Trump v. Putin

Well…have been slacking off here for the start of this month and I know that has to stop…so, I’ll go back to the easiest target in politics…the idiot trump. Just read an article on the idiot’s prep for the meeting with Putin on Friday….his handlers have had to dumb his briefings down to 140 character soundbites…easily remembered talking points is all the idiot has the capacity for and this is what we have going up against Putin. He’s the guy that ran the KGB and is as ruthless and brutal as anyone in the world…and so much smarter than trump I will be surprised if the idiot doesn’t give the country to him by the time the meeting is done. How much longer are you going to let this degradation of our country’s power go on repubs? It was bad enough when the idiot walked down from AF 1 the other day and just started wandering around the runway…not even recognizing that his limo was parked at the bottom of the stairs with the door open waiting for him….this is what you’ve done to the country, repubs…fix this…impeach….

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