November 24th

Well….up early today and trying to get moving but it’s not working too well right now….slept okay last night but still feel a little slow today….need to make coffee with only enough leftover to fill one cup…and that will not be enough for today…but, the coffee maker needs to cool down for a bit before I make more….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but cooking and today will probably follow that pattern….I do need to put the trash out since it stinks but that will probably be the only job I do today…..think I’ll just veg and watch some sports today…after I get out on the bike…and I may wait to go out until it’s warm enough to go out in shorts….have to find my jeans today so I can start wearing them…I did get to t-day in shorts again this year and I may continue that for a while…not sure yet…more later….

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