Darn, no SD this year….

Well…as you know, I was really geeked up last fall when Steely Dan came to Grand Rapids for the first time and it was so cool to see them on our turf versus having to go across the state to see them. But, darn, it looks like that was a one time thing since I just got an e-mail with their tour announcement for this year and they are going back to the east side of the state to Pine Knob….now, I have made that trip 5 times before but, at this time in my life, I just don’t want to make that much effort anymore…and, they are not playing alone but The Doobie Brothers are co-headlining with them this year…now, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Doobies…I have liked them for a long time but I’m just not up for a 4 hour concert anymore, either…..so it looks like last year was the last time I’ll see SD…the end of an era…..

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