I just realized…

Well….haven’t been feeling like myself lately and just today made the connection why that is….from the lack of energy to the uneasy feelings to the paralysis in my head…depression has reared it’s ugly little head again…I almost didn’t recognize it…it has been a long time since I’ve seen more than one of the symptoms at a time….they usually just flick in and out for a day or so at a time but this one feels more like it did 20 years ago when I was on medication for it…just like almost everyone I knew back then…the heyday of Prozac. I’m not sure what the heck I can do about this one right now…but when the realization came to me out on the bike today, things became clearer….and today was a better day…I’m no longer paralyzed by it and I got a bunch of resumes out…and even listened to some music today….maybe tomorrow will be better…..

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