August 30th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday and I made some cash so that was cool…not sure how I slept but I feel tired this morning so it must not have been that good…and, I feel a little crappy this morning but I know why that is…didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I did get a pork shoulder cooked that came out pretty good after brining it overnight…pork usually turns kind of rubbery after brining but this one was really tender….so, I’ll have leftovers for most of the week even though I only cooked half of it….skipped the bike ride yesterday since it rained most of the day and that was good for the legs…they don’t hurt today and it will be interesting to see how they fare on the ride this morning…need to get out soon since Man U is playing at 11 and I want to see if they can continue like they played in Brugge…more later…

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