Trump is scared of toddlers now?

Well…if this latest bit of news doesn’t spur huge waves of outrage, you have no feelings…the latest news from trumps’ illegal immigration crackdown is that agents doing trump’s bidding in DC put a toddler in handcuffs…yep, this regime has no dignity or sense of right or wrong..who the hell handcuffs¬† toddlers because they are scared that they are terrorists? To compound this outrage, trump’s press secretary tried to justify this outrage by saying: “to assume that just because of someone’s age or gender or whatever that they don’t pose a threat would be wrong”….a toddler, a five year old is a threat? What kind of chickenshit bs is this? Not in our name trump….you WILL NOT handcuff toddlers in the name of protecting us from them…you are one heartless, psychopathic bastard and you need to go…anyone reading this, join the resistance, write and call your representatives and tell them that handcuffs on toddlers is unacceptable and they should start impeachment proceedings today….

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