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February 16th

Well…running late this morning since I didn’t get up til 7:20….I guess the bitch about not sleeping in was a little premature….I did sleep okay last night but feel pretty slow this morning…don’t really want to get going right now and the coffee is not helping…had an okay day yesterday but didn’t do much…I was going to clean the bathroom but just didn’t get to it…I am going to try to do it today but I’m not sure I will….I did have a funny thought yesterday that I forgot to talk about…on the days that I have a new pot of coffee going, I have a smell based alarm clock that wakes me up….when the coffee maker starts, it always gets me up when I smell it at 6:30…okay, you know I’m weird…not much to do today…need to run an errand this morning but that is about it….I do have to cook today since there are no leftovers…think I’ll make some chicken since I am so tired of pork….more later…

February 15th

Well…running a little late today with the grocery run and having a real paper to read….slept okay last night and feel pretty good today and I hope that continues for the rest of the day….have been fortunate with the bugs this winter with just low level stuff but the flu is all around me and I sure don’t want to get it at this late date….I did get out and get my hair cut yesterday and even got a top down run in so that takes care of Feb….didn’t get much else done, though, and I need to change that today….I will need to cook with no leftovers in the fridge and I may even have the pizza that I have had in the freezer for a couple of weeks….not much to do today….I am going to do the bathroom and maybe even start tearing the old bike apart since I am going to order the new one next week and need to make room for it….more later…..

Not sure I like being retired…

Well…as I sit here watching the Olympics, it finally hit me that I really don’t like the idea that I was forced to retire when I still wanted to work. The idea that I have nothing to add to any company galls me to no end, especially when on an almost daily basis, you see companies being quoted that they just can’t find qualified people anymore…well, I got news for you idiots, there are plenty of us out here that are qualified but YOU are the ones who are artificially restricting your pool of potential workers just because of the stereotypes that you have in your heads that all of us older workers are going to cost you more than newbies straight out of college…and that may be true since we do expect to be fairly compensated for our contributions, but there is one thing we don’t need, and that is to have our hands held and our egos massaged to keep us productive…we are well past that nonsense and just want an opportunity to contribute…I wonder if any hiring manager gives a crap about that…nope, that would make them have to think instead of just running resumes through the computers and rejecting every experienced worker….so, don’t cry me a river if you can’t find “qualified” people to fill your did it to yourselves….

February 14th

Well…running kind of on time today since it is before 7 am…that is getting to be kind of normal lately and I wonder why I can never sleep in….not sure what is going on with the cold but I am not feeling it today other than I feel a little warm….I’m hoping it’s the end of it today since I am not coughing right now and I have some energy….my heel finally feels like it is healing and it doesn’t hurt too much today…can even put weight on it without to much discomfort….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and I am going to finally resign myself to being an Olympics slug for the next week and I am not going to feel guilty about it…one thing that is happening is my tv shows that go to the server are starting to pile up and it is going to take a concerted binge to get caught up…especially since many of them are coming back next week with new episodes…not much to do today…going to get my hair cut first thing and then I need to figure out what to cook today….more later….

November 13th

Well….forgot to set the coffee up last night so that puts me late today and a little out of sorts…and I woke up feeling like I have that damn bug again…have been coughing again this morning and I feel warm again…darn…I did get out to have one with K last night and it was good to see her….then I was good when I got back here so I should feel better today…didn’t sleep for crap last night and that might be part of it….didn’t shoot pool yesterday so I didn’t win or lose….didn’t get much done yesterday even with being here all day and today looks the same….nothing really gets messed up when you live alone so that’s a good thing…really don’t have much to clean but the bathroom could use a going over….I do need to run an errand this morning but that is about it for the day….more later….

Nothing important to say today…

Well….have been sitting here trying to figure out a topic for the day with no luck…I know I could go on about the idiot trump or his embrace of wife abusers but I don’t want to pollute myself with that today….so, I won’t. Have been watching the Olympics quite a bit since Thursday and this just popped into my head….why do they start the women’s luge lower down the track than the men? What’s the difference between women and men? Do they think that women don’t have the ability to go as fast as men? It just seems like such an anachronism¬† to treat them differently…they don’t start the women in the NHRA 100 feet down the track so why in luge? Or, I guess golf, too, since they have women’s tees that make the holes shorter…hmmmm. I think I may be getting over the cold that I had the past couple of weeks and that is a good feeling…and I am glad it wasn’t the flu….haven’t coughed at all today so far and that is a good thing….hoping to dodge that bullet for the entire winter…and it’s only two more weeks til March and only one more week until I order the new bike…so there are things to look forward to…more later…maybe…

February 12th

Well…running a little late today with getting up late and that is a little unusual….slept okay last night but feel a little worn out today…I think the cold is about gone but after feeling good most of the day yesterday, the coughing came back last night…not happening now so maybe it was the last gasp of the cold…didn’t get anything done with the races that were on and watching some Olympics all day….and I won’t get much done today with heading out for pool later….I think Man U is turning into the Lions and I don’t think I’ll watch them anymore…I mean, losing to the last place team yesterday? That will make some time to get other things done….not that I have other things to do….more later….

February 11th

Well…running on time today and that is a little weird…woke up to 4 more inches of snow on the car and I am getting really tired of that…I know it’s winter in Michigan but I haven’t shifted into my resigned phase yet…almost, and it helps that I don’t have anywhere to be and don’t have to go out in it…slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly this morning…the cold may be waning but we’ll see about that later….haven’t coughed much yet today so I have hope that it will be gone after the couple of weeks it has been here….I did make the slow cooked pork chops yesterday and they came out pretty good so I won’t have to cook again until wed or so….my damn heel is hurting again today and I am getting really tired of that…really should go out and look for a cure for it…limping around here like an old guy is not a good look for me…not much to do today…I should clean some and I might but Man U is playing in and hour or so and the Olympics are on so that might derail my plans…more later….

February 10th

Well…woke up this morning thinking I’d feel a lot worse than I did yesterday but, I’m not sure if I do or not….still coughing a lot and I do have a chill but I wasn’t good last night so that is masking it some…okay, yep, I’m pretty miserable and will have to take it easy today…slept okay last night and I’m not sure how I hurt my heel sleeping but it hurts like crazy walking this morning…okay, let’s just say I’m creaking some this morning and let it go at that….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I do need to load up the slow cooker in a minute so I can have it done for lunch….and that seems like a lot of work right now so I’ll need coffee first and to watch some Olympics….more later….

February 9th

Well…feeling a little crappy today…just worn out and have no energy and I’m not sure why that would be…and I’m tired of talking about that so I won’t anymore….okay, just a bit more….went to bed early last night and that didn’t help…I think all this is from not being on the bike and not getting enough exercise….this is normal for this time of the year….but that’s not saying I like it….only 3 weeks til March…had an okay day yesterday and went out to have a couple with G and that was fun…but started my night way too early and that may be part of why I feel so crappy today…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and I should feel worse about that than I do…I may try to do some cleaning today and I need to get out to run some errands but there is another 4 inches of snow on the car and I just can’t do that yet….not much to do today….just need to ease into it and have more coffee so I think I’ll do that right now…more later….