Here they come….just as I told you they would..

Well…back in the runup to the election, one of the predictions that I made was that if the repubs came back to power, you would see the wholesale surrendering of our country to the forces of the “free market” and the religious nuts from the right. And yesterday, in a speech in Detroit, we have one of their presidential frontrunners came out with that exact double whammy; delivered by Mike Pence, the repub from Indiana. In that speech he told the crowd that the big problem in America is the lack of morals in the population and that the only way to solve that is a return to organized religion and more religious involvement in everyday life. Really, Mike? What about those of us that see the folly of organized religion and want the constitutional separation of church and state strengthened? We are tired of you “holier-than-thou” folks telling us that the only way to be a good, ethical, moral person is to belong to organized religion when, to us, religion is the CAUSE of most of the strife in the world.

But, that was not the only thing he felt the need to touch on…he reiterated his opposition to the bailout of the auto industry, along with the Tarp program that helped limit the financial damage in the downturn. His reasoning is that a free market bankruptcy would have been a better way to go…since it would help destroy the unions and turn the US into the low wage economy that his business buddies could then take advantage of…well…I added that last part..this is kind of an editorial after all. Now, you can truly see what these guys are all about….they say we can’t afford extension of UI benefits, or helping American industry survive because it would add to the deficit…but it is just ducky to give the top 1% 700 billion in tax cuts that aren’t paid for…hypocrites all. Geez…

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