November 19th

Well…almost forgot to do this again today and I am going to blame it on the distraction of having a real paper to read today…slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad today but I am still coughing so the bug must still be here….and it has been more than a week so that is getting old real fast….and it is cold outside so I may have to go full thermasuit on the bike today….I was so damn cold yesterday that I didn’t recover until late in the day and it was 75 in here….didn’t get a lot done yesterday with all of the sports on and today looks much the same….well….there is the Lions and a race but that is about it…I do need to get a new coffee maker and Target has one for 15 bucks so that will be in the plans for this week…the old one works okay but it’s more of a backup and I want a new one….not much to do today…going to clean the bathroom after the bike ride but that is about it…..more later….

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