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May 14th

Well….running a little late today with getting a little absorbed in the F1 race start….didn’t get much done yesterday and today looks a little the same…but there are no races on this aft so I may just have to clean a little…my back is still killing me and but I haven’t had to take anything for it yet…that may change today….I do need to get out on the bike early today with Man U playing at 11 and it is already warm enough to go out in a t-shirt so that will be okay…..not sure if I’m going to cook anything today with making chili yesterday and I do have to remember to eat enough today since I haven’t been lately….more later….

May 13th

Well…running late this morning and I just can’t get started…oh, I won at pool yesterday…thought I’d get that out of the way…and I got a little bit of  a sunburn with the top down out and back…forgot the sunscreen and I have to not do that…..slept okay last night but I don’t remember having dreams in a long time and that is a little disappointing…oh, well…don’t hurt too much today and my back is even pretty good today…just a little hitch in it and I can live with that….don’t have a lot to do today but I am going to make chili….I know I need to eat more than I have been and I am going to try to fix that today…..more later….


Well…feel pretty crappy this morning and I have cramps in my calves already and I haven’t even been out on the bike yet…so, that is not a great way to start the day….I did get out to have breakfast with my son yesterday and took my car…he had never ridden in a convertible before…and that is a little weird with him being 35….didn’t do much the rest of the day but watch Man U barely win their Europa league game…not a good game but they move on to the final…..not much to do today…I do have pool this aft but I need to wash the car this morning after I get more coffee in….more later….

May 11th

Well….running a little late today with getting the grocery run done and reading the paper….had a nice day yesterday with getting out to have a few with T and having a lot of laughs…my back was fine for a day but I think I re injured it working out yesterday…and it hurts like crazy this morning so I think I’ll try to crack it later….I may be going out to b-fast with my son this morning so I am going to keep this one short so I can get some coffee down…..don’t have a lot to do today other than clean a little so that is all I’m going to do…Man U is playing this aft so that will take up some of the aft so I won’t be too bored…more later….

May 10th

Well….up and running a little early today…still getting up way too early but I’m not sure what to do about it….go to bed later? Nope…too damn bored to stay up later….at least the pain is less today and my back is finally a little better…I felt it crack working out yesterday and I hope it does it again today….at least the temp is up enough that I can get on the bike as soon as I finish working out….had a good ride yesterday but didn’t get much else done….with getting this place cleaned up, I don’t have a lot to do around here so I guess that’s okay….I may be meeting up with T for a couple late this aft so that is something to look forward to….more later…..

I forgot this….

Well…with my son coming into town, he had to get a rental car to get around for a few days…and he shows up with a new Camaro….now, I’ve heard that those cars were kind of claustrophobic with the gun slot windows and the small doors, but it is worse than that….I had a hard time getting in the darn thing…much worse than my tiny little Miata and for a car that big, there is not a lot of room inside it either. I wonder what product designer signed off on it? It’s not a car I could live with on a daily basis, that’s for sure…and I’ve lived with the Miata for over 4 years now….

May 9th

Well…running a little late today but I have been up since just before 6 so that isn’t it….feeling run down again today but I just started drinking coffee so I guess I’ll give that some time to work…my son did come in to town yesterday and it was fun catching up…I think we’re going to hang out again today for a while so that will be cool….I did get this place cleaned up some yesterday and that is good to see….I should continue that today but I’m not sure I will….I really do hope this weather changes soon….it is only 30 outside right now and that will mean the bike ride will have to wait until later….more later….

May 8th

Well…just having a hard time getting started this morning and that seems to be standard lately….and my damn back is still hurting to the point that I can’t sit in certain positions or it just screams at me….oh, well….didn’t get a lot done yesterday so today will have to be different… son is coming in from NYC today and it will be cool to see him…I think it’s been a couple of years…looks like the bike ride will have to wait until this aft since it is frosty out there…and it’s frickin May….I guess the climate change deniers will be saying that this proves there’s no warming going on….okay…need coffee and to move around a little more later….

May 7th

Well….running a little late this morning and I really don’t care why….had an okay day yesterday but didn’t get a lot done other than the bike ride….and it looks like I wan’t get out until this aft since it is still in the 30′s and I don’t want to be cold anymore….I do need to clean some today with my son coming in tomorrow and I’m not sure if he’s coming over here or not….and I do need to clean anyway….my  back is killing me this morning and I think I should take something for it…not sure what the deal is but it is getting annoying…should try to pop it but it hasn’t worked the last 50 times I tried…..more later….

May 6th

Well…running a little late this morning and there is no reason for it….no Man U today but there is soccer on and I just don’t want to get moving….I did win at pool yesterday and it was a nice ride out and back with the top down on the car….feel okay today with less pain than I have had but my back still hurts some….and my allergies have gone to defcon 1 and that is just killing me….I am irritated that is too cold to get out on the bike right now and it looks like I’ll have to wait until at least 10:30 to go…in the 30′s in May? What a bunch of crap….oh, well…that just means I can have more coffee before I go out….don’t have a lot to do today…I should clean some but I’m not sure about that….more later….