Trump is being manipulated….

Well…have been meaning to get to this one since last week but I just haven’t had the time….well…I have had the time but just didn’t get to it….a little story that I read last week still is kinda scary…that intelligence agencies across the globe, both friends and enemies, have been tracking the idiot trumps social media accounts and have been building strategies to manipulate him based on his reactions to things that people have said in the past. Even though people think he’s pretty unpredictable, these agencies know that they can get him to do what they want with just the right “news” article or tweet…and you just have to see the tweet shitstorm that he had Thursday in response to an unflattering commentary on Morning Joe….these agencies are experts in manipulating intelligent people…just think how easy it is to manipulate an idiot. So now the “president” is being manipulated daily and he doesn’t even realize it…and he doesn’t think that keeping the Russians from continued meddling in our country is worth putting any time into…taking healthcare away from 30 million Americans? Yep…highest priority…..impeach…

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