Mueller’s team…

Well….I think one of the things that is going somewhat unnoticed in the idiot trump’s investigations is the team that Robert Mueller is putting together as the investigation continues. I’ve written about it before and I’ll continue that mini series as more people are added. This is something that trump should be scared shitless about….that some of the best legal minds in the country are being brought on board and all he has to fight that is his divorce lawyer since he can’t get anyone else to represent him with his history of not listening to and not paying his lawyers. The latest addition to Mueller’s team is Michael Dreeben III who has argued in front of the Supreme Court more than a hundred times and is an expert in criminal law. Now, that last part…an expert in criminal law…so, with what Mueller now knows, he needs one of the best criminal lawyers in the country on his team….so, I wonder what that means? That the idiot trump and his minions are in for a world of hurt…..I am almost giddy at the prospect of trump being perp walked out of the WH…impeach….

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