Is there another reason?

Well….with the photo of Michael Cohen hanging out with his cronies taken on Friday, my initial thoughts was that he is just an idiot for doing it…but, is there another reason for the photo? Now, once one of the guys in the picture was identified as a Russian with close ties to Putin, I think the reason for the photo was a message to the idiot trump and anyone else who is under investigation for conspiring with the Russians that they can get to them anywhere and they need to be very careful. When you see the video of the “meeting”, at the very end the Russian goes up to Cohen and whispers something into his ear and Cohen’s face goes even more blank that it normally is…I think that means he just realized that he is screwed no matter what happens…he is either going to prison for many years or he will meet the fate of the Russian journalist that was reporting on Syria and “accidentally” fall off his balcony to his death….that is the Russian’s MO , after all….impeach…

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