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June 11th

Well….running a little early today but I am still having trouble getting started….just don’t feel like doing anything yet but I guess I’ll have to…slept okay last night but woke up sore this morning…must have slept on my right shoulder since it hurts…but, everything hurts and I couldn’t have slept on everything….thought I had a cold yesterday and it felt like it but I’m not feeling it today so that’s a little weird…I did get some work done yesterday with cleaning the bathroom, doing some laundry, and running the dishwasher so I don’t feel as guilty as I did….but, today I won’t do much other than the workout and getting the bike ride in….I may go wash the car but I’m not sure about that yet….more later….

June 10th

Well…running on time today even with having to go over to Meijers to get some veggies that I forgot Thursday…want to make some chicken stir fry for lunch…slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly today but I am a little sore from the ride yesterday…but, I won’t be going out today with rain about 20 mins away…and I just don’t want to get wet right now…so, maybe a rest day is what I need…might be able to get out after the F1 race but I’m just not motivated right now….maybe the coffee will help….didn’t get much done yesterday but I think I’ll clean the bathroom today after I take some time to read the news….and maybe even the kitchen but probably not….more later….

June 9th

Well…not sure what kind of day it was yesterday…I know part of it sucked but I did get out to have one with the twins so that was cool…didn’t get anything done but I need to do some cleaning today…it looks like it is going to rain almost all day so I may have the day off the bike…and that may be a good thing….my legs are sore and could use some rest time…slept okay last night but I feel weary today and I may allow that to dictate how I do things today…I think I may need to just let the day flow how it will and not try to force anything….just like this post…there is a lot of racing on today with F1 qualifying at 10 and then two races later…and the Belmont stakes so I will have something to keep me from being too bored…more later…

June 8th

Well….up early again today and I think I may stop commenting about that….I did sleep okay but starting seems to get harder every day…not too hard but harder….I do need to get out on the bike early today since there is F1 practice that I’d like to see at 10 and I need to get my Mega tickets for the drawing tonight….I really could use 152 million dollars….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I will do some cleaning today after I make some pork chops for lunch…have had them marinating overnight and can’t wait to see how they come out…had some good news from T yesterday when she got the pathology report from her surgery and they found the reason for all the pain she was in…and the surgery fixed it so that is a relief….not much to do today….need to get started soon but the coffee is working yet….I’ve got an hour so I guess I can wait…more later…

June 7th

Well….running on time today for a Thursday and got the grocery run done…used my new credit card for the first time and it is cool to have one that you can just tap again….slept okay last night but I am having trouble ditching the earplugs…so, I guess I won’t…the new furnace sounds like a 747 so I am glad that it is warm enough to not need it…feel a little bit slow today and I know it’s from not eating enough so I am going to try to fix that today…spent 70 bucks at the grocery store and have chicken and pork chops to cook…need to try some new recipes so I think I’ll get out on the internet today and take a look….didn’t get much done yesterday but the normal workout and bike ride…oh, I did wash the bike, too, so it looks good again…I need to clean some today and I think I might…the cobwebs are getting annoying so that will be one project for the day…more later….

June 6th

Well…trying to stall a little this morning with it being in the 40′s…I need it to be 57 or so to get out on the bike so I need to kill some time…slept okay last night but feel a little slow today and that kind of fits with the schedule for the morning….they did put a new furnace in here yesterday and I do need to get used to how it sounds…at least the one upstairs is quiet….didn’t get much done yesterday but I will do some cleaning today…if I feel like it…and that is a little iffy right now….got my new credit card yesterday and got it activated and that made me want to go out and buy something…but, I didn’t, but I will tomorrow when I use it for groceries….need to spend 500 bucks on it in the next 3 months to get the 150 bucks back…thinking about new tires for the car…not much to do today…just a normal day with a workout and bike ride…and I need to cook some ribs for lunch…more later….

June 5th

Well…running a little early today with needing to get things done before they come to replace my furnace…the did the noisy one upstairs yesterday and that allowed me to sleep with no earplugs for the first time in years last night….had a nice day yesterday with a top down ride out and back for pool…oh, and I won….but that was all I got done and today will be the same with the workers going to be here most of the day…feel a little slow today and I need the coffee to work soon or it’s going to be a rough day….T is going in for surgery today and I am worried about her…I’m sure it will go well but any time you have an organ removed, I think it’s a big deal…but it should make her feel better and that is the only thing….more later….

Bird attack!

Well…just getting ready to go out to pool but thought I’d relay this little tidbit that happened today on the trail….was coming down the last long straight coming back here when I felt a little peck on the top of my hat…I turned around and didn’t see anything so I kept riding and it happened again…and then again so I turned around and saw that it was a red winged blackbird doing the attacking…had to just laugh…it’s the first time it’s happened this year and it must be nesting time for those birds…oh, and there were tiny bunnies out today too, and tiny deer…saw one today that was smaller than a dog…

June 4th

Well…running a little late today…went out to put gas in the car and then wash it…gas is supposed to go up by 50 cents a gallon today and I wanted to get it filled before that…it is really weird to be out and about that early…and the traffic is nuts so I’m pretty sure I won’t do that again…slept in all the way til 7 today and that was good for a change…getting up at 5 is just too damn early…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today will probably be the same with pool this aft…I really should get some dusting done and remove the cobwebs but I  guess I’m just not motivated to do much…I was going to do the brakes on the car this week but they stopped making noise so I’m re thinking that….but, it is so cheap to do them I still may…and, I’ll have the new credit card by Wed so I may use it to order the brake parts….more later…

June 3rd

Well…almost forgot to come here…again…and I am trying to figure out why it’s a Sunday thing….slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly today…just a little slow so I’m going to ease into it and have some more coffee…it’s too early to get out on the bike and the MotoGP race is going to start in a minute so I’m going to just sit here and watch the start….that’s the problem with getting up so early every day…I get everything done before 9 and that makes the rest of the day a little boring….didn’t get a lot done yesterday…hmmm…that’s getting to be a theme around here…I will try to clean a little today after I cook something for lunch…have some chicken that needs to be cooked so I guess I’ll have that….I did wear a new pair of workout shorts on the bike yesterday and, with the new shoes, I look almost stylish….and they are quite comfortable so I guess they are worth the 11 bucks I paid for them….more later….