August 28th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday but still didn’t get anything done…well…I did get a few things done around here that were necessary but not enough….oh, well…crappy, crappy, night of sleep, too, so I’m a little worn out today…and the cramps in the calves have started already without having been on the bike and that is not good…I did get bananas at the store yesterday and have had one so I’m hoping they will be better before I get on the bike…it’s only 51 outside so I’ll have to wait a while for the temp to come up to go out…but I need to finish the coffee first anyway….one good thing is the soreness in my neck and shoulder is better so that’s something…and, I’m going to make some cash today and tomorrow so there will be groceries for the next two weeks…not much to do today…pool, of course, and an errand ┬ábut that is about it….more later…

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