June 15th

Well….running on time today and that’s even with doing the grocery run today….and I feel okay today if a little sore…did the entire 15 miles at full sprint yesterday and I’m not sure how that happened…must have been the three cups of coffee and the Black Sabbath that was playing in the ears….and eating enough the day before…not sure if I ate enough yesterday to make today a good ride but we’ll see….I did get to lay out and try to even out the biker tan yesterday and something pretty funny happened…I had my earbuds in and the cord left a white mark on my chest that looks like one of those Y-shaped autopsy scars you see on tv all the time…still laughing about that one….not much to do today….I am going to do the kitchen floor and cook some today…got some chicken thighs for 88 cents a pound this morning but I think I’ll do leftovers instead…more later….

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