Why are there so many users? (the real one…)

Well…I really have no clue where this idea came from but it goes something like this: Why do people, corporations, and other organizations use people like they do? Why do they think it’s okay to manipulate people for their own gain, either political of monetary? This isn’t going that well…so I’m going to make lunch, take a break and come back…well…still haven’t had lunch yet…had a few other things that just got in the way…but it is cooking and so I thought I’d get back to this.

This one is going to be little jumbled but I’ll start with the general idea of people using other people for their own ends..like the Catholic priests preying on their parishioners for their own cruel reasons. But that is just a small one compared to the systematic, organized use of people that range from outright slavery that has happened throughout the years to the less obvious manipulation of people in the US by Freedomworks and the other billionaires that are backing the tea party movement. Is it human nature to take advantage of other humans, and if it is, why doesn’t everyone do it? Lunch is ready so I’ll be back later…okay…I’m back…the Freedomworks thing…well…it is using all of the disaffected people in the US for it’s particular business reasons, something that I think has been underreported, by getting deregulation repubs elected which will make the billionaires backing it lots of money and give them the chance to move more jobs offshore…well…basically getting them back to the Bush years. What do the people who are part of this movement think it’s all about? Do they like being used so cynically?

I’ve had enough of this crap…geez…

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