Now we know why….

Well….if you wondered why there is such a rush by the repubs to take health insurance away from 30 million people and kill thousands, now we know….three people…yep three people told them to do it or they will shut off the money taps that keep getting these idiots elected. And, I’ll bet you know who two of them are…yep, the Koch brothers…two people who have done more to ruin this country than anyone else and who are now going to buy the repeal of the ACA and kill thousands of people just so they won’t have to pay taxes. Now, I hope you folks out there understand how sick this is….repealing a law that has given people across this country peace of mind and saved the lives of countless thousands just to give billionaires a tax cut….I know I rant about this stuff almost every day but damn…how do people get to be this evil?

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