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December 6th

Well….running a little early today and there is no reason for it other than I got up early today….and I was good last night so I feel okay today…finally figured out that the constant pain I am usually in is from riding the bike…took the day off with the crazy wind yesterday and woke up pain free today…that is kind of cool since I was thinking that it was just getting old….slept quite well last night and feel like I think normal people feel when they get up in the morning….have a lot of energy and that is before coffee even….not sure how I’ll use that today but I do want to get out on the bike later if the wind cooperates but so far it looks like another day off…..not much to do today….there is more soccer on…and Man U won yesterday so they are into the knockout stage of the champion’s league….and I am going to cook and clean today….more later…

December 5th

Well….running kind of on time today and feel really tired this morning…slept really crappy last night…it took hours to get to sleep and then I was up and down all night…so that will mean a nap later today….and it looks like no bike ride today with the wind steady over 25-30 mph with gusts of up to 50….and that makes it way too brutal to go out…so, I’ll just have to settle for working out today…oh, and I won at pool and had the top down out and back for the last time in December since the temps are going to be in the 20′s for the rest of the month….didn’t get much done yesterday so I’ll have to make up for it today with no ride…and Man U plays later today so that will help fill the day….I think I’ll get at the dust in the living room today and maybe do the kitchen floor, too….more later…..

December 4th

Well…it’s been a normal morning so far today but I need to get the coffee working…feel a little slow and it might take a while to get going…slept okay last night but the damn cough has come back today and I’m not sure what the heck is going on….this week will be a month and that is way too long for a cold…so it must be allergies and that could go on all winter….and winter is going to start in the next couple of days with the temps in the high 20′s starting wed….but, today I will be able to get out in shorts for the last time since it is already 45 outside…didn’t get a lot done yesterday but repair the bag on the bike and watch sports…and I won’t get a lot done today with pool this aft…..but, that’s okay…really don’t have that much to do….more later….

Another 3,000 mile year….

Well…when stopped for the light at Kalamazoo this morning, I looked down at my bike computer and noticed I had hit 3,000 miles for the year today…along with doing a 100 mile ride, this was my only other goal for the bike this year….and I’ve put 650 miles on the old bike since I got back on it with only 350 more to do to get to buying a new one….it will be nice to get back to the trigger shifters again and the disc brakes….I like riding the old one but the new ones are just so convenient to ride I can’t wait until I can afford one….more later….

December 3rd

Well….running a little late again today and I think I’m in a lower gear this morning….really don’t have to get going until around 10 when it will be warm enough to get out on the bike….just can’t go out when it is 25 degrees yet…but, it did hit me yesterday that I am starting to get used to the cold and I hope my feet get the message…even with double socks on yesterday they were cold….slept okay last night and don’t feel that bad today…the cold is finally in it’s end stage…I hope….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but making soup that came out good and watching some sports…might clean a little today after the bike ride but maybe not….the Lions play at 1 so I’ll have to have things done by then….not much to do today….just a little cleaning and a lot of vegging and that’s okay with me….more later….

How does this happen?

Well….I see a lot of things out on the bike that I forget to come back here and talk about…but today, it was not possible to forget this….you remember the other day that I talked a little about the underground work being done at 60th and Hanna Lake where they have one of the lanes on 60th closed off…and, until this morning, they had one of those flashing arrow signs to tell people to merge into the open lane…but, they don’t anymore…sometime last night, someone ran over the sign (not an easy thing to do) and left it in a mangled heap in the blocked off lane. I wonder, how does this happen? I mean a huge, flashing sign…how the heck do you not see that? Just one more reason I’m happy to not be on the road too much anymore….geez…

December 2nd

Well…up at my normal time today and I don’t feel too bad…my back has been cracking like crazy since I got up and that is a good sign…had a little pain yesterday and it feels good to have that done this early…slept okay last night but still feel a little worn out…not sure if I’m eating enough right now…and if I’m thinking about it, I probably aren’t….I am still coughing this morning and that is getting annoying….again….not sure what is going on but it is over 3 weeks now….not much to do today….I am going to make turkey soup today since I have veggies that need to be used and that will give me something to do…but I want to ride first and that will have to wait until the sun comes up….but I do need to get that done before Man U plays at 12:30…more later….

Neil Young Live…

Well….just finished watching Neil Young in a live streamed concert and I am just blown away…it is the most intimate that I have ever seen Neil…the concert was done at one of his hometowns… a little place called Omemee, Ontario….I found out about it by accident…Neil re-tweeted a tweet by Darryl Hanna that the concert was happening tonight and I was just freaking out when I saw that….and I figured out how to take the HDMI output from the computer and run it into my tv…I know that most people know how to do that but it was a first time for me….pretty darn cool night….

December 1st

Well…running late this morning and I really didn’t want to get up at all…and I lost my glasses overnight and can’t understand how they ended up under my bed…oh, well…didn’t sleep well and I am feeling it today…it looks like it will be a low key day today but I do need to put the snowies on the car today…I don’t really drive much anymore so I don’t have to worry about putting too many miles on them…and it is supposed to start snowing next Wednesday and then continue for 10 days or so…ick….and it is going to be cold, too…with highs only in the 30′s so I guess the winter clothes will have to come out….not much to do today….just work on the car and then clean a little but that is about it….more later….

November 30th

Well…running on time this morning with the grocery run and having a real paper to read….slept okay last night…well…not really…was up and down all night but I feel okay so I guess there was no damage done….and I was good last night so I feel okay today and I think the bug is almost over…my lungs are good today and I haven’t coughed at all yet so I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to feel better…I do have to find a new pair of shoes since mine just cracked the sole and walking in the rain is no longer comfortable…actually it’s kind of crappy in the cold and rain….so that’s a project to take on….will probably go online and see what’s out there…not much to do today….might have to make a run out to get some chicken but I may not until I use up the freezer food….and I will get a bike ride in when the rain stops but that is about it….more later…..