October 16th

Well…darn, I wonder if my wake up times are going to cycle all the way through to the times I go to bed? This morning I went from 5 yesterday¬† back to 4 but I was able to get back to sleep and didn’t get out of bed til almost 7 so I guess that better than yesterday…feel pretty beat up today and that is with just one ride yesterday and I won’t be able to get out this morning since it is only 45 out here and that is too cold to go out in shorts…and Man U plays at 10 so that means the earliest I could get out is around noon unless Man U stinks up the place against the Foxes and I just give up on them for the day….Michigan doesn’t play today so that will help me get on the bike twice so I can get to 4K miles this weekend and then keep racking up the miles to see where I end up this year…I am losing my motivation to ride…well, and to do almost anything and I wonder why that would be? Just tired, I think and that may need a couple of rest days to get over that…and just get the fall cleaning started…need to do all of the windows to get the dirt out of them that blows around everywhere up here…but I think I’ve helped that by growing grass in the half of the back yard that was bare when I moved in here….not much to do today….yeah, that’s not true…have so much to do that it is depressing…but I don’t want to do any of it right now…just want coffee and to read some news with soccer on in the background….damn, I’m getting old….

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