A little food…

Well…sitting here watching the US in the gold medal game for curling and I though I’d do one on food since I haven’t really talked about that lately. Have been working on pickling some vegetables lately and I think I am becoming addicted to them…started out with pickled red onions that are great on brats…and basically anything else you put onion on….and yesterday, I used the same recipe (with added dill) to pickle some cukes that I sliced like regular dill pickles…the flavor came out great with the raw cuke taste being cut really well by the little bit of sugar that is added…just can’t stop eating them and that made me think of other veggies to pickle. So, either today or tomorrow, I am going to pickle some carrots since I have a three pound bag that needs to be used….not sure about the carrots but I’ve give anything a try if it will help me eat more veggies…and I can use some of the 40 quart jars that are just sitting around here….

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