Dick Cheney is still an idiot…and wrong, as always..

Well…ole Dick has crawled out from under his rock to put his two cents in on the Iran agreement…and, as you already know whenever he opens his mouth, he is wrong….he starts off his screed by saying that Obama is lying to the world about the agreement and it will guarantee that Iran will have the bomb like next week and will use it as soon as they get it for the first time since Hiroshima…yadda yadda….is anyone else tired of this idiot still being listened to? After all, he was wrong about everything in the middle east for 8 frickin years and lied his ass off to get us into the war that will end up costing 6 trillion dollars…so why would anyone that is not under Obama derangement syndrome believe him now?  I guess the superman Obama is using his mind control over the negotiators in Russia, Germany, China, and the rest of the people in the agreement to make sure they don’t see his lies and his plans to hand over all of our nuclear weapons to Iran…and, after that, he is going to give the keys to the White House to Iran, too, as he implements the secret Muslim plans he has been working on since he was born. That is just how ridiculous ole Dick is…go climb back under your rock, Dick…and be thankful you’re not under arrest in the Hague…geez…

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