a company…they are widely reviled as the worst company in China and even have anti-suicide clauses in the contracts of their executives…yep, you heard that right…the conditions at Foxconn’s Chinese factories are so bad that they have to give bonuses to keep people from killing themselves and have installed suicide nets at their factories to catch the workers that jump off the roof trying to kill themselves to escape the horrendous conditions there. Okay, now I get why the repubs just love Foxconn…they hate workers just as much as the Chinese do and find them to be disposable….can the repubs get any worse?  Impeach….

Blackmail from the White House…

Well…of course the idiot trump and his minions don’t have any idea how government works…I think they got all of their examples from watching “The Godfather” and today they confirmed it. When one of Alaska’s senators voted against the debacle which is trumpcare, the immediate response was to try to blackmail Senator Murkoswski by telling her that if she votes that way again,  every federal agency will be used to punish Alaska….now, I’ve been around for a long time but I have never seen a so called president blatantly blackmail a senator by telling them he will hurt their constituents if she doesn’t cave in to him….now, I’m pretty sure that this is against the law…and even if it isn’t…it is so damn unethical that it should be added to the articles of impeachment that are coming down the road….America, aren’t you tired of this thug yet?  Impeach….