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Repub “patriots”

Well…the supposed party of “patriots” has another new talking point being tried out and it is stunning in it’s cynicism….it goes something like this: even if trump did collude with Russia, it doesn’t matter…after all, collusion is not a crime….this was trotted out on all of the news shows over the weekend by the usual repub suspects and tells us that Mueller must be getting close to being able to prove that trump and his cronies stole the election with the help of the Russians. Now, let’s do a little imagining for a minute…imagine that a dem did or said what these idiots did…can you imagine Trey Gowdy saying it didn’t matter.;..that it wasn’t a crime and they should just “let it go”? Yeah….I don’t think anyone has that good of an imagination….this is a crime..bluntly…colluding with a foreign power to subvert our democracy is treason and it should be tried that way….but the repubs have shown that patriotism to them is just words to be used to keep the rubes voting for them…..impeach….

Pence lawyers up….

Well…I just read (with some glee, I must add) that the supposed “straight shooter” Mike Pence has just hired outside counsel to defend him in both the Russia collusion case and his part in the obstruction of justice that is engulfing the idiot trump and his cronies. Now, let’s think back to the campaign and all of the cheers of “lock her up” that came from Pence and the rest of the trump campaign saying that a Clinton administration would be the most corrupt in history…just like they always slurred Obama and his administration with. Look at the facts….not one of Obama’s people lawyered up in the first 5 months of his presidency…no one in his campaign was under investigation in the first 5 months of his presidency…and neither was Obama. So, who is the most corrupt? The idiot trump and his cronies win this one….and Pence now knows his tenure as VP is in danger…let’s get the perp walks started…impeach….

Don’t get too excited abut Sessions….

Well…counting down to 2:30 this aft and the testimony of Jeff Sessions about his role in the Russia scandal and the breathlessness of some on the left is misguided in my mind…now, I’ll be the first to say that I was a little off about the Comey testimony..with it being much more explosive than I expected but he had an axe to grind that Sessions doesn’t…the only thing that Sessions is trying to do is cover his own ass and try to stay out of jail for his part in the obstruction so I really don’t expect him to say much even though the dem senators have some useful questions to ask…including why he lied to the senate during his confirmation hearings and didn’t disclose the third meeting he had with the Russian ambassador….I really want to know what they talked about…or get it confirmed that he was talking about lifting the sanctions that Obama put on them for interfering in the election….one other question that I want asked is why isn’t the idiot trump concerned with continued interference in our democracy by the Russians? He never talks about it or does anything about it…that kind of leaves the impression that he thinks it’s okay that the Russians hacked 39 state election systems last year and used the information to elect trump. I will be watching until ole Jeff makes me sick with his lies…might just wait for analysis later in the aft….impeach…

Trump rolls over for the Russians….

Well….if you had any doubt that the idiot trump is in the pockets of the Russians, another piece of damning evidence surfaced today with trump’s intention of giving back to them two estates that were taken by Obama for the Russians using them to spy on the US and interfere in our election. Yep, the idiot is now rewarding the Russians for electing him by allowing them to go back to estates that were and will be used to spy on the US…and this from the party that is supposed to be so strong on national defense and protecting the US from our enemies…let’s just give them more tools to spy on us….what’s next? The idiot trump lets them have their own office in the White House? This is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard of….and that is going a long way after seeing all of the idiocy from trump and his cronies…impeach…

A few things…

Well…as you have seen if you’ve been here before, I normally don’t come back for a second one of these on Fridays…after shooting pool and drinking beer, I just don’t have the motivation to do a second one…but, I’m sitting here waiting for it to be cocktail time and just read about a couple of things that I wanted to comment on…first, a story just came out that the staffers in the WH have been researching impeachment like crazy over the past few days and I find that just so damn funny…I wonder if it’s to defend against it or how to make it happen? Whatever it is, it is never a good sign when your staff is starting to think impeachment is a real possibility. Then there is the hot mike moment when Paul Ryan and his partners in crime were caught talking about the idiot trump and his collusion with Russia…showing that they knew that Russia was meddling in the election and did nothing about it since trump was being helped…and Ryan was heard telling everyone to keep it a secret since they were “family”….now, this lays this conspiracy right at the feet of repub leaders…I’ll bet McConnell new about it, too….and these guys should really worry about this since they could be spending time with trump in prison….okay, I guess I can hope that this will happen…impeach….

117 days to a special counsel…

Well…if you didn’t already think that the idiot trump’s administration wasn’t the most corrupt in the history of the US, you just have to look at the events that happened today. After only 117 days in office, a special counsel was appointed today to look into all of the Russian connections with trump’s campaign and the obstruction of justice that was reveled by James Comey last week. Now, a cynic would think the the acting AG in this matter was helping trump out by slowing down the current investigations with this appointment…but who he appointed spells dire trouble for trump and his cronies. The appointment went to a former FBI director, Robert Mueller, who has shown that he has the integrity and the non-partisanship to ensure that the investigation will be fair and thorough. So, run for the hills, trump…you’r going down…..

Trump fires Comey….

Well…did anyone else see this coming? As the noose closes around trump and his cronies, trump flails around like the wounded elephant that he is and fires the FBI director….the reaction to this obstruction of justice has been varied on the web from “we’re all screwed” to “this just shows how desperate trump is”…..I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet but I still have a little faith in our institutions and think there are enough ethical folks out there working on these investigations that won’t let this deter them from doing their jobs…like the NY AG who is working on trump money laundering and many other crimes that his gang have committed. And the grand jury in VA that has already issued RICO warrants that are yet to be served…and that is where Comey was for his last day of work….talking to that grand jury and I’m sure that is one of the reasons they fired him today…but, trump is so damn stupid and doesn’t understand how government works that he thinks that firing the director will stop all of the investigations…what does he expect all of the FBI agents to do? Just sit at their desks and play on Facebook until a new director is named? Not gonna happen…the stink of desperation is all over this….impeach…

Clinton and trump treated the same?

Well….have been reading a little about Comey’s testimony in the senate today and most of the response from the idiot repubs come from the WH playbook…that the only problem is that people were leaking information to the press….not that Comey put his thumb on the election scale and cost Clinton the election. When asked about that by dem senators, Comey answered that he treated both trump and Clinton the same….okay, let talk about that a minute…where was the letter to the house about trump’s ties to Russia when Comey just couldn’t wait to let the house know that they had found duplicate e-mails on someone else’s computer? In his testimony today, Comey even admitted that he knew that his letter about Clinton ¬†would be leaked to the press by the repubs…but now he is “nauseous” that it happend and the he “may” have affected the election. This is bullshit…he knew damn well what he was doing would damage Clinton and he did it anyway….being a lifelong Clinton hater he even allowed the NY office of the FBI to work openly to help elect trump…and no amount of bullshit backfilling is going to change how much damage he has done to the US and the world…what a load of crap…..

Bye, bye Jason…

Well…a small smile came to my face this morning when I read that the trump shill, Jason Chaffetz, won’t run for re-election in his safe Utah seat 2018. I guess he’s not cashing in enough being in congress and I’m sure he will end up on the wingnut welfare circuit and make a few million dollars a year being a lobbyist or go to work for fox news. I wonder if this has anything to do with the information he has seen concerning the trump collusion with Russia? I wonder even more if he sees himself being caught up in the investigation…after all, he was involved with the trump campaign and it seem like everyone that had a finger in that rotten pie is going to go to jail. All I have to day is good riddance….maybe the protesters who have shouting “do your job” about the trump investigation he has been stalling have had an effect…impeach trump….

Trump on tape?

Well…just read of a new report that there is a tape of trump offering to make policy that would be helpful to the Russians if they would help hack the election…and this is being reported by the same reporter in England that broke the story that trump and his cronies were were caught on tape by multiple intelligence agencies and by the FBI talking to the Russians. Now these sooper geniuses thought that by physically carrying the tape to the Russians that no one would find out about it…but, you hand a loaded gun to Putin and you don’t think he is going to use it? The big thing here is that since trump has gotten away with multiple crimes throughout his life, he didn’t think there would be any danger to doing the same thing in the election…to use the Russians to commit treason and steal the election….now, I wonder if THIS will be enough for the repubs to do their jobs and impeach this asshole…nope, probably not….impeach….