July 22nd

Well…running a little late today and I don’t care that much….it’s still before 8….it was a nice day yesterday and had a nice ride out and back to pool…and I won….I feel a little slow today and I am a little disappointed that the rain is not giving me an excuse to stay off the bike today….have been on it every day for 3 months now and I think my legs can use the rest….maybe I’ll take an easy one today…I did take ibuprofen before the ride yesterday and it helped quite a bit with the pain after the ride was done…didn’t get anything done yesterday so I guess I’ll have to clean some today…I am going to cook today so maybe that will be enough work? Okay…need some coffee and to read some news….more later….

July 21st

Well…just can’t get started this morning….as you can tell…had a pretty good day yesterday but didn’t do a whole lot…I did get out to try to even out the tan again but that got boring quite quickly so I only did 20 mins a side….slept okay last night but just feel slow today…I guess that’s to be expected…haven’t had a lot of energy on the bike lately and I was hoping for a day off today…but there is no rain for us today so I guess I’ll wait til tomorrow….had back pain all day yesterday but it seems to be gone today but we’ll see later…..not much to do today….it’s supposed to be hot today but I am still putting the top down going out to pool…..but I won’t get anything else done…I did put the air on for a second day in a row last night and today looks like the same…..just got tired of being sweaty….more later…

Trump truly is deranged…

Well….I know I’ve harped on this a bit over the past couple of years but, with the new New York Times interview that was printed yesterday, there just isn’t any question that the idiot is truly deranged. The interview touched on everything that trump hates, and was a tour de force of anger, delusion, victimhood, mangled history, and a clear proof that he knows nothing about healthcare or insurance. I mean, he actually thinks that people pay 12 dollars a year for insurance…and then when you’re 70 you “get a really good plan”…yep, this is actually what he said….just draw droppingly ignorant….but that’s not the whole of the interview…his comments on Sessions, Comey, and Mueller sounded like that of a petulant child who had been told it was bedtime and was stamping his feet….then there were the threats to Mueller to stay away from his finances or he would fire him….no matter that Mueller doesn’t work for him and for the fact that Mueller is already well into trump’s money laundering and, no matter what happens, it will come out that trump has been the pawn of the Russians for years….I think you should go read the article at the Times….it will confirm what I have been saying for quite a while now….trump is truly deranged…impeach…

July 20th

Well…sitting here hoping for the rain to continue so I can justify taking the day off the bike…not sure if it will or not but I can hope….it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get to see T again since she was still down with migraines….wouldn’t wish that on anyone….slept okay last night and feel okay this morning and my back is better…no pain so far today and I hope that continues…I did go over 1500 miles on the bike already this summer and now I am shooting for 3K for the year…my legs have been really flat the past few days and part of it is from the long ride but I know I’m still not eating enough….I did spend 60 bucks on groceries this morning and I have chicken and pork chops for this week…have to get through the leftovers today and then I can cook tomorrow….not much to do today…going to clean if I don’t get on the bike…or even if I do…not sure….more later…

It isn’t just trump….

Well…I am a little concerned that the Russian scandal is focusing too much on the idiot trump when there were many other repubs involved in colluding with them on the election and getting sanctions lifted. Just today, it was reported that the Russians gave “instructions” to a repub rep, Dana Rorahbacher to discredit the Magnitisky Act….the sanctions that were put on Russia for multiple reasons, not the least interference in our election. Now, I may be a little old fashioned, but I remember when only spies were given “instructions” from the Kremlin and when they were found out, they were charged with espionage and put in jail. So, what do you think will happen to ole Dana? Not a damn thing…but, for the other part of this story, think back a few months when Ryan and his cronies were caught on a hot mic musing about whether or not the Russians were paying him…now this makes sense…committing treason for cash…a typical repub action….what are you going to do about this one, Ryan? Impeach….

July 19th

Well…started to feel sore this morning and I’m not sure why there should be such a long lag time from sat’s ride…it’s not too bad so I can live with it…slept pretty crappy again last night and have been up since 4:38 which is just a little too early….didn’t get a lot done yesterday other than laundry and the normal stuff and today looks the same…I may go out to meet up with T later…but I’m not really planning on it…she’s just too busy these days….I am hoping that we get some storms later today since I have been pretty bored with the weather lately…I think I may have a bug of some sort…I am really tired this morning and I know that I haven’t been sleeping but this is different…..just sitting here doing this I am exhausted…and I was good last night so that can’t be it….oh, well….I do have some cleaning to do today…my weight machine is shedding plastic and I need to get that cleaned up…more later….

Mueller has little Donnie..

Well…a nice little surprise came out in the news today…it appears that little donnie’s meeting of pure collusion with the Russians is now under investigation by Robert Mueller….now, if the trump crime family didn’t have enough to worry about before…this should be the last straw…..they should be scrambling to make a deal right now. Here’s the thing…these idiots have gotten away with every crooked deal, every theft of charity money, every outright scam they’ve ever pulled so I can see how they have carefully crafted delusions that they are either not doing anything wrong or that they CAN do anything they want to do without consequences. That is about to change pretty soon…I hope…but, sometimes these things take longer than they should….I know Mueller will do it right….perp walk, perp walk, perp walk….impeach…

July 18th

Well…running a little late today…just can’t seem to get started and I’m not sure why….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and I’m not sure about today…I did get out to try to even out the biker tan and it only took an hour to be scorched….I do need to clean up the plastic pieces from my weight machine and do some laundry today….I do have some stiffness from the long ride sat but still no pain….my back hurt some yesterday but it seems to be okay this morning…still haven’t taken anything for the pain but I think I’m going to try something this morning….my hands are still cramping up early in the ride….just noticed that I haven’t had the moving tendon pain I normally have every year…and that is a good thing…more later….

They are that dumb….

Well…when I heard the latest excuse for the idiot trump’s collusion meeting with the Russians, immediately this thought came to my head: they are that dumb. The latest from these idiots? If it was illegal to meet with the Russians, why didn’t the Secret Service stop it? First, the little idiot and Kushner were not under SS protection so why would they have even known about it? Second, it is not the purpose of the SS to prevent morons from breaking the law. To use this twisted form of logic, the SS should have stopped Nixon from the coverup of Watergate or ole GW from approving torture. I am just speechless at the inanity of their stupidity….impeach…

July 17th

Well…got up this morning and don’t have any soreness at all…and that is too damn weird….after the long ride, I should hurt like crazy today…hmmmm… slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad today so I’ll get out on the bike in a little while….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I need to do the kitchen today and vacuum….and I might just do that…who knows? Have to get rid of the leftovers today so I don’t need to cook….don’t think I’ll cover the 4,000 cals I burned Sat and I’m okay with that….I do have to get my trip to the beach done so I can keep my string of 60 years of swimming in Lake Michigan intact….probably next week…..more later….