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Liars and incompetents….

Well….as I’ve asked many, many, many, many times…is there anything that this WH won’t lie about? Or are they just the most incompetent screw ups that this country has ever seen? Yep, trick question…they’re both….just yesterday the idiots at the WH tweeted a picture of the WH with snow falling around it with the caption: “first snow of the year!” and that set twitter ablaze with comments…especially since it was almost 70 degrees in DC Sunday and there was not a hint of snow anywhere for hundreds of miles….and the first snow of the year was early last week. Now, who are these people who would get up in the morning and think to themselves “I think I’ll go to work today and lie about snow”….can we finally call them the worst people in the world? I know it’s wearing to point out all of the lies these people spew on a daily basis, but we have to…we have to keep calling them out on their BS or it will be normalized and that will mean the end of this country….I know I’m tired….