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Russian “anchor babies”

Well….if you listened to any idiot repub during the last election, you heard on of the false themes that they harped and harped on that Mexicans were coming here to have their children so they would have US citizenship and then could bring their families here after they turned 18…never mind that “Anchor babies” was never a thing…that the Mexican babies being born here were because their parents were here doing the hard jobs that Americans won’t do and it was just projection that they thought they were breaking the law….but now, guess who’s properties are being used for just that by the Russians? Yep, there are 5 trump properties in Florida that are being advertised in Russia for just that purpose…for “birth tours” where wealthy Russians pay upwards to 75K a month to come here and stay until their babies are born, resulting in the possibility of the children having dual citizenship…and then setting their parents up for getting preferential treatment when they apply to come here to live. What about it repubs? What about these “anchor babies”? Is it not a problem anymore because these babies are not “brown”? I don’t have any hope that any repub will do anything about this…but people need to know how corrupt trump and his cronies are…impeach….

Sessions has to go….

Well….I guess we all know by now that Jeff Sessions is a liar…he lied about meeting with the Russians during the campaign…and he lied about the substance of those meetings, calling them just by chance and nothing “substantive” was discussed. We now know that they were much more than just by chance…the New York Times reporting yesterday that the intelligence services caught the Russian ambassador reporting to the Kremlin that he and Sessions DID have substantive discussions including sanctions and policy that the Russians wanted enacted….yep, you heard that right…the Kremlin was telling the trump campaign what they wanted done in return for electing trump…and we see those policies being carried out with our abandonment of the rebels in Syria….giving Putin one of the things on his wish list. Now, to me, doing the bidding of a foreign power in return for their meddling in our election sure smells like treason….but will the repbs do anything about it? Nope…we can see the repubs in the senate still trying to derail the Russia investigation with the Grassley cancelling the testimony of donnie jr and manafort that was supposed to be held this week. When is enough enough? Impeach….

It isn’t just trump….

Well…I am a little concerned that the Russian scandal is focusing too much on the idiot trump when there were many other repubs involved in colluding with them on the election and getting sanctions lifted. Just today, it was reported that the Russians gave “instructions” to a repub rep, Dana Rorahbacher to discredit the Magnitisky Act….the sanctions that were put on Russia for multiple reasons, not the least interference in our election. Now, I may be a little old fashioned, but I remember when only spies were given “instructions” from the Kremlin and when they were found out, they were charged with espionage and put in jail. So, what do you think will happen to ole Dana? Not a damn thing…but, for the other part of this story, think back a few months when Ryan and his cronies were caught on a hot mic musing about whether or not the Russians were paying him…now this makes sense…committing treason for cash…a typical repub action….what are you going to do about this one, Ryan? Impeach….

Little Donnie is just so damn dumb…

Well…now, we all know that the idiot trumps lie all the time and have been denying working with the Russians to steal the election of more than a year now…but, thanks to the NY Times, we now have proof that donnie junior was actively soliciting help from the Russians. And not just little donnie, but Manafort and Kushner were both at the same meeting…and even before the Times ran the story, the idiot little donnie released the e-mails setting the meeting up and showing that it’s real reason was to get dirt on Clinton to use during the campaign. Now I’m not sure what these idiots definition of collusion is, but this is collusion that raises to the level of treason…betraying your country to the benefit of another….that is exactly what this whole crew has done and is still doing….impeach…

Mueller’s superteam….

Well….have been reading quite a bit about the “superteam” that Robert Mueller has been putting together to investigate the idiot trump and his cronies and their collusion with Russia….and the thing that came to mind is the team is still being assembled as Mueller learns more and more about what went on…and what is still going on in relation to the expanded money laundering probe. Why would he still be adding more experts if there was nothing there? And, with the admission over the past day or so the the idiot junior met with a Russian lawyer to try to get hacked e-mails to use to attack Clinton, it is looking more and more like there really is a there there. One other little tidbit that came to light today came from Keith and I think he’s doing a post on that later, and that is that the day after the trump junior meeting with the Russian lawyer, that the idiot junior said he got nothing from, the big idiot trump tweeted asking about the 33,000 e-mails that he couldn’t have possibly known about unless he was in contact with the Russians….so, the noose continues to tighten…I wonder when the deals will start being made…probably happening already…trump is going down and his rotten administration is going with him…impeach…

More collusion or more stupidity?

Well…just read an article on the visas that the idiot trump has been issuing to the Russians….over 150 of them in the past couple of months and the American intel services know they are spies but the trump state department just doesn’t care. Now, the question needs to be asked: is this more evidence of continuing collusion from the idiot or is it more stupidity on his part? None of these spies have been vetted at all…Russia asks and trump delivers…and many of these folks that were given visas were the same ones who were tossed out of the country last year by Obama for spying and trying to meddle in the election…so, I guess the Obama derangement syndrome trumps the safety of the country and the integrity of our elections now….where are you now repubs? What does trump have to do? Give Putin the White House before you act? Get off your asses and remove these traitors….impeach…

Trump is being manipulated….

Well…have been meaning to get to this one since last week but I just haven’t had the time….well…I have had the time but just didn’t get to it….a little story that I read last week still is kinda scary…that intelligence agencies across the globe, both friends and enemies, have been tracking the idiot trumps social media accounts and have been building strategies to manipulate him based on his reactions to things that people have said in the past. Even though people think he’s pretty unpredictable, these agencies know that they can get him to do what they want with just the right “news” article or tweet…and you just have to see the tweet shitstorm that he had Thursday in response to an unflattering commentary on Morning Joe….these agencies are experts in manipulating intelligent people…just think how easy it is to manipulate an idiot. So now the “president” is being manipulated daily and he doesn’t even realize it…and he doesn’t think that keeping the Russians from continued meddling in our country is worth putting any time into…taking healthcare away from 30 million Americans? Yep…highest priority…..impeach…

Repub “patriots”

Well…the supposed party of “patriots” has another new talking point being tried out and it is stunning in it’s cynicism….it goes something like this: even if trump did collude with Russia, it doesn’t matter…after all, collusion is not a crime….this was trotted out on all of the news shows over the weekend by the usual repub suspects and tells us that Mueller must be getting close to being able to prove that trump and his cronies stole the election with the help of the Russians. Now, let’s do a little imagining for a minute…imagine that a dem did or said what these idiots did…can you imagine Trey Gowdy saying it didn’t matter.;..that it wasn’t a crime and they should just “let it go”? Yeah….I don’t think anyone has that good of an imagination….this is a crime..bluntly…colluding with a foreign power to subvert our democracy is treason and it should be tried that way….but the repubs have shown that patriotism to them is just words to be used to keep the rubes voting for them…..impeach….

Pence lawyers up….

Well…I just read (with some glee, I must add) that the supposed “straight shooter” Mike Pence has just hired outside counsel to defend him in both the Russia collusion case and his part in the obstruction of justice that is engulfing the idiot trump and his cronies. Now, let’s think back to the campaign and all of the cheers of “lock her up” that came from Pence and the rest of the trump campaign saying that a Clinton administration would be the most corrupt in history…just like they always slurred Obama and his administration with. Look at the facts….not one of Obama’s people lawyered up in the first 5 months of his presidency…no one in his campaign was under investigation in the first 5 months of his presidency…and neither was Obama. So, who is the most corrupt? The idiot trump and his cronies win this one….and Pence now knows his tenure as VP is in danger…let’s get the perp walks started…impeach….

Don’t get too excited abut Sessions….

Well…counting down to 2:30 this aft and the testimony of Jeff Sessions about his role in the Russia scandal and the breathlessness of some on the left is misguided in my mind…now, I’ll be the first to say that I was a little off about the Comey testimony..with it being much more explosive than I expected but he had an axe to grind that Sessions doesn’t…the only thing that Sessions is trying to do is cover his own ass and try to stay out of jail for his part in the obstruction so I really don’t expect him to say much even though the dem senators have some useful questions to ask…including why he lied to the senate during his confirmation hearings and didn’t disclose the third meeting he had with the Russian ambassador….I really want to know what they talked about…or get it confirmed that he was talking about lifting the sanctions that Obama put on them for interfering in the election….one other question that I want asked is why isn’t the idiot trump concerned with continued interference in our democracy by the Russians? He never talks about it or does anything about it…that kind of leaves the impression that he thinks it’s okay that the Russians hacked 39 state election systems last year and used the information to elect trump. I will be watching until ole Jeff makes me sick with his lies…might just wait for analysis later in the aft….impeach…