Another nail in the tax cut coffin…

Well…okay, I know not many of you follow what the fed does on a daily basis, but today fed chair Powell lowered interest rates by .25 percent citing weak manufacturing and business investment data….now hmmmm…let’s think back a bit to 2017…I wonder what the reason was for the huge tax cut given to business and millionaires? Yep you guessed it…they were pushed and pushed by the repubs that they would “jump start” exactly those two things…oh, and also pay for themselves and give every working person a 4,000 dollar raise…but the CRS study found that the tax cuts did nothing to juice economic growth or raise wages…it just transferred wealth to the 1% and is causing trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. You know, this should be the last nail in the tax cut coffin but just yesterday, Ted Cruz and his cronies have floated a new scheme to cut taxes on the rich even more…saying that “it will work this time” to keep the economy moving…yeah, right, Ted…never worked before….won’t work now…what a damn zombie idea that just won’t die…

July 31st

Well…after all of the abuse I’ve heaped on my body lately, I should sleep like a rock but it was another 5:14 morning today…maybe after I get the house done it will be better…ha, that even made me laugh…I did get news from the contractor yesterday that they are going to get the roof on the house starting tomorrow so that should be done by the weekend and the windows will be measured this week so there is lots of progress happening…should have the water on by the end of August and then can start moving my stuff by early Sept…when I first looked at the house, it appeared to be an impossible task to restore it but the job seems to be shrinking every day….I think I’m going to have to take the weekend off of working since I feel I’m wearing out and might be doing permanent damage…I sure damaged my ankle yesterday and need to be back at the lawn today to get everything ready for the dumpster….right now I need to have more coffee and get ready to get on the bike…more later….

House 8

Well….after doing another 4 hours on the house today, I can finally say that I can see progress…I did decide to do a color change on the garage door and the porch roof that came out better than the yellow I started with….and it looks more modern…I am going to leave the entry doors yellow for now but the trim around them will be the new brown that I chose for the rest of it…got the garage door and it’s surrounding trim done today and will attack the rest of the trim on the front of the garage tomorrow if my body will take it…I did get some work done on the yard in front of the house today with using the new string trimmer to clean it up some…and I whacked my left ankle a few times, too, leaving it bloody but it was worth it….even used the trimmer to take the grass down since I can’t get the mowers running…after cleaning up the weeds, I took to edging the front sidewalks since the grass had overgrown the sidewalk by 6 inches a side and looked pretty sketchy with lots of debris that I had to sweep up…and I got the weeds beside the house taken down and will need to take the spade to remove the moss that has overgrown the patio blocks…I can’t wait to get the water on and take the power washer to it…now I just need to get started on the interior so I can get the condemnation lifted as soon as the windows are done…man, I’m beat…but I know that once the rest of the hard stuff is done, it will be a cruise from there…I hope….

Politics noodling…

Well…running late for this one today after working on the house for 4 hours again today…but I did want to do a political one…don’t really have a big topic but I think I’ll noodle about some stuff I read today…don’t remember who the pollster was but there is one who is working on the swing states and has found a couple of things…that demographic changes that have happened since 2016 have taken away the razor thin trump advantages in three states he needs to win…especially in Michigan where suburban women are becoming more and more appalled with the idiot trump’s racism but the idiot is too damn dumb to understand that appealing only to his base is a losing strategy for 2020….ole Mitch McConnell is starting to feel the heat for his putting Russia ahead of the US by blocking every election security bill that has been sent to the senate by the House…calling them “partisan” so he won’t even put them up for a vote…he even went on the senate floor the other day to whine about being called “#moscowmitch” for not doing a damn thing to protect our elections from the Russians…oh, and he worked hard to remove sanctions from one of the Russian oligarchs who worked with trump to steal the election just so he would “invest” 200 million dollars in an aluminum plant in McConnell’s home state…a reward to ole Mitch for lifting the sanctions…or no, a bribe to Mitch to get him to free up billions in sanctions on the oligarch…but no, he’s not in bed with the Russians…don’t believe your lyin’ eyes…geez….

July 30th

Well…it’s 6…you know, when I was younger, it was really easy to sleep in on the days that I could…I remember when I was in college that I didn’t get out of bed until 10 or 11 in the morning on Saturdays…and now that I can sleep in every day, it never works and that really sucks…oh, well…man, I beat the hell out of myself at the house yesterday my shoulders hurt like crazy but I can’t take the day off since I need to get the stumps cut out…yep, still working on them but I did get one of them out yesterday and hope to get the second one out today…and I need to finish painting the garage door…or repainting it after I decided the yellow was just too much and started painting it brown yesterday but it started to rain so I had to give up on that until today…and I got the new string trimmer so I’m going to try that out today, too…didn’t get anything done around here yesterday after doing almost 5 hours at the house but I need to start getting rid of stuff to get ready for the move…I think I’ll make that a weekend project…after all, I do have 3 months to get that done so there’s no rush…I’m surprised that my body is holding up so well to all of the abuse and I wonder how long that will last….it appears that I’ll be able to finish the house but I wonder about the house I’m going to buy in a couple of years…we’ll see…more later….

Is this lie enough trump supporters?

Well….how much lower can the asshole trump go before even on of his supporters goes “nope, no more” and abandons this racist? It’s clear that being a raging racist is not enough after idiot boy’s tweetstorm against Rep. Cummings this weekend…that I think was driven by the fact that  Cummingshas just subpoenaed Ivanka and Jared’s communications that were done with private e-mail accounts while doing government business…and trump is getting so unhinged that he has to attack everyone…but that is not what this one is about…today, in a signing ceremony at the WH for the 9/11 responders fund bill…that no democrat was invited to even though dems were the ones who wrote and introduced the legislation, and Jon Stewart spent the last two years pushing every day…trump lied his ass off and said that he was in the street on 9/11 helping the first responders who were risking their lives trying to save people…trump was nowhere near the street that day…in fact he was on a radio show bragging that after the WTC fell, he had the tallest building still standing in Manhattan…and then sat on his ass in trump tower bitching that he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after the attacks. Hey trumpsters…is this lie enough…is standing on the WH lawn in front of the real first responders and saying he could be called a first responder enough? What a delusional piece of shit…impeach….

July 29th

Well…running a little early coming here today but I was already getting bored so what else is there to do before it gets light? Don’t feel too bad today so I may have eaten enough yesterday but we’ll see when I get out on the bike in a few minutes…did two rides yesterday and probably shouldn’t have…I do need to conserve some energy for working on the house since I need to really go to get it done so I am going to cut back…even though the bike is working okay again….I think I may have an excuse to take the afternoon off with the rain coming in by 11 or so and it is supposed to continue all afternoon…so that may mean cleaning around here instead of the ride….and that’s okay…I was hobbling around here yesterday pretty sore and don’t want to have to take ibuprofen every day to cope with it…but my shoulder will be screaming after painting today so I may have to…my new string trimmer should be here when I get back from the house and I’m going to work on the yard there tomorrow to make sure it’s all done for me to use the roof guys dumpster to get rid of everything….have to get a hatchet from HF today to finish getting rid of the stumps and another free light along with some wider painters tape…that will make 4 free lights in the last couple of weeks but they come in handy so why not? More later….

House 7

Well…there has been some progress on the house this week but I made a couple of mistakes that will have to be fixed…it has been so long since I worked on an old house that I forgot some of the basics of painting old wood that will need to be fixed tomorrow…tried to paint some old wood in the colors that were always on the house but forgot that you really can’t do light colors on old wood and have it look good…painted the garage door and the ceiling of the porch in light yellow and I just don’t like it…so I’ll use that paint as primer and repaint them tomorrow in the brown that I am using for the trim…and that will go well with the brown on the new windows and I think it will look pretty classy…just forgot that I can do whatever colors I want since the decisions are mine and it doesn’t need to look like it always has…should have the new roof on the house by the end of the week or early next week…laid out 6 grand Thursday for the down and that makes 7 grand so far with the thousand down on the new fence….I think I’ll get to the interior this week and get rid of all of the loose paint and get some sanding done so I can paint later in the week…need to get an extender for the paint roller since there are places over the stairs that I can’t reach and you can’t put a ladder there safely…going to just take the light fixtures out of the closets since I can’t find pull chain ones that meet code…I’ll just cover the boxes with covers and put a couple of battery powered led lights in there…then put the original fixtures back in once he approves it and leaves me the hell alone…should have the new windows in sometime in August and I need to have everything else done by then so I can get the water turned back on…so, it’s go time for me…

July 28th

Well…running a little late this morning with deciding to go out for a ride before coming here…didn’t sleep well at all and was up at 5 or so and I didn’t have any coffee before the bike so that made it a little tedious…but the new shift cable has made the bike better so that helped some…it has been a tough couple of days with T having to have her cat Princess put down Friday…I remember when she got her and just found photos I took when she was a kitten that I am going to give to her the next time I see her…and yesterday, C had to have Ren put down and that one hurt…I always called her “my Ren” and she was one of my favorite dogs of all time..and I knew her from when C brought her home as a puppy…just a great Akita but the last time I saw her, I could see that her time was fast coming and I’m glad that C did the right thing for her….not an easy couple of days…more later….


Well…no…I didn’t crash or anything like that…just damn sore from working on the house and like an idiot, I didn’t rest today but went out and did 30 miles…the first ride was really screwy with the shifter so inconsistent it was three gears off at times on the indicator and finally wouldn’t come out of top gear so I had to use the front shifter to be able to get back here…so, I made a huge adjustment before going out this afternoon and the damn cable broke just a few hundred yards out…at least I knew what the problem was and had to run over to the bike shop to get a new one and install it which went quite well and that made the bike ride much more normal…but, the shifter is still worn out and that makes it impossible to get it adjusted right…I did buy a new shifter for 19 bucks but that won’t be here for a while but I can live with the old one now that the cable is new…and the weird thing is where the cable broke…inside one of the sheaths which I have never seen before and was the reason I couldn’t figure it out until it broke…now it’s break time and I am taking the rest of the day off to just veg out and watch some races…I think I may have earned it…