Another reason to kick DeVos to the curb…

Well….if another reason was needed to reject Betsy DeVos for Ed Sec, over and above her ignorant performance in her hearings and her avowed hatred of public education, that reason came yesterday in her written responses to questions put to her by the senate….and guess what? The answers were rife with plagiarized passages and one senator went so far to say that the entire thing looked like it was just cut and pasted and had no original thought in it at all…and she used the tired old repub tricks of delaying the submission until the day before the confirmation vote so the senators don’t have time to go through it thoroughly. With all of the baggage this idiot brings, worst of all her ignorance of public education policy, there is no way that any senator from either side of the aisle should vote for her….but the repubs don’t care about the kids of this country…only power….so they’ll fall in line and vote for her money….which appears to be her only qualification…..

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