Good game could have won it

Well…if we could wipe out the 2 minutes that the Sharks scored three goals, it would have been a good game. I think it was still a good game since we were not outplayed. Howard just looked shaky but that has been his pattern throughout he first round so that’s not really a surprise. We still need to take one in their building so Sunday should be fun…still have to go out to see it but with it being at 8, I can get some other people to go out that are real fans. The people in the bar last night were quite annoying and loud; at least the place had gone non-smoking a few days early so I didn’t have to breathe in all that smoke. Still kind of ambivalent about the new law here in Michigan but I don’t smoke so I don’t really care.

More tomorrow but it is such a nice day today that I’m just not that motivated.
Go Wings!

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