Trump is being manipulated….

Well…have been meaning to get to this one since last week but I just haven’t had the time….well…I have had the time but just didn’t get to it….a little story that I read last week still is kinda scary…that intelligence agencies across the globe, both friends and enemies, have been tracking the idiot trumps social media accounts and have been building strategies to manipulate him based on his reactions to things that people have said in the past. Even though people think he’s pretty unpredictable, these agencies know that they can get him to do what they want with just the right “news” article or tweet…and you just have to see the tweet shitstorm that he had Thursday in response to an unflattering commentary on Morning Joe….these agencies are experts in manipulating intelligent people…just think how easy it is to manipulate an idiot. So now the “president” is being manipulated daily and he doesn’t even realize it…and he doesn’t think that keeping the Russians from continued meddling in our country is worth putting any time into…taking healthcare away from 30 million Americans? Yep…highest priority…..impeach…

June 30th

Well…running a little late today…just can’t get started and part of that is I wasn’t good last night….but I’m going to justify that with the holiday weekend…slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad today…have even been out already running an errand with the top down in the car…needed some more sunscreen and I forgot the eggs I need for potato salad that I am going to make tomorrow…had a nice time meeting up with T yesterday and we had quite a few laughs…lots of fun….but that set me on the path to not being good last night…and I blame that on her…..didn’t get anything done yesterday and today looks the same….need to get a bike ride in this morning and I will need to take something for the pain in my thighs….then out for pool later…..that’s about it…will clean tomorrow…..

Okay…no pool today…tom has to work…

June 29th

Well….running a little late today with doing the grocery run this morning…and I feel pretty crappy today with going out to have  a couple with G…and that was fun so that was cool….didn’t sleep much last night for the second day in a row and I’m feeling it right now….but, I am going to try to get on the bike after coffee and work that out….if it doesn’t rain….I did get the top down going over to Meijers and that was cool….didn’t eat much yesterday but I am going to try to fix that today…just no energy….not much to do today…going to try to clean a little but that will be it….and I am going out to meet up with T later so that will be fun…more later….

I feel a little humbled…

Well…just had to relate something that happened on the trail today that left me a little humbled…as you know, I feel pretty good about the fact that I can still go out and go hard on the bike for 15 miles every day at my advanced age…but today I was a little humbled by a conversation I had with one of the regulars that I wave to every day but had never talked before now. I’ve always thought that this person was maybe 70 or so since he walks with such vigor when I see him…but today I found out he just turned 90 years old when he stopped to talk at a water stop. Now, I have to say that I want to be in that shape at 90…and be able to do what Mike does…pretty cool….

June 28th

Well…running a little late and shouldn’t be…have been up since 5:30…didn’t sleep much last night and feel it this morning…just have no energy and that’s seems to be a continuation of yesterday…I know I haven’t been eating enough but just have no desire to do it….I was really hoping for storms this morning to give me an excuse to stay off the bike but that didn’t happen…just can’t seem to get warm today and I wonder if it’s a bug…maybe that has something to do with why I’m so fatigued? Didn’t get much done yesterday but I do have some things to do today that really need to be I am going to try to get some motivation going….but, not until after coffee….more later….

The world really, really hates trump….

Well…the rest of the world is discovering what the sane of us have known for years, that the idiot trump is one of the worst people in the world…and yes I stole that from Keith but it fits here. A Pew organization poll that was done recently showed that 74% of of the people in the world think the idiot is unqualified to be “president” and has no confidence in his ability to do the job. And it just gets worse every time anyone meets the idiot in person…labeling him “arrogant, intolerant, and dangerous”. One good thing from the survey is that his terribleness is not rubbing off on how people feel about the residents of the US…giving the rest of us a nearly 60% approval rate. With these kinds of numbers and the outright contempt the rest of the world’s leaders have of this moron, there won’t be any “great deals” that this idiot is going to do…they have his number and will just say no to him…since the rest of the world knows that will just kill him…and they will revel when he explodes into another one of twitter rants….laughing at the man-baby…impeach….

June 27th

Well…running early today and it’s cold in here this morning…didn’t put the heat on last night and it got down to 48…not sure if I want to do that now or if I’ll wait for the coffee to warm me up….don’t feel all that hot today with not sleeping too well last night but I was good so that can’t be it….and I’m back to being sore everywhere and that is disappointing….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but didn’t need to so I guess that worked out….still don’t have to cook today with having leftover chicken but I am getting tired of it….okay….it’s coffee time and I really need some right now…more later….

Repub “patriots”

Well…the supposed party of “patriots” has another new talking point being tried out and it is stunning in it’s cynicism….it goes something like this: even if trump did collude with Russia, it doesn’t matter…after all, collusion is not a crime….this was trotted out on all of the news shows over the weekend by the usual repub suspects and tells us that Mueller must be getting close to being able to prove that trump and his cronies stole the election with the help of the Russians. Now, let’s do a little imagining for a minute…imagine that a dem did or said what these idiots did…can you imagine Trey Gowdy saying it didn’t matter.;..that it wasn’t a crime and they should just “let it go”? Yeah….I don’t think anyone has that good of an imagination….this is a crime..bluntly…colluding with a foreign power to subvert our democracy is treason and it should be tried that way….but the repubs have shown that patriotism to them is just words to be used to keep the rubes voting for them…..impeach….

June 26th

Well…running late today and it’s from going back to bed after I got up…haven’t done that in years and I’m not sure why I did it today….feeling a little depressed for the past week or so and there are good reasons for it that I don’t think I’ll share right now….slept okay last night but I’m just exhausted again and I’m pretty sure it’s from not eating…but, I just don’t care to so I guess that could be a problem….didn’t get anything done yesterday…even skipped the bike ride to try to get the ache out of my legs but that didn’t work….not much to do today…I think I’ll try to get out in the sun a little and clean but no promises…..more later….

These are some sick bastards…

Well…oh, goody…the latest repub talking point just dropped yestereday and it just reveals that they are some sick bastards…Mike Pence was out yesterday trying to defend taking healthcare away from 30 million Americans and making it more expensive for everyone else by saying that if people just took “personal responsibility” for their health, they would not even need health insurance so quit your damn complaining. This is straight from his damn cult of a religion that anything that happens to you is your fault….it’s your fault that you got old and can’t find a job, it’s your fault that you come down with Alzheimer’s, it’s you fault that you get cancer, it’s your fault if some idiot t-bones your car…you get the point….if you took more “personal responsibility” none of these bad things would ever have happened to you…and the same goes for being poor…it must have been something you did or you would be rich like me….I have this to say to you, Pence, you are one of the worst people in the world and I wish you would just shut the hell up as you steal this country for your owners…..impeach….