The world really, really hates trump….

Well…the rest of the world is discovering what the sane of us have known for years, that the idiot trump is one of the worst people in the world…and yes I stole that from Keith but it fits here. A Pew organization poll that was done recently showed that 74% of of the people in the world think the idiot is unqualified to be “president” and has no confidence in his ability to do the job. And it just gets worse every time anyone meets the idiot in person…labeling him “arrogant, intolerant, and dangerous”. One good thing from the survey is that his terribleness is not rubbing off on how people feel about the residents of the US…giving the rest of us a nearly 60% approval rate. With these kinds of numbers and the outright contempt the rest of the world’s leaders have of this moron, there won’t be any “great deals” that this idiot is going to do…they have his number and will just say no to him…since the rest of the world knows that will just kill him…and they will revel when he explodes into another one of twitter rants….laughing at the man-baby…impeach….

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