Repub “patriots”

Well…the supposed party of “patriots” has another new talking point being tried out and it is stunning in it’s cynicism….it goes something like this: even if trump did collude with Russia, it doesn’t matter…after all, collusion is not a crime….this was trotted out on all of the news shows over the weekend by the usual repub suspects and tells us that Mueller must be getting close to being able to prove that trump and his cronies stole the election with the help of the Russians. Now, let’s do a little imagining for a minute…imagine that a dem did or said what these idiots did…can you imagine Trey Gowdy saying it didn’t matter.;..that it wasn’t a crime and they should just “let it go”? Yeah….I don’t think anyone has that good of an imagination….this is a crime..bluntly…colluding with a foreign power to subvert our democracy is treason and it should be tried that way….but the repubs have shown that patriotism to them is just words to be used to keep the rubes voting for them…..impeach….

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