Doing nothing against ISIS?

Well…just finished reading about another ignorant right winger, Lamar Smith, a congressman from Texas who said today that Obama is doing “nothing” to combat ISIS in the middle east and it is a shame that Jordan and Egypt are doing more….how many more times do we have to use facts to try to puncture the bubble of ignorance for these folks? The facts are that the US has launched 8 times more airstrikes against ISIS that all of the other countries in the middle east combined…that our command and control systems like AWACS are used to plan and control every attack no matter what country the planes come from…and our satellites and intelligence gathering assets are the only ones that have the capability to find out what is happening on the ground. I think it would be a big surprise to our pilots and planners over there that they are doing nothing and it is just a part of the truth of the right these days…that they don’t give a damn about the service of the military unless they can use it to attack Obama…even lying about the truth and denigrating the contribution that our military has given in the fight against ISIS…what an idiot…call ole Lamar and tell him to shut the hell up…

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