Biden and Harris release their taxes…

Well….this is pretty smart….just this afternoon, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris released their 2019 tax returns and they showed that both families paid over 300,000 dollars in federal taxes, more than trump has paid in the past 20 years together. Coming just before the debate tonight, I can see Joe taunting trump with this little bit of info and I know that trump is going to fall back on the old “I can’t release my taxes since I am under audit” bullshit that has been debunked over and over but that idiot boy just repeated again over the weekend. The thing he is being audited over? Fraudulently claiming a 76 million dollar tax refund that he has been fighting in court for almost 10 years now….and the NYT stories about idiot boy’s tax returns just reinforce the fact that he has been a tax cheat all his life….and that is something that Joe needs to hit him with…that it is patriotic to pay what you owe and it isn’t to cheat on your taxes and pay less than almost everyone in the country. It appears they have some pretty sharp people in the Biden campaign…and we need to help them bring this home and restore some normalcy back to this country…vote!

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